10 Photos - Apr 3, 2012
Photo: Sony and Naughty Dog hosted a welcome reception for the finalists for a meet-and-greet with Naughty Dog representatives – Creative Director Amy Hennig, Game Director Justin Richmond, and Community Strategist Eric Monacelli.Photo: Goooooo team Uncharted! The finalists get ready for training camp at the Rita Hayworth building on the Sony Pictures Lot in L.A., California.Photo: Uncharted’s stars Emily Rose and Nolan Ramsey North join Naughty Dog’s Creative Director Amy Hennig to kick off the competition.Photo: The finalists make their costume selections, with guidance from Naughty Dog’s own Art Director Robh Ruppel. Throughout the day, they also received hands-on coaching from stars Nolan North and Emily Rose to help with character development, delivery techniques, and suggested enhancements to deliver their best auditions.Photo: “I love acting and [this experience gives us] an insight into motion capture; and it’s great getting advice on the audition process from Nolan North and Emily Rose – that’s hugely valuable.” – James C., IrelandPhoto: Professional Stunt Coordinator and Nolan North’s actual stunt double, Mike Mukatis, leads the team in stunt training; teaching valuable moves such as throwing/reacting to punches, duck & roll, and blocking attacks.Photo: “Everyone grows up believing what they set their mind to they can accomplish.  But sometimes it requires a little bit of help… and sometimes you got to take that step out of the comfort zone and get thrown into a world of new.  In the end you will be inspired.” – Nicole H., U.S.Photo: “The stunt section was fabulous, I couldn’t have asked for more. I was just sore!” – David K., U.S.Photo: Announcing Jeremy G. as the winner!Photo: Looking good with that trophy, Jeremy – congratulations! Some insights from the winner: “If you’re nervous or afraid, turn that into something to act with – to improve and use as part of your character….the chance to be immortalized in the game is the coolest opportunity, and I’m going to share it with everyone else.”