176 Photos - Aug 10, 2011
Photo: Photo: "Pre-Nostalgia"

I'm still months away from when I pack up my life into a vehicle (and a storage unit) and leave to travel the country for almost a year.
And all this depending on the success of an upcoming kickstarter project.

But while I edited this picture of Utah County and Mt. Timpanogos from last week I already started to feel nostalgic. Realizing I've already lived here for 10+ years ... and I honestly love it here.

The Photo-Tour
it's just time to do something inspiring and challenging.
For those that don't know my photo tour is now called
"Faith in America: Religious buildings of the United States"
To be informed of the kickstarter release I created a FB Event

"Don't get too comfortable with life" - MePhoto: "AT HOME"

I feel at home in Capitol Reef National Park

But that being said... I'm now really HOME... which I presently define as the place I have main computer and a solid internet connection and a (empty) fridge.

Last Timelapse
This was from the final timelapse of my abt 3 week trip. (Last Night)

Yep this was NIGHT... full moon.

And yes there are 500+ pics from here which will make for a great little video.Photo: In another galaxy...

While I was staying up ALL night doing timelapse night pictures with +roma g and +Natalia Stone  like this one at 5am my YOUTUBE hit 1000 subscribers and I'm very proud of that.

Excited about videos
For some strange reason I'm more excited of that achievement than the 6 figure follower count here or facebok.

Probably because of how much effort I've put into the videos as of late.

Yes... this picture below is just one frame of a timelapse video that you'll eventually see on http://www.youtube.com/user/JarvieDigital

Probably first on my daily vlogs which I have done over a dozen now of this roadtrip i'm on.Photo: Utah capitol buildingPhoto: Moab is some pretty fertile ground for some pretty up standing and respectable night action if you know what I mean. (Though it was very covered up that it wasn't as fun. #nostars  )

We used all of our equipment (flash and flashlights) and our good times climaxed in this awesome shot of "Brigham's Unit" (Not sure why they call it that)

Thanks to the help of +Jon Armstrong and the Beautiful Bekkah and Noelle I could have never gotten this up without them. They learned the technique fast and worked long and hard.Photo: Part 1 coming soon

We're just an hour or two away from the first batch of contestants for "Jarvie's best of 2012."

For the next week I'll be posting them in smaller batches... 5 in total

At the end I'll combine them and they'll start fighting it out in a head to head death match (bolivia, utah, california, europe, japan)

Learning experience
Pick your favorites and see which ones come out on top. It'll be a fun couple of weeks.

I think it'll be a great series to tune into to get an idea of how images are received by others and I believe strongly people can learn tons about photography this way... OR just look at pretty pictures.
I've learned so much this way and I know lots of other people have as well... it's not the way everyone learns best... but it's also a lot of fun.

Preliminary events will occur on +JarvieDigital Photography  biz page, over on FB and on Youtube of course http://www.youtube.com/user/JarvieDigital

(Youtube will have lots of analysis and explanation by me as well)

Then I may move voting back to my main profiles for the finals.Photo: Politics and a Picture

I'm not nervous about the results tonight.
Turns out I already know the who's gonna win.

Foreign Meddling
More Wars
24/7 News Channels
The Fed
Companies to big to fail
China and our other debtholders
Kill Lists
Certain NDAA provisions
Comedy Central shows

I guess congrats to them and sorry to the loosers

From my recent trip to Alberta taken on Sunday near Waterton
Some of those peaks are USA so it fits right?

#election2012   #vote  Photo: Photo: Politics and Pictures
view a pretty picture and or read a thought filled post

UTAH -- An appeal to people who are not fans of Obama
(Utah and 20? something other states)

{Utah = Romney}
You'll be happy (or unhappy) to note that your state's electoral votes will go to Mitt Romney and there is nothing you can do to change that.

{Similar fate in other states}
If your state is strongly leaning one way or the other you should feel absolutely FREE to vote 100% your concience and not be in any way swayed by pundits, fear and fear-mongering.

{Voting on principle is not as abhorrent as people want you to think}

So you are completely and utterly FREE to vote for the person you'd like to vote for it won't matter if you select D or R

{My "Crazy" idea... that's extremely logical}
So here's my crazy idea: Vote for the person who matches your principles closest. D,R,L,G,C

If you're not a fan of how politics is going right now... consider helping one or more of the other parties get more attention and even get more campaign finance help like R and D and an entrance into the national discussion (aka debates etc) ... they may not win next time either... but their voice may help brake the monopoly of ideas that causes the stagnation in DC.

The number that can start providing that small snowball of change to start rolling down the hill is said by many to be 5%
No guarantee of how far the snowball will gain steam and roll down the hill... but at least you can say you gave it a chance... AND your vote meant something to YOU (principle) and country (change).

Remember your vote in those 20 something states will not directly help or hurt Mitt Romney... but a vote for someone else will actually make a difference.

Nothing like putting up a picture of Canada to go along with your US political post. For those that just wanna look at pretty picturesPhoto: "Hey there... you looking at my rack?"

- Glacier National Park

#jarviethewildlifephotographer  Photo: Here's a sexy picture from Glacier national park.
Yes you may use it for your screen saver.Photo: Campground in Glacier

This is where we woke up yesterday morning in east galcier national park next to St Mary lake.

We rolled in at about 2am because the border crossing we wanted to use closed at 11pm but I'm really glad we got to go spend a bit of time in Glacier.Photo: Today in BigSky country (Montana)

Editing on the laptop (so excuse me if not perfect) while my buddy drives.

We'll be in Canada in a couple of hours.

I have no idea where we stopped for sunset... some random town just in the nick of time.Photo: Montana Life

Last night at sunset.

We made it into CanadaPhoto: {Let it Linger}

From Tuesday up Nebo Loop ... fall is making it's way down the mountains and into the valley

I'm heading up Provo canyon in 20 minutes to see what's left up there. If I'm good I can find something and make it work.Photo: While they Climbed

Here in Moab at "Wall Street" my friends climbed a difficult route and I took pictures of them and then I shot across the river for a few at sunset.

#minimoab  Photo: Dark clouds and sunny days

I love dark clouds on sunny days there's just about nothing better.
This trip wasn't about landscape pictures but having fun with friends... but... I was able to get a few taken.

