Photo: "So hot right now"

Engagement pictures last night were "off the hook" haha

But seriously they were awesome! They just have this look that is perfect for "night on the town" type pictures.

Workflow Hangout
BTW in 2hrs I'm doing a workflow hangout where we'll be going through 500 pictures and trying to find our favorite 60-80 pictures to give to them.
Come join us.

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Photo: "Run away with me"
Photo: The other way

I've shot quite a few times at this location (a temple in Utah) but I've never shot this particular spot.

Thing is the temple itself is very beautiful and an important symbol of the wedding day for LDS couples.
However the temple was under construction and half covered in scaffolding.
No worries as it allowed me to be excusably more creative.
Such as shooting in other directions or just getting parts of the building that didn't have scaffolding.

So sometimes you may view something as a big problem or you can choose to be happy for the opportunity to shoot another way
Photo: The barefoot bride

Now that I'm home from Europe I've got some catching up to do in the past shoots department... and it looks like I'm going to be booking a bunch of small shoots now that the Fall Colors are already hitting the mountains around here.

So expect just a random assortment of all sorts of photoshoot postