361 Photos - Jun 16, 2014
Photo: Photo: June 16: Driving from Portland to Sandpoint, Idaho, through basically all of Washington state.Photo: On the road East out of Portland, following the Columbia riverPhoto: WaterfallsPhoto: It is kind of rainy, but we are racing the storm front!Photo: Blue sky appears!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Stopping for lunch at a small diner in UmatillaPhoto: Where have all the trees gone?Photo: Washington state is pretty empty. Houses just ride along on the road...Photo: Idaho and the trees are coming backPhoto: Little train bridge getting into SandpointPhoto: On the road bridge to SandpointPhoto: Photo: Photo: We got upgraded to a suite! Mezzanine, hot tub, the works. Woo!Photo: Photo: Photo: Sandpoint is a quaint little western town that also happens to be a very  charming vacation resortPhoto: Photo: Pretty bridge in SandpointPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Yeah it's over there all rightPhoto: MarinaPhoto: Panoramic view of the Sandpoint beachPhoto: Photo: Art shot!Photo: Dinner at Mick Duff's brewery. Highly recommended!Photo: 9 x beer sampler!Photo: Photo: June 17: Driving from Sandpoint to our little cabin in Glacier Park, through a large part of wilderness and a lot of rain.Photo: Following along the Kootenai riverPhoto: Photo: Photo: Following the Kootenai riverPhoto: Detail view at Loon LakePhoto: Detail view at Loon LakePhoto: Rain-induced mist above the lakePhoto: Panorama at Loon LakePhoto: One of the Thomson Lakes on the road to GlacierPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Loon LakePhoto: Simon trying his new rain jacketPhoto: Ruthie also trying on her new rain jacketPhoto: Kitty cam!Photo: Photo: Photo: Driving toward Montana... straight into the heart of the (snow!) stormPhoto: Definitely snow nowPhoto: On Route 2 following the southern edge of Glacier National Park. Strange row of regular trees before the forest of evergreensPhoto: Snow is actually falling on us now!Photo: It is still a very pretty roadPhoto: Photo: Nobody on the road -> happy SimonPhoto: Hi, this is June 17!Photo: Photo: Looking north at the Glacier rangePhoto: Our cabin, from the outsidePhoto: Photo: Inside our cabin on the southern edge of GlacierPhoto: Photo: Photo: View from our cabin: toot-toot!Photo: We can actually see the mountain through the clouds sometimePhoto: In the evening, the sun makes a brief appearancePhoto: Photo: Photo: Another view from the cabinPhoto: nearest metropolis: East Glacier. it has a mexican restaurant and a bakery/pizzeria, as well as a small convenience store for supplies at the cabinPhoto: Simon busy cataloging and photoshopping photos from the dayPhoto: June 18: Exploring Glacier. Start by taking the Going-to-the-Sun road from the west, up to the point where it is closed. Then hike out from there for a while. Then drive back out of the park and to the East side to Two-medicine lake. It's basically raining all day long...Photo: This is the start of the Avalanche Lake Trail.Photo: Yeah... we didn't see any bears :(Photo: Pretty dead treePhoto: The trail is basically following a torrent so there are a lot of pictures like this onePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Important safety informationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: On the trail to Avalanche Lake
: a bridge!Photo: Photo: Ruthie, very proudPhoto: On the trail to Avalanche LakePhoto: Even wet, this is still very prettyPhoto: There are really a lot of trees in this park...Photo: Photo: One can see raindrops falling in the pools herePhoto: Photo: There are mountains behind those clouds, honest!Photo: Arriving at the lakePhoto: Moss art shot!Photo: Panorama view at Avalanche LakePhoto: Avalanche LakePhoto: Avalanche Lake! After one hour of climbing in the rain and snowPhoto: Ruthie is getting closer!Photo: aaah!Photo: AAAAH!Photo: There's that bridge againPhoto: Drying off, fueling up: generally feeling much better. Also: window kittens.Photo: Next up: Go all the way around the park via route 2 since the sun road is closed, and try to re-enter from the East. Could not actually go further North than Two-Medicine lake as that route, too, was closed! Grr.Photo: Road to Two-medicine lakePhoto: On the road East of Glacier now, to two-medicine LakePhoto: View from nearby Two-medicine LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Now that's a real mountain!Photo: 360 degrees panoramaPhoto: Awesome view from Two-medicine lake. With a boat!Photo: View of lower Two-medicine LakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cue National AnthemPhoto: Photo: For future immigration purposes?Photo: This is a ground squirrel! They were everywhere at Two-medicine campgroundPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: June 19: Leaving Glacier and driving South through Montana and toward Yellowstone. Stop in Bozeman for the night.Photo: Montana roads: straight, and prone to baffling road worksPhoto: This part of Montana can be adequately described as a lot of nothing with mountains around to keep it inPhoto: Photo: Photo: As we reach further south, new colors (and the sun) appear!Photo: Our stop for the night: Bozeman. It's actually okay! Being a campus town helps.Photo: of note in Bozeman: the campus of Montana State University, and a rockin' museum of dinosaurs and gecko. They even had a planetarium show about icecube in the morning apparently!