On the Road
On another note... I love my new ultrabook laptop if just because it fits in my lap between me and the steering wheel while in the drivers chair when parked resting at gas stations.

And for this reason you're getting to see a couple extra pictures before I get home today and start working on a wedding edit.

Though i certainly wish the screen would be 2-3 times brighter so I could use it better during the day.Photo: "The morning breaks"Photo: {Linger}
Fall... stay a little while longer.Photo: What falls?

I went out to Brandywine falls and ended up mostly taking pictures of this awesome section of forest.

btw... I put up a different version/edit on my FB profile http://facebook.com/jarviePhoto: And... I'm back

That seemed like a pretty quick trip to the frozen north (canada)
I guess it seems that way because it was. 2 days of exploring to go along with the wedding.

Here's what I did Monday morning up at Cypress Park above Vancouver.
I considered desaturating the reds because they just looked so fake. But they stayed that way for a long while that morning.

You actually mostly see north vancouver since that's where the sunrise colors were happening. Photo: "Like ships in the night"
-vancover canada (tonight)
with +Julie Jamieson +Graham Knights & +Allison Knights Photo: "Give me some space"
- A follow up image to last nights post.

I went with a couple other photographers (+Julie Jamieson +Allison Knights +Graham Knights ) to Stanley Park in Vancouver and they chose this really cool rock feature to shoot for sunset.

Where I set up was a matter of inches in order to give the rock the tiniest of borders in between both of the two large ships out in the bay. Had they overlapped the rock they would have been a pretty decent distraction to the image.

Some people may like the ships in the image ... obviously I would love to have taken both. With them and without.

Without them would have been pretty awesome... i guess I would need to have photoshop on my computer for that eh?Photo: "The times they are a changing"

-Nebo Loop, Utah (Yesterday morning)Photo: Sunrise with Scott
backlit aspens are beautiful

Fall is my favorite so I got up early and went up into the canyons and did some fall colors. These were among some of the only Aspens turning colors right now. Which is awesome because that means I still have a bunch more fall ahead of me.

This morning in the mountains
yep taken this morning
All the other trees up in the mountains are changing so I can focus on them for now and practice getting really good with these aspens. Hard to get them nice and sharp and deal with the depth of field decisions when there are so many. Different than a portrait shoot that's for sure.

Shot this one at f/10 and I probably could have gone higher.

#blogged  Photo: During dinner up in North Salt Lake

My friend said this was somewhat of a timid sunset as of late.Photo: {Along came a car}

I was so tired I needed to get some sleep... but I set up a timelapse. Cars would come by every so often... usually at some point their brights would hit the camera during the 20 second exposure and ruin the shot. But this one turned out alright.

One day I'd like to know Lake Tahoe better so I can know the spots to take pictures. Hard part is I'm always in a rush when going through and I can't seem to find locations to take shots that don't take a lot of time and effort to get to.

So on my last trip through I just stopped on the side of the road and set up a timelapse that didn't include the lake because there were no vantage points from the road I could find late at night. This is one of the images from a 400 picture timelapse

20 seconds 24mm f/2 ISO 800 D800Photo: Finally a sunset

After 4+ days of attempting to take pictures at sunset with total overcast I finally got a sunset at Cannon Beach in Oregon.

It wasn't a full sunset because of the marine layer but it was still nice.Photo: ALONE WITH THE FALLS

I'm at the Multnomah Falls as we speak.
Did some early morning pictures and now some Photography Decathlon prep, some editing, some emails and figuring out where I should go next.

I'm thinking Portland LDS Temple for sunset.

Yep there was absolutely no one at the Falls at 5/6ish in the morning.Photo: {Drive all night}

"I swear I'll drive all night
Through the wind, through the rain, through the snow..."

Remember when I drove all night to be here for the morning light.
Remember when I drove all night and you kept me awake to see this sight.

#lyricallyinspired     #friendinspired   #blogged  Photo: Jarvie the Wildlife photographer??

I played Wildlife photographer this morning.

Wait til you see the two little baby goats ... But this one was just too scenic not to post.

I think it's about time for me to leave the Olympic National Park and start heading down to the Portland area. I'll be in the bay area by about mid-week.Photo: Hungry

Yep I'm hungry and this picture reminded me I should probably go find something to eat. ... So what do other photographers eat? Are they too engrosed in pictures like myself to remember eating or prepare meals?

- Olympic National ParkPhoto: On the subject of Growing up

"For all of us, growing up includes leaving the security of home and the protective care of loving parents to enter a world full of problems and challenges that reach far beyond the experience that is ours.

It is not the design of heaven that we be rescued from all difficult situations. Rather, it is the system that we grow up and learn to handle them.

The sense of being overwhelmed is very much a part of the journey.

Nevertheless, the path we seek will always be clearly marked..."
Joseph Fielding McConkie

- Taken at Olympic National ParkPhoto: "I hope you like the flowers I got for you"Photo: BREAKING NEWS...

I interrupt your regularly scheduled program to inform you... that this is where I presently am. Deer Park, Olympic National Park.

And reception is pretty good... internet is kinda slow though, took a minute to upload the picture.

Ok well this picture is somewhat of a lie that was taken like 2hrs ago when I climbed up to the peak. That was before I hiked back down to the car and uploaded the pictures to the computer.

It was also before I took that 2hr nap.
It was also before the other car showed up in the parking lot.
But I guess you could say this is what my morning has looked like.

Now I'll do some work on the computer for a bit (pictures and +Photography Decathlon  stuff)

Naps are an important tool
The nap was very good because last night I was shooting until midnight and I tried to drive to this location late at night to be ready for the sunrise but was soooo tired I couldn't drive had to pull off to the side of the road in some random location and sleep. So i guess naps are part of the job description.
Yes... I did miss the sunrise at 5am but i'm trying to not be so sad about that. haha
I guess another option would be to have someone along to share driving responsibilities. But since I don't... naps.

Different experience
This photo-trip is a different experience than most because usually I'm rushing to get somewhere or wanting to shoot all day long. But because +Photography Decathlon  is the #1 priority I can set up shop somewhere and take it easy during the day and really just focus on sunrise and sunset type pictures.

This concludes the end of my ramblings from the back of the Venza/car here on top of Deer Park in the Olympic national park.Photo: "All Creatures of our God and King..."

