30 Photos - Sep 25, 2011
Photo: New drums 2009Photo: Amish Country, PAPhoto: Amish Country, PAPhoto: Over Amish Country, PAPhoto: Took home this kitty from the farm in Amish CountryPhoto: ShadowPhoto: Photo: Painting for AmeriCaresPhoto: Best gifts... <3Photo: The High Line 2011.09.18Photo: End of the High Line 2011.09.18Photo: High School :-)
My poor parents... #BlastFromThePastPhoto: Photo: Ruby Falls, TNPhoto: Being tourists in the city - double decker bus tourPhoto: NY Hall of SciencePhoto: The pencil needed sharpening!Photo: Grand Central Whispering GalleryPhoto: Grand Central Whispering GalleryPhoto: SONY WonderLabPhoto: SONY WonderLabPhoto: Em at a FeisPhoto: Serious forshadowing...Photo: Photo: Photo: R.O.U.S. @ Central ParkPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Penn Station - always good live music.