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: June 20: Yellowstone day! Start from Bozeman, end in Greybull, drive around for about 10 hours inbetweenPhoto: North/West road leading into YellowstonePhoto: West road into Yellowstone: yes, road works again! Good thing we started early... wake up before 6am today!Photo: That's more like itPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Arrival at West Yellowstone and the Grizzly & Wolf center: Biggest crows we've ever seen are everywhere! And clearly not impressed.Photo: Crow and statue for sizePhoto: Grizzly bear! That one is called Sam and really just wants to go back to its cave.Photo: Photo: Various birds on display. Here, a horned owlPhoto: A bald eaglePhoto: A white wolfPhoto: More grizzly bears! These are very interested in the food hidden all around their area under rocks and in pools. Also, crows are thieves.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Video: Photo: mmmm watermelon.Photo: omPhoto: nomPhoto: nomPhoto: nomPhoto: Also: official bear container test. Also in movie format!Video: Best bear movie ever or what?Photo: Photo: Pretty roads under pretty skiesPhoto: The Yellowstone river crosses most of the parkPhoto: Bisons in the distance!Photo: Really in the distance... also, a geyser nearbyPhoto: Not bad for a compact camera zoom!Photo: Arriving at the location of many geysers.. this is the area around the Paint Pot.Photo: Photo: Many opportunities for art shots in this landscapePhoto: Stinky...Photo: Now that's a real geyserPhoto: Mmm hot tubVideo: Live geyser action!Photo: Simon vs the geyserPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Panorama at Paint Pot geyserPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: red mud geyserVideo: Isn't that just lovely?Photo: The actual paint potPhoto: Tough shots through all that smokePhoto: It is now 10am and crowds are starting to appear...Photo: Next stop: Grand Prismatic Spring!Photo: It actually dumps quite a lot of hot water straight into the riverPhoto: Photo: Photo: Called prismatic, because it gives off reflections from blue to red over the length of its basin. Not easy to capture!Photo: Photo: Panoramic view of the Grand Prismatic SpringPhoto: Photo: More prismatic-nessPhoto: Photo: Photo: A colony of birds nearbyPhoto: Waiting for Old Faithful around lunchtimePhoto: Panoramic view at Old FailthfulPhoto: Thar it blows!Photo: Photo: Woohoo!Video: Old Faithful, right on time!Photo: Photo: Apparently a great inside joke :)Photo: Driving on toward Yellowstone lakePhoto: That would be Duck lakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: A sleepy elk appears!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: A bison less than 50 meters away! (but downhill)Photo: Par 5, wot?Photo: A bison is hiding in this picturePhoto: Another sleepy elkPhoto: Photo: Yellowstone canyon from Artist Point (South side)Photo: Photo: Simon at the canyon's edgePhoto: The falls at the end of the canyonPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: This actually looks almost fake... it isn't!Photo: Photo: Panoramic view of the Canyon and water fallsPhoto: Panoramic view across Lake YellowstonePhoto: View across Yellowstone lake, on the way outPhoto: Photo: In Wapiti valley, heading EastPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: In Greybull, pretty sunset effects. Is that dust?Photo: Greybull: ain't it quaint?Photo: June 21: Drive from Greybull Wyoming to Lead, SD, with a stop at Devil's TowerPhoto: That is the road out of Greybull going toward the Bighorn mountainsPhoto: Photo: Photo: About to enter the Bighorns via route 14Photo: Photo: Devil's tower and motorbikes, we must be almost home!Photo: Photo: So... a lot of Devil's Tower pictures for a while now. We took the 1 mile loop all around it.Photo: Photo: The line to get inPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: It's actually very quiet just off the path, opposite the parking groundsPhoto: The call of the Wild?Photo: Several climbers spotted on the cliff face!Photo: Photo: Black Hills on the horizonPhoto: More climbersPhoto: Photo: A snake in a tree! Looks like a bullsnakePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Prairie dogs everywhere!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: June 22: Driving down to Custer park to see Crazy Horse and Mount Rushmore, taking the rest of the day off to rest a littlePhoto: It was like that all morning and early afternoon! After a thunderstorm the previous nightPhoto: The view from Crazy Horse esplanade, after it eventually stopped raining.Photo: Photo: That's where a horse head will eventually bePhoto: Photo: Vultures spotted on the side of the road! They were trying to dry off their wingsPhoto: Typical view around Custer Park --think this is Horse Thief Lake?Photo: Photo: The rain does funny things to the big faces. Jefferson, have a tissue!Photo: Obligatory patriotic picturePhoto: Art shot! Copying FriedlanderPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: One of these things is not exactly like the other...Photo: We The PeoplePhoto: Obvious attempt at allegoryPhoto: so we've been told to let the beard grow for this trip, in case someone was wondering...Photo: Souvenir town down the road from RushmorePhoto: Simon playing a well-deserved game of Civ4 in the evening. Serious business.Photo: June 23: Late start and tour of the Badlands, via Wall Drug (escaping that fast!)Photo: Our headquarters in the Black Hills (or close enough)Photo: Welcome to what now?Photo: Panoramic view from the North East entrance to the Badlands National ParkPhoto: Oweeooweeooooo....Photo: The landscape near the "door"Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Simon in photographic actionPhoto: Photo: Where are you goooiiiingPhoto: Prickly pears in bloomPhoto: Bunny!Photo: Photo: Photo: Cue Highlander musicPhoto: Panoramic view on the West edge of the route 240 loopPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: On the Fossil TrailPhoto: Beware!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: End of the trip in Rapid City airport: 2338 miles driven. Phew! You did well, little Kia.