-Olympic National Park
Framed this way simply to avoid stuff below
Walking into the sunset light
Hurricane Ridge

#blogged  Photo: So close and yet so Far

I think auroras are the coolest thing ever!
+Jacob Lucas  got me excited about shooting them last night but because it was so dang cloudy in Seattle we kinda gave up.

I went over to Bainbridge Island at about midnight and decided to take some shots of Seattle from the island and then randomly went to the north of the Island and remembered hey that's right ... The Aurora!

So it's way over above canada but it's the closest I've been.
In fact it's the only time I've ever seen one.

Knowledge is power
Now I wish this wasn't my very first trip to the area and I knew of really cool places to shoot the aurora from but this random vantage point will have to do.
And I'm glad their was any view with all the clouds.

Now to start my tour of the Olympic Penninsula ... feel free to send me some map links to cool places here around the OlympicsPhoto: Cloudy + City

A few nights ago I got into bainbridge at about midnight and went and took some shots.

Turns out when it's cloudy out Seattle lights up the clouds even miles away... add that with the fact I think I took these in cloudy WB and you get some cool colors.Photo: Sunrise was a Bust

After driving all day I tried hard (and succeeded) to wake up for a 5am sunrise and I drove around that stupid lake looking for an opening through those stupid trees. Then the sunset came up and was acting up on the wrong side. Then I drove around the other side of the lake still with now view. Then I the gasoline light came on and I started worrying about getting stranded on the dirt road. Then it started to rain a lot. Then I started to give up and just skip the other spots and head into town.

That's about the time I rolled up to the scene on the side of the road and didn't even get out of the car and shot a couple of these shots.

What I should have done is saw this and stopped pursuing my other fantasies and taken advantage of a good thing.

The point is... even if the morning is a bust... you can still make things happen!

And you'll never come out empty handed

#JarvieNW   #blogged  Photo: TWIN FALLS

A couple weeks ago I started my trip and went through Idaho and there I stopped in Twin Falls.

The park said it didn't open until 7... but I know I should have gotten their earlier because it was open. 7 is when the attendent gets there to start taking your money.

Earlier in the morning is better. Heck I would have been there at 4am doing star shots with this awesome waterfall. Well next time.

But I got there right after the sun crested the hills and so I had to be creative.
I used ND filters to get the longer shutter speeds. 10 seconds to be exact

I also used gradual ND filters in order to darken the sky more than the rest of the scene. Then I evened out the light and removed some serious dust spots in Lightroom.

So that's my story... hope you like it.

#blogged  Photo: Sunrise on the Farm - Twin Falls Idaho

Taken from inside the car while driving to my previous posted picture of Shoshone Falls. At the time I wished I had known the sun was going to look this cool so I could have been somewhere epic. But looking back I think being right here was pretty awesome.Photo: Boliviana

The next 8 days we'll be out in the middle of no where, but for the first 2-3 days we've wandered around the city ... a lot.Photo: Moonset over El Alto/La Paz BoliviaPhoto: Does it smell like "Up Dog" to you?Photo: An Eclliptical Sunset

This is the view from the hill just above "The Wave" looking north out over the valley.

This is during the Annular eclipse so we got sunset a bit earlier than day... it was a little eerie to see sunset like colors and lighting so early in the evening.

I figured this scene might be a one of a kind shot to get sunset on this valley because usually the mountain blocks the sunset colors from ever hitting this valley.

Technically this is a couple minutes after the perfectly centered eclipse.Photo: "With this eye wide open looking forward to your future success"

It hasn't been easy and this we both know
Times have been tough, like a pilgrimage through snow
Even now you're often scared and alone
But your beautiful heart has always been shown
I can't guarantee that this week will go as you plan
But with the help of the Lord all things you can

Your art is your passion, Your family your pride
Both will succeed if you put fear aside
And with faith you hold-on to what's right
Seizing great friendships with all of your might

Your talent is growing
Your confidence is flowing
Your smrts are showing
Your smile is glowing

I can't help but be stunned, that I am a part
You have such a great spirit and a wonderful heart
I'm opening my eyes, to view all you'll achieve
You have a great fan... because in you I believePhoto: Like little boys at an amusement park...

These Japanese businessmen take in the beauty of their fair city and the cherry blossom festival.

#blogged  Photo: Cherry Blossoms in the City, Tokyo
And a bonus question at the end

This was from Day 1... or should I say Night 1 of the trip to Japan
(A trip which I just got home from just a couple hours ago)

... I had just arrived in Tokyo by bus from the airport and went straight to hangout with a group of photographers from the area (through the group gathering assistance of +Mark Esguerra) we went and shot some cherry blossoms at night and did some people watching.

This was 10:45pm
13seconds, f/16, ISO 400 D800, edited in LR4

I have never really experienced what people call Jet Lag... maybe I have and didn't even know... I think it comes from having a schedule that is so chaotic that 12hr flights and time zone changes have never bothered me.

Bonus Question
How many GBs of pictures did I come home with? If you'd rather guess the quantity of images that's OK too.

Helpful info
I was gone 10-11 days. I spent almost 5 in Japan... I spent the others in texas or traveling in a plane or to and from the airport which I calculate at about 45hrs in total.
I did 1.5 engagement shoots, 1 bridal shoot, 1 wedding shoot, 1 formal shoot and 1 commercial shoot and lots of travel pictures.

I travel with two small portable HDDs and when I'm away from the hotel or car I usually carry one of them on my person just in case. I won't format CF cards until I know the pictures are on both HDDsPhoto: Welcome to Utah

We drove by the lake on the way to Eureka on the first day +Lotus Carroll and +Thomas Hawk were in town. Also joining were a couple Utahns +Jesse Stay and +Sam Scholes 

I also figured I needed to post more pictures because I haven't done so in a couple of days because of all that's been going on.
Some people might start wondering if I'm an event and not a photographer ;)

#JarvieWalkPhoto: Now that's a Sunrise!

So what is everyone doing today? I'm interestedPhoto: One of my favorite Utah shots of 2012

Which ones are your favorites - see the gallery https://plus.google.com/photos/+JarvieDigitalPhotography/albums/5844587614601667713

Video - http://youtu.be/0H5zY6TmeQQPhoto: Off into the sunset

Today I head out onto the road again... maybe to have more fun experiences like this one from earlier this year when I was on another 3wk road trip where i ended up in the bay area taking pictures with +Barry Blanchard +Peter Adams and +Mike Spinak ... Maybe the half reunion time is in order.

