8 Photos - Jan 9, 2013
Photo: A 30-second exposure taken by moonlight. Straight in the center of the frame is Santa Fe in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo mountains. The lights on the left edge are Truchas, N.M. In the foreground is White Rock Canyon, where the Rio Grande flows east of Los Alamos.Photo: Ice on Ancho Canyon creek near the outflow into the Rio Grande.Photo: A cottonwood above the tamarisk as evening descends at the Rio Grande in White Rock Canyon.Photo: "Suntanned" basalt boulders left from ancient volcanic eruptions.Photo: Layers of columnar basalt in White Rock Canyon left from assorted volcanic eruptions. The blue mountains in the distance are the Sangre de Cristos with new snow starting to fall in the evening.Photo: White Rock Canyon with new snow.Photo: Chicoma Peak, most of which is on Santa Clara Pueblo land not open to the public, so I've never been up it.Photo: The Circle Triangle Square bumps of Seven-Bump Mesa near Los Alamos. I used to hike these as a kid, but now they're part of San Ildefonso Pueblo and closed to the public. In the background are the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.