10 Photos - Oct 26, 2011
Photo: Photo: A logo designed for Imperial College's Selkirk Hall of residence. Focus is on expressing class, simplicity within sophistication and genuine Imperial geekiness.Photo: Photo: Photo: Selquirk of the Week - A weekly newsletter for residents of Imperial College's Selkirk Hall. All content and software used was produced by myself and a few other hall residents.Photo: A 9-segmented gestures based UI produced using Flash for the Cowon D2/D2+ DAP. Supported circular gestures for volume and playback control. http://cafe.naver.com/d2d2d2/1351736Photo: Online CloudFront Invalidator (http://www.swook.net/p/cloudfront-invalidator.html)Photo: An RSS feed based JavaScript search engine for Blogger. Provides instant search results based on a points-based algorithm depending on word and phrase occurrences and its importances.Photo: Design of http://www.swook.net/ as of 1st Jan 2012. Focus is on a clean and polished look as well as quick and seamless navigation via AJAX.Photo: Plasma, a UCI concept displaying usage of a truly dynamically centred circular gestures system for volume and playback, making use of screen edges as action points. Coded and designed in ActionScript 2.0