I'm just sad +Joe Azure won't be around... he's my morning photoshoot buddy.Photo: I was once in California
...and now I'm not

Yes I'm back home in Utah as of like an hour ago.
This is a picture from a trip to California... but not the one I just go back from. It's from the one I did in February. Where I went on a little photowalk with +Peter Adams +Barry Blanchard and +Mike Spinak 

The pictures I just took on this 19day roadtrip will take a while to even get on my main computer because I need to free up space on my computer. (I took a lot)

This is at Russian Ridge just outside of los gatos california. Taken with a very warm white balance but colors have not been edited afterwards. It was a fun and memorable sunset.

#blogged  Photo: Yet another picture from my February trip to the Bay Area.
Taken while hanging out with +Thomas Hawk  for the day.

I guess it appears I'm a trip behind.
So I better get back to the Bay Area soon so that I can post the stuff I just took.


I will update these when I have more information

Sunday Sunrise - w/ +Thomas Hawk (Bay Bridge)
Sunday Sunset - W +Ivan Makarov (San Jose-ish)
Monday Sunsrise - +Barry Blanchard is in charge (South Bay / Santa Cruz-ish?)
Monday Lunch - (Mtn view Lunch at either SmugMug or Google +Vincent Mo or +Katherine Cheng )
Monday Sunset - undecided
Tuesday Sunrise - Undecided (Prefer south)
Tuesday Lunch (Mtn view Lunch at either SmugMug or Google +Vincent Mo or +Katherine Cheng )
Tuesday Sunset - W/ +Thomas Hawk (Limited walk)
Wednesday Sunrise - +Joe Azure is in charge (Golden Gate View?)

+Nathan Fernsten - Monday or Tuesday night is good for that thing we were planning.
+Jay Patel are you still in town?

I'd love to see some of others... Including but Not limited to:
+Patrick Smith +Natalie Villalobos +Ricardo Lagos +Chris Chabot +Peter Adams +Romain Guy +sly vegas +Samir Osman +QT Luong +Amy HeidenPhoto: monoPhoto: "Here's looking at you Dawg" - Death Dog

Now that I'm home I begin the task of culling through a lot of pictures. Maybe also posting 1 or 20
Beginning with this little guy that I hung out with while driving in Death Valley.

Moral of the Story: Always have your camera ready!

Update: Apparently there is a #fidofriday theme so that worked out nicely.Photo: A Sedona Winter Morning

Waking up early can be worth it.Photo: Well than you nature!

Rainy day in Sedona, we didn't even know if we'd get to see the sun at all and at the last moment you could see the sunset coming through a small but solid break in the clouds...and right behind us... a rainbow. So close I wish I could have run back to the car and get the 14mm because at 24mm it didn't fit. But in just a couple minutes it was gone.

The sunset was really powerful on those red rocks so that does represent no post process color editing.Photo: Sedona at sunsetPhoto: It was Pouring rain in Sedona... but there was some relief from the storm right at the last moment. A sunset to remember with my brother.

If you like this wait until you see what appeared right over our heads right about this same time. I couldn't decide which direction to shoot half the time.

This just goes to show... good things happen if you just give it a try... maybe sometimes you get totally rained out... but if things work out it's better to be on location rather than sitting at home 30 minutes away.Photo: 392

That's the number of seconds... at the Arizona Photowalk I set up the picture and walked away to talk to people and came back when I remembered. You saw the 30 second in color version I posted a few days ago so I thought I'd show this one.

Personally I'm not as much a fan of star trails as I am just getting stars as stars. But sometimes you just don't have enough light or a high enough ISO.
The light on the rocks mainly came from far off campers and boats coming by on the near bye lake.

On a WPPI note: I am most sad that I missed +Catherine Hall's class on social media :( I think that will probably rank as my biggest regret of WPPI - I was friends from out of town and still entertaining them until they left to go back to utah until 2pm and her class was over. Sadly the G+ photowalk was still going during her class as well. And though I suppose it would have been preaching to the choir for her... still I'm sure the support would have been rockin!Photo: Shasta isn't just a Soda

As I drove from Oregon to San Diego I stopped along side the road to get the shot... I was even tempted to get out of the car... but I didn't.Photo: Last onePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: First onePhoto: BOLIVIA ... Here we come!

The date is set
May 31st to Jun 14th

This will be a workshop scouting trip to remember.
Get ready for The +Scott Jarvie and The +Colby Brown to capture your landscapes and shoot your citizens. Maybe even flash your women.
Come on now... you know what I mean... mind out of the gutter ;)

Bolivia is home to some of the most exotic landscapes and one of the largest salt flats in the world... where we'll be at altitudes and cold temps not fit for the feint of heart.
I lived there for 2 years many years ago... I'm excited to go back with a camera in hand.

The picture
In honor of the decision on the dates I have re-edited and uploaded a picture from last month when I went to another famous salt flats... the Bonneville salt flats in Utah.

This should be an epicly awesome adventure... who's coming with? ;) haha

If you need more time to prepare start saving your pennies and days off work for what we'll set up for 2013 huzzah!Photo: The Flats

Right before I started doing a fun timelapse late into the night.

Maybe I shall post a few of the timelapse next.
(93)Photo: "Would you like some salt with your fries?"


BTW - It's late twilight and I used a polarizer to intensify how dark the sky was so that'd be almost darker than the white salt.Photo: Me and V in your thoughts and prayers

As some of you may know and most probably don't I haven't had my car for about 2 weeks now. The car had problems back before new years when in was i california.
It's been in the shop for 2weeks being fixed under waranty.

While I don't want to get into details it's now being pushed out of the hands of warranty and into the hands of insurance. And it is a very large issue... like replace engine issue.

I am not in the mood to discuss the problems with the car itself... but if things were to work against me this could be a huge issue for me... like semi-life-altering issue. It's an expensive problem and It would break me.

So however you support someone from afar perhaps think of doing so today.
As for me: I will do all I can do... and I pray for what is not in my hands because I have a strong testimony someone hears me. But I will accept the results no matter what it is (of course, again, while doing all I can).

I must admit my life is very blessed with great friends, family, status and the most amazing career.

