57 Photos - Jun 11, 2010
Photo: Lyon, our departure point, was a lovely city that we would like to visit again.  Many of France's best chefs are here, but you need reservations months in advance and mucho euro.Photo: Murals like this are part of a city beautification project.Photo: A nice cafe we found for lunches.Photo: Notre Dame and a miniature Eiffel tower across the Soane river above Veaux Lyon.  Veaux Lyon is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.Photo: Recycling bins like this were everywhere.  Good for the French!Photo: A feature of Lyon is covered passageways known as traboules that cut through the middle of blocks.  Often there is a courtyard with nice apartments looking into it.Photo: Traboule featurePhoto: They even had a well.  Traboules were important to the French Resistance because the Nazis did not know where they were nor whether they went through or were dead end.Photo: Kitty at rest on her masters scooter.Photo: This passage was not covered like the majority, but you can see how steep some of them are.Photo: A Lyon church, don't remember the name.Photo: A silk weavers shop.  Silk was important domestically and the Jacquard loom was invented here.  Our new Chinese friends told us they raised silkworms when they were girls.  I wonder if young Frenchwomen tell the same story?Photo: Lyon Opera House.Photo: Our ship, the MS Maribelle.  Photo by Dr. Steve Fadem.Photo: Here is our boat rafted off another tour boat at Tournus.  This was common, probably half of our dockings.  The pasengers from the outside boat come and go through the reception area of the inside boat, so we saw how the other half lives.Photo: For locks, docking and low bridges the boat was controlled from these consoles, one on each side.Photo: Our cabin staff got creative with the towels one day.  Our room was very comfortable, 155 sq. ft. with two sofas that converted into beds.  A small shower was my only complaint.Photo: The Hospice at Beaune.  The fancy stuff was on the inside court and it was plain outside to deceive the tax collector.Photo: Street scene in Beaune.  This is the Burgandy wine region but our tasting here was the least interesting of the trip.Photo: There was a nice market in Beaune.  French markets, which sell everything, are being introduced around Chicago as an alternative to the "producer only" model.Photo: More produce.Photo: Me on the street in the small town of Chalon-sur-Saone, where we walked around town after dinner.Photo: The Rock of Soulte' rises out of the vineyards near Macon.Photo: This Chateau is on the border of Burgundy and Beaujolais and produces both types of wine.Photo: The courtyard of the Chateau de Chasselas.Photo: Pat chats with our new friends named Peii and Peichi, but both called Peggy.Photo: Young grape clusters.Photo: An old church, now preserved as a relic in Chalon-sur-Saone.Photo: Us outside the new Chalon church.Photo: As a sharpener I spot these things everywhere.  The lavender museum in Saint Remeze had three!Photo: The arch in the beautiful Ardeche river gorge.Photo: The Colosseum in Arles.Photo: Our guide explains the difference between Spanish and French bull fighting.Photo: The cafe in Van Gogh's Cafe la Nuit.  Van Gogh is just one of the attractions of this lovely city in Provence.Photo: Tasting Chateauneuf de Pape at at 10:30 at Maison Bouachon.  What a way to start your day.Photo: Photo by Peichi HuangPhoto: We broke from the group to enjoy lunch alone in Arles.Photo: Here my lunch; red rice, tuna steak and grilled vegetables.Photo: Pat's salad with crostini, gaspacho and focaccio bread.Photo: Our arrival in Avignon.  The captain brought the boat beyond our docking point for a few minutes so we could see the palace and the Pont de Avignon at nightPhoto: The same view of the Palace.Photo: A view inside the Popes Palace in Avignon.  Popes lives here rather than Rome during the 100 years wars (1400s)Photo: Peichi snaps a photo from a second floor window.Photo: The vertical garden on the Avignon market building.  This year was dry and it did not bloom as profusely as usual.Photo: The sign promises that the square outside the market will look like this in the future.Photo: Right now it looks like this.Photo: The Bresse chicken with its blue feet has the colors of the French flag.Photo: Inside the Avignon market.Photo: Us across the river from our boat.Photo: Chocolate and wine!  Does it get any better?Photo: Our tasting of Hermitage wines in Tain l' Hermitage.Photo: The Roman temple in Vienne.  The other one in France is in Nimes, which we visited in 2000.Photo: Steve, Peichi, Pat and Peggy at our farewell dinner.Photo: After the cruise, a few days, well, where else?Photo: The Musse de Orsay in this former train station has an incredible Impressionist collection and the building itself is grand.Photo: The Louvre, on the other hand, is overwhelming.  Here, for example, is the back row view of the Mona Lisa.Photo: How one French artist sees us.