22 Photos - May 25, 2012
Photo: Here’s a shot taken during my live “Crush The Composition” class.Photo: Google co-founder Sergey Brin makes a surprise guest appearance at the Conference to demonstrate the Google Glass project. The crowd was just blown away! (Photo by Brad Moore).Photo: Brad snapped a photo of Sergey and me after his presentation (note Sergey’s Google Glass). Photo by Brad Moore.Photo: Sergey invited a group of conference attendees and instructors to join him for an impromptu Photo Walk and everybody got to try out the Google Glass for themselves. Seriously, how cool is that!Photo: Here’s a shot of the main theater during the opening keynotePhoto: Google VP Bradley Horowitz during his opening keynote presentationPhoto: Here I’m fielding live questions for Bradley from the audience via an iPadPhoto: That’s Peter Hurley during his “Art of the Headshot” presentation.Photo: We had three training rooms, and here’s a panel from the “Forum” classroom. From L to R: Catherine Hall, Nicole Young, Brian Matiash, Colby Brown (holding cute baby), and Matt Kloskowski.Photo: Jeremy Cowart in one of our “one-on-one” portfolio reviews. By the way; we did an after-hours session called “An evening with Jeremy Cowart” that just blew everybody away. It was the talk of the conference!Photo: Here’s a shot of the Registration desk during calmer times. From L to R: Dianne Brisson, Paul Wilder, Victor Garcia, Kathy Siler and hidden is 1/2 of our Conference Director’s head, Julie Stephenson.Photo: Matt Kloskowski on stage during one of his sessions in the Forum.Photo: Guy Kawasaki, an avid photographer himself, during his session on branding in the main theater. Guy rocked it!!!!Photo: A view of the crew backstage.Photo: That’s Frederick Van and the gang from Pixel Corps who were handling the live streaming duties backstage.Photo: Peter Hurley and Catherine Hall hanging out in the audience.Photo: Guy on-stage with a live panel joining him via a Google+ Hangout.Photo: Guy  after his sessions talking with Dave Gales and yours truly.Photo: From my live “Crush the Composition” class.Photo: The panel from our live “Blind Critiques” session. From L to R: Trey Ratcliff, Jeremy Cowart, Me, and Matt Kloskowski.Photo: Alex Kolosov during his live product shoot.Photo: Erik Valind absolutely killed in his live shoot sessions!