Thanks in advance

Edit: Hey +TOYOTA +Toyota USA --- I have amazing pictures of your product/car. I'm pretty OK at what I do... let's talk ;)Photo: Wet Salt

Way back last week when this journey began... out at the salt flats.

I got some access to a computer for the evening so it's time to play a fun little game I'll call for now the:
I will keep posting more pictures each time the listed picture hits the +1 goal that I put down. If it doesn't then I guess I lost the game and will try another day.

I will post another as soon as this one hits a simple goal of +100Photo: Forgotten Zion

I didn't title this because because have forgotten Zion or this is an uncommon picture of Zion... BUT... because I forgot I had never even looked at the travel pictures I took of Zion except to post maybe 4-5 on Google+ a few months ago.

They will still remain a surprise for me to go through one of these days as I just grabbed the first good one I could see and put it up here. We'll see if I have time prior to my next trip.

This was taken Nov 17 alongside +Colby Brown +Peyton Hale +Casey McCallister and I think +Jim Davis +Mark Burnham might have been on the bridge with us but maybe they were shooting somewhere else.

Moral of the Story
Anyway the moral of the story is that I love love travel photography and do A LOT of pictures BUT they have to take a back seat to the pictures that people pay me to take.

Because I know people will ask

30 seconds f/2.5 24mm 800isoPhoto: 38,000

Just roughly tallied up how many "Travel Pictures" I took in 2011
Then realized there are still 10,000 of those pictures still left to be sorted through and rated. Woopsie.

I just spent the last couple days doing about 10,000 pictures from a couple of trips I did this year (2012)

This is what I do during my breaks from lots of photoshoots... I play catch up.

Maybe when I'm done I can do an official Best of 2011... and then a week or two later a Best of 2012 (Travel Photography)

Here's one from a trip to Zion NP I did with a few folks from Google PlusPhoto: "Excuse me... how are you still taking pictures?"

That was the question I got tonight from a group of college students that were on a drive on the very scenic Aspen Loop (just miles from my house)

It was a fair and honest question... to them all they saw was how dark it was and how impossible it was for their own camera.

I eagerly turned their question into an awesome teaching moment... I was on top of my teaching-game and they seemed to really enjoy it... so I put them in a 30 second picture (not shown here)

But here was one of those 30 second pictures I was taking and they were wondering if I was able to get anything good with it being so dark out.

It is an encouragement as I am making decisions right now if I should go on the road next year all across the country teaching photography. (More encouragement always desired)Photo: This morning... last spot of the day.

From the CAMERA from the CAR

I had friends this time... local utah photogs +Jeff McGrath +Phillip Monson 

Now I'm outta here to a wedding shoot. Be back in like 6hrs or so

MY TIP?? - Look at the metadata and see what's not normal for landscapes :)Photo: What's happening in Fall in Utah?

Yep many have heard but most haven't because I plan on doing the written announcement tomorrow. So stay tuned.

The Picture
This is another enticing picture of what the canyon just 8 miles from my house looks like. Early morning. I love love love aspen trees.
Sorry in advance that sRGB and your monitor are unable to show just how amazing these yellows are

The +Photography Decathlon is such a big event it's taken a while to create and now it's time to put a TEAM together to make it a reality. We have many months til October... but I want to get it rolling.

So if you want to be considered for the team let me know. Self-motivated-ness is very appealing.Photo: Experiments in Teaching

I've pretty much used Google Plus for the last few months to experiment different ways to share and teach photography.

My posts are often very different from week to week or post to post.
(Though I do a lot of similar posts like my 40+ Story and Tips posts)

I try to share info in a variety of ways and judge the reaction and the efficacy.
I understand and appreciate those that pick a simple format and stick to it... it helps those that need that sort of consistency.

But for those that like to exercise the brain and get at the heart of the matter from all sorts of different angles I hope you have enjoyed it.

That Being said

I have somewhat started to do photoshoot RECAPS after I get back from a photoshoot.

I see a huge potential for benefit to those learning photography but instead of writing it all out... I think those interested should internalize and contemplate how a quick run through of images from a photoshoot can help them in their own photography.

What would you want recapped?

And who's in for my next recaps? Including perhaps "The anatomy of a Jarvie Phototrip" Recapping perhaps a full 8 day road trip.

Taken early morning while on a walk about with +Joe Azure earlier this week in San Francisco.Photo: Fall is at the Doorstep

This was last year up in the canyons with a this year edit.

I'm about ready to start going up each morning and some sunsets.
I'm thinking about taking lots of people up into the mountains on short adventures.

1. Just shooting with me for fun.
2. Letting them ask all sorts of questions while we both shoot.
3. To getting a solid day of education out of the experience.

But the short of it is that I'm heading up there anyway... now to just reach for that willpower to get up that early for that many days.Photo: PHOTOGRAPHY DECATHLON (Update)
And a call to assistance

With the help of many people the Photography Decathlon is not only going to be EPICLY AWESOME for photographers... but it will be very nicely ORGANIZED.
In case you missed the announcement check out this blog post:

We have lots of people already on our planning team but seeing the scope of the event we would love more people to assist in making it happen.

The teams we're organizing include but are not limited to:

PR, Sponsorship relations, Venue and catering, Housing, Scheduling, graphics/web, Video, Finance and legal.

I've spent much of the day denoting (in writing) the roles played by each team/committee. +Sharon Strandskov is our project manager and me and her will making sure all these teams work together like a beautiful symphony ;)

So if you feel like you can add to one of these teams or LEAD one or just fill in wherever let me or Sharon know.
We hope to fill many of these roles soon.

The event is still a ways away (october) but I think we all want it to be well planned and to go off without a hitch (even if it is the first of it's kind event)

"Team" - When using the term "team" in this update I am not refering to the actual teams that will be competing in the decathlon but the group of people that will be helping to put on the event.

I continue to highlight pictures of Utah in October which will be where and when the event is being held. The Landscape style of the 10 styles may be one of the most popular and competitive of the 10 styles.Photo: This was one of my very last pictures from the day. As in Today.

I started taking pictures at about 7:30am and shot until 11:30am

I find this question interesting to see the different types of approaches to photography:

How many pictures would YOU have taken?

