40 Photos - Jan 11, 2012
Photo: C’mon, just a little further. #wildlifewednesdayPhoto: Woodpecker out the side window.Photo: Partial albino red-tailed hawk.Photo: Photo: Photo: Quick test of Nikon AW100 Easy Panorama mode.Photo: Blackeyed SusansPhoto: From summer of 2009Photo: I don’t really like these birds much because they spill the birdfeeder trying to get just the seeds they like but the colors are nice.Photo: Not the best composition but good mid-air catch.Photo: GrouperPhoto: For #fallfriday, a sign of fall from Mendon, MA.Photo: Tried out the AW100 today while out fishing. The camera was good. The fishin’ wasn’t bad either -- caught a lot but none big enough to keep.Photo: An early snow on our flowerbed.
#fallfridayPhoto: Uploaded this a few days ago but never captioned it. Seems like a good #FungusFriday capture.Photo: The lower of two small falls in our backyard pond / water garden. #flowingwaterfridayPhoto: Butterfly wouldn’t stay still but this moth was happy to pose. Love the curled tongue. #wildlifewednesdayPhoto: The leaves are still turning and falling. What’s with the white stuff so soon? #fallfriday and maybe #frozenfriday too!Photo: Photo: There were actually four of them today but only three in this image. Hard to tell but the catch light in their eyes is the refection of my accidentally perfectly positioned white car nearby in the driveway. They’re cute out front like this but when they go out back in the vegetable garden, not so much.Photo: Turkey Tracks 2Photo: Turkey TracksPhoto: Whisper in my earPhoto: Caught in the actPhoto: Ruining reefs everywhere. Save a reef, eat a Lionfish.Photo: Pelican take-offPhoto: Fawn and mom stop by the vegetable garden this evening. Fortunately the garden is fenced.Photo: Visitor to the front flower bed.Photo: Photo: Kestrel at Mass Audubon’s Drumlin Farm in Lincoln, MAPhoto: Judith's FlowersPhoto: Bobcat in field behind our house.Photo: Bobcat in our backyardPhoto: BobcatPhoto: Snowy Owl at Plum Island / Parker River NWRPhoto: From Wolf Sanctuary of Pennsylvania in Lititz, PA. Worth the visit. Reserve a private tour if you want to take photos, it's worth the extra cost to avoid crowds and get more time and more information from the guide. You will be photographing through fence but shots with no visible fence are possible when the wolves are farther from the fence, the fence is in shade and you manage focus well. Photo: Bobcat that came by in the winter is back today. Maybe the rabbits eating the garden produce will start to reduce ....Photo: Frog by the pond tonight seemed to want to pose. Photo: Coyote pushing through snow.Photo: Coyote resting in deep snow.