Use this actual scenario: 4hrs Driving around by yourself in beautiful aspen covered mountains in the morning on a cloudy and slightly rainy day. On scenic and some back country routes and getting out twice for more extended stops at locations that included lots of flowing water including small waterfalls like this. All this during the middle of fall colors.

Keep in mind fall plus night after rain storm with everything wet and most of the colors are very vibrant (like below)Photo: October in Utah

Cascade springs is one of the many locations that those in the Photography Decathlon will be able to take pictures for the Landscape portion of the competition.

In fact it's only 9 miles from Midway Utah where some of the large Cabins are located where many of us will be staying.

Official Writeup
It's been announced on video about a week ago... but now it's about time for me to do the full writeup. (Stay Tuned)

Pictures sell the idea
But I wanted you to see a little of what's in store... October in the mountains of Utah is a beautiful thing. The landscape portion will be very popular because this is only one of the spots.

Updates will be on +Photography Decathlon as well as me talking about it a lot in coming months.Photo: I had a good time yesterday... Why not go and do it again TODAY.
Be back in a few hours

It's going to be different weather (not wet and rainy) so I should get some different stuff.

Have I mentioned yet how awesome aspens are?

What other trees are really photogenic?Photo: PHOTOGRAPHING NYC

I'm leaving tonight for the East Coast
I'll be in NYC Monday-Thursday

I've been there a couple of times years ago but never really photographed it as much as I could have.

Suggest Locations
Keeping in mind:
1. I want to do my Youtube "First Impression Photography Reviews"

2. I want to photograph a lot of different church buildings for the upcoming kickstarter project I'll be releasing in a couple of weeks "Faith in America"

Also who's there and wants to go take pictures... specially at night?Photo: I'm still working on sorting my pictures from 2011

Here's one from a photowalk in DetroitPhoto: I see CanadaPhoto: The PlacePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: To commemorate Day 2 of PSW here's a picture that has pretty much nothing to do with Photoshop. But hey everyone loves Hawaii!

(Big Island Sunrise)Photo: While at Thanksgiving Dinner in Hawaii

I was with a friend of a friend and thought it'd be good to take some pictures of the people and the pets as my way of saying thank you.

Style the same
With the style I shoot it doesn't matter if it's a bride, an animal or a tree
My style is to make the subject stand out and to bring out the personality.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Fire on the Road

Picture taken in Yosemite National park earlier this month... as I was driving. Early morning.

The location was perfect, the lighting awesome, no stopping allowed but that's alright because I have a lot of experience with these types of pictures.

However it is pictures like these that make me want to actually use photoshop to get rid of stuff on the road. Spot healing in LR removed one but this one is a bit trickier.

But I got to thinking. How much is the cone distracting YOU?
(BTW PS is on my other computer so it's not quite as simple and I've gone months upon months without ever using it, so it's not anywhere near part of my workflow anymore so it's annoying to me to go into now)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: One of my favorite places in the United States.

I could drive around taking pictures all day every day.

For me I try hard to get a picture showing the culture but not showing the faces so this picture is perfect for me.

This was in June when I was out in DC doing 4 weddings.

TIP: Drive around enough and you're bound to see something great and be there at the right time.Photo: My Eyes Bleed Pictures

I just got done going through 13,000 previously never looked at travel pictures from 2011 that I took. One by one.

In order to finally make a proper assessment of what I honestly have from that year.
Going through my narrowing down process I've got a total of 37,630 narrowed down to about 300

Now I'm gonna double check because 25,000 of those were done previously and then try to select my favorite 200.

And then move on to 2012... a year that I took way more travel pictures.

{The picture}
I was walking around Milwaukee (i think) with some past clients last year while on a drive from Utah to DC and got some awesome pictures during a lightning storm. Makes me want to shoot during lighting storms more often.Photo: "As He died to make men holy, let us die to make men free"

A winter sunset at Arlington National Cemetery

#blogged #memorialdayPhoto: Travel Day

I drive to California as soon as I get my car packed and ready.

I've done this drive soooo many times I try to switch it up when I can.
Good audio books, photographic detours and lots of phone conversations (hands free of course)

What do you do on long road trips?Photo: Leaving late to California: about 12hrs later than desired

BUT... I've been productive

I have selected, Edited and Uploaded a selection of Pictures from EVERY paid shoot I've done. That includes uploading 4 WEDDINGS last night. (correct me if i'm wrong)

I responded to a lot of important emails
Wrote a couple important posts
Sent out a couple Invoices
I updated my iPhone and iPad to iOS5 and I have lots of Podcasts and Audio books ready to go.
Packed bags
Ate lunch
The Jarvie Travel Mobile is loaded and ready to go.

It's been a productive day and I'll still get to SoCal in time for the presentation tomorrow night.

In fact I'm considering a morning coastal photowalk in Santa Monica if anyone is interested. (Tomorrow)Photo: Photo: The Frozen North

Last year before christmas I did a wedding in Alberta Canada and this was while just driving around in Southern Alberta.

I wish it were a white christmas but I doubt many places in the Western U.S. will have that happening this year. sadlyPhoto: I'm going to be Political

-I've done political posts
-I am doing political posts
-I will continue to do political posts

From the beginning
I stated at the very start of my GooglePlus experience that while I would post mainly photography and that I would also post about many other things like sports and religion and politics. Turns out  I am a real person who is not one dimensional and I would do what I wanted here on my wall. I can understand those that use this 100% for business as building their photography brand.

You are a pansy
But I find it sad when the smart and the even-keeled people out their run and hide during important discussions leaving only the crazies to stay and debate and run our countries. So yeah perhaps they are part of the problem... for being pansies.

I call BS
They cry about not wanting to hurt anyone's feelings and loose friends.

But I say:
A. you're doing it wrong and should state the real reason for not posting stuff... it's because you haven't thought through your ideas and you are insecure.
B. or you're doing it wrong and you don't have the whole communication thing down you should be able to communicate your ideas AND make even your oposition respect your well thought out stance.
C. You should keep better friends.
D. You shouldn't get so easily offended.
E. Straight forward cop-out for not wanting to be a part of the solution.

leave now
So if you're gonna complain about the quotes and commentary this week you may consider uncircling now.

However I'll often post a random picture to go with my posts

Join the conversation
You can join in the conversation if you can avoid profanity and being rude to people and you know how to communicate intelligently without simply using fear-mongering and labels.

Right up front I'll say I don't want Obama or Romney to be our president so I'm probably not on "your side"Photo: Driving Middle of Nevada somewherePhoto: Do you want people to follow you on Google+ ?
It is a decision and not everyone wants to... I understand that

In my article about Understanding Google+ I wrote about this. You can follow the link... however I'm also going to list the steps below.

I'm always surprised going through the list of those who followed me and wondering if they are going to be using Google+ because they haven't started yet, they haven't written a post, they haven't filled out their about section... in fact all they seemed to have done is follow some people. Those people are going to look at their empty profile and skip right over it. Is that what they wanted?

My advice is for Photographers in Particular... but can work for all


1. Fill out your About section... list all those things you are interested in AND that you might talk about on Google+

2. Write a post ... make it PUBLIC (if you're wanting people from the public interacting with you). Talk about your interests and show your personality. (All business, fun, funny)

3. (For photographers) Post some pictures... be you beginner photographer or long-time-full-time photographer.

4. Follow the people you know

5. Follow the people that inspire you in your interests
b. Follow the people in the community that interact

6. Comment on, +1 and Share Other people's interesting posts

7. Keep doing steps 2-6
(Perhaps even add in Joining other ppls Hangouts)

Remember that some people might not follow you right away because they just didn't see you. But if you keep interacting AND your personalities and interests match then it will happen.

If you invest you will get the reward. (Don't expect something for nothing)

I'm sorry to say it is a Long Road ... stop saying "Are we there yet" ;)

But do enjoy the fun along the way. There's great scenes even on the slower roads.Photo: From the carPhoto: Driving through town - outside of Death ValleyPhoto: Rest of TravelPhoto: Death Valley from the carPhoto: Death Valley SunrisePhoto: Death Valley MorningPhoto: Death Valley MorningPhoto: Death Valley MorningPhoto: Death Valley Morning TwilightPhoto: The streets at night in Montmartre in Paris France.Photo: Photo Tip inspired on a hangout:

"it's so sharp if you focus it right where you want it!" - +Ricardo Lagos

Focus better to get sharper images!Photo: Getting a photographic Tour of Detroit today.
Shooting from sunup (in an hour) until sun down

I'll be a long full day of shooting.
Much like my other adventures... but with other folk showing me around.

Thanks +Mary Clark +Jamie Feldman +Kirk Lanam +Doug DeTraz 

Now I better get my butt in gear to make that sunrisePhoto: A good Sunday Image from inside a quaint French Cathedral.Photo: When in France even random street corners in random towns are awesome!!

I'm looking forward to heading to france tomorrow and taking some super pictures.
Let the adventure begin...
... well after I get all this editing done today.Photo: (Please help) ADD FRANCE/SWITZERLAND MAP POINTS
For photo-spots in Paris and Switzerland (On the route there, In and Around)

The Map

It's public and anyone can use the map and anyone can add to the map

The Event
Also send me links to websites or albums that have great pictures that might help
Here's the event URL: https://plus.google.com/events/cohjaenu91jl3mab7s737gsck50/100962871525684315897Photo: For the following reasons

Because it's fall
Because it has recently snowed in the mountains
Because fall won't last much longer
Because I have beautiful mountains all around me
Because an amazing canyon is 10 minutes from my house
Because I leave in a little over a day for another trip out of state
Because I need to shoot more fall colors
Because I went to bed early last night (12:30)
Because I love leisurely drives and my amazing car
Because photography makes me happy

I am out the door at 7:04 to make more pictures like last year below.Photo: I was realizing how fast fall is coming for the mountains. This was last year... just 33 days from now.Photo: Is this what you're doing this lazy sunday afternoon?
(If it's still sunday for you)Photo: The power of circle share

And a call for 10 more interactive Photographers


A Little Birdie Told me
It's no secret I've been invested in circles since Google+ began and I hit the circle share pretty heavy.

Now for some stats This is how communities grow and excitement is stirred.

The interactive photographers circle was shared 100+ times and No One in the list has less than 1600 followers and in the full timers no one has less than 600 (even people that don't post yet)

Conservative estimates:

1500 people did a Circle All for Most Interactive Photographers
500 people did a Circle All for Full-Time Photogs



Yes you've probably heard how I forgot to add myself to the list of interactive types... no I wan't being humble ;) haha
But more than that... there are other people that interact a bunch... maybe just not with me... so let's add a few more that are deserving.


1.Nominate someone that you think is really interactive in the photography community.

2. Others will recognize their name and say... yeah for sure... that person totally participates and interacts... "I should Plus1 That"

3. I will add those that get the most response... let the market speak!
I'm not saying this is how I'll do this from here on out... but I wanna give it a shot

4. I will do a version 3 with 10 more people and even myself on the list.
But I will say that they should have at least 5 people that know who they are and +1 seems a fair requirement to be consideredPhoto: Tetons in the morningPhoto: Tetons at TwilightPhoto: Tetons at TwilightPhoto: The Benefits of 1.4

All my large prints are officially sent out to be printed.

Here is one of the many many pictures I ordered to be printed for the gallery night (which will be a permanent presentation at the house/office)

Vanishing Act
I wanted to show this one because it demonstrates how at low aperture like f/1.4 things are so blurred you won't even see them. For instance the front bars of the cage have seemed to mostly disappear.

This was at the Hare Krishna temple in Spanish Fork, Utah
They have lots of animals there... though they're most known for their llamas.Photo: Wild

I'm heading to Oregon to stop at the parents for Christmas prior to driving south to San Diego again.

This picture was several years ago as I drove to see my parents for another christmas. It's on a lonely country highway in Nevada from Winnemuca to Klamath Falls Oregon with the Wild Horses running past. I usually see the wild donkeys but this is one of the only time to see the horses.

I only had moments before they were too far away for me to take the shots. I can't remember if this was my best shot... but I had to rush to get this up and then get out on the road as it's a long drive ahead of me.Photo: Simple Question:
Who would like to COMPETE in the Photography Decathlon?

Who would put together a team if I could connect them with a sponsor to pay for their entry?

Put together a team and I could possibly bring it up when I start meeting with sponsoring companies starting this next week

+Photography Decathlon 

Tip: maybe you should share this post and see if any of your buddies wanna rock it with you October 9-12thPhoto: Sierra NevadasPhoto: PCHPhoto: SLC ZooPhoto: 30 Minutes until Iron Editor #4

I think we have let's say 3 more spots open.
And if you email me within 10 minutes your picture can be in the show and edited by the competitors.

So don't go anywhere the competition should be great this week!Photo: Car help Europe

So I'm officially booked for my trip to Europe from tuesday until 6th of september but I need to rent my car for the after paris wedding part.

I need a station wagon that has enough to sleep in the back a couple times.

So do you know these cars and can confirm which one will actually be big enough with the seats down?

Opel Astra SW
Opel Insignia Sports Tourer
Ford Focus C-Max
VW Passat Variant

I'm renting from sixt.com ... that's the best right?
Last time I rented a volvo sw and it worked great... but I don't see it listed.

Don't forget to interact on the event I created

The picture
This was taken on a 2006 trip to europe... just a year after I got into photography.
Re-edited since then.Photo: My meal in Genova

I was sitting there with this hand written menu hanging out with some Italian photographers in a local restaurant.

Thinking: "Dang I should be taking pictures of this."
Maybe every day to them but cool to others.

Taken way back in 2006 - Still a great picture for perhaps the kitchen wall. hahaPhoto: Galician Farmers posing for a quick portrait in front of their harvest cropPhoto: I know it's not as awesome as the previous cat picture ;)

But people at the Gallery really seem to like this one a lot so I thought I'd add it here.

Yes those are his real eyes... the light was hitting it just right. Picture taken in Spain.
#caturdayPhoto: Segovia 2006

I'm jumping in on the #earlyphotos  theme going on.
This was the year after I got a DSLR and I went back to Europe for 3 months. This was early on in that trip.

Like +Patrick Smith I might just have to upload a bunch of Early Photos this month so keep an eye out for some 2006 Europe Goodness.

More from that day in Segovia can be viewed here: http://smu.gs/MQzl1YPhoto: Bears vs wolves

After a week or so in Canada I can state that bears don't exist... but wolves yeah lots of them there. Saw like 4 in one day... this little guy came a trotting on right by us. :)Photo: BREAK THROUGHS
- I've had many "break throughs" recently... they happen every time I research stuff and finally "get it" or find the right thing I was looking for.

I feel like prep for this trip has at times been a full time job to just get me smarter to handle all the things to come... AND to get the things I need to make a year long trip possible.


I had many days/months thinking about Vans, Suburbans, Venzas, Motorhomes, popup trailers and finally an Airstream with venza

If ever there was something I would have loved to learn more about in school it would have been this and not just glossing over it but real practical and experimentive knowledge. (But hey what can we expect from school... it's not like public school is there to provide actual knowledge)

COMPUTER SYSTEM - Each and every part I researched to make sure they were the best. http://astore.amazon.com/jarviecomputer-20?_encoding=UTF8&node=1
I'm about to put it together later tonight and there are still things I need to figure out ... like monitor arms to hook into the airstream.

QUADCOPTER - Beyond the basics I learned months ago I've been researching GIMBALS, IOSD and FPV devices.

STUFF FOR AIRSTREAM - from power cords to sensors to wheel locks I've been researching it all
Here's just a short list of some of the smaller items - http://astore.amazon.com/jarviephotog-20

I spent a while learning about hitches, trailer wiring, weight distribution systems, brake controllers and even systems to monitor engine/transmission heat.

It took me a while to wrap my head around exactly what I needed for my travels. In fact this is the most recent journey which is still not done because we're gonna wire stuff up pretty soon. Luckily most of my worries and research ended with a stop at Goal Zero yesterday where we talked about doing an awesome system to power all my electrical needs. Stay Tuned.
But I'm glad we're able to figure that out because there were things like inverters, converters, battery chargers, breakers, 30 vs 50 amp, even the power cords used were a big deal... and then add in SOLAR to the thing.

WATER HEATER - I'm still trying to figure out the exact one I need and the big debate is tankless vs 6gallon.

I've even been learning about toilets and the difference between "normal" and composting.

I had to research which system of polishing I wanted to go with since there were several camps.

I've spent lots of time thinking about what devices to use for storing mass amounts of pictures and videos.  And then how to keep that system and computer safe from vibrations with special vibration dampening systems.

HOW FRIDGES WORKPhoto: Short trip to Glacier
Back from Glacier NP and ready to edit crazy amounts of wedding pictures... but first... #sunrise

The first picture I've edited with my new computer.
Small/power efficient and POWERFULL

Anyway it was a short but great trip and had me thinking about the upcoming big trip... AKA life on the road with Faith In America ProjectPhoto: *I kinda like this place*Photo: Cuisinart, AnguillaPhoto: Photo: SinawavaPhoto: Photo: The Wild WestPhoto: SF SwanPhoto: Photo: Photo: State Capitol, Austin TexasPhoto: the wavePhoto: the wavePhoto: Photo: Photo: HoliPhoto: DetroitPhoto: The HighlandsPhoto: HighlandsPhoto: This was a pretty interesting sunset.
Bonus points if you understand how this happened.

#blogged   #idaho  Photo: Today in NHPhoto: I think I'm gonna go spend a week or two along the oregon coast.
Take pictures at sunrise and sunset and at night
And edit pictures the rest of the day

Anyone want to join?Photo: Another from the windy dunes set

#glamis   #dunes  Photo: I'm in love with taking pictures of Dunes

#glamis   #california   #sunrise  Photo: St George from Dixie RockPhoto: The hike last night has me way too sore... but... pictures!
#lakeblanchePhoto: LIGHTROOM CC - GLITCH
HELP - Been looking but haven't found any info about my Glitch.

I can make panoramas easily and quickly with the new #Lightroom  CC but as soon as I do some regular editing I can no longer do Panoramas until I restart the software. Then I can make as many as I want normal or ctrl+shift+m until the time I decide to do more editing again.
The status bar just won't move ... ever.

Can't find any info about this or what may be causing it.

Anyone else getting constant black screens as the software works on something tough. If it just went slow that'd be fine but it goes to not responding more often than lr5 and goes black screen and then comes back after a bit. It's super annoying. I'm guessing it's having a hard time dealing with these huge files. But my computer is seriously a beast of a machine.

Love your feedback or for you to TAG someone that may know or be able to look into it.
#lightroomcc   #lr6   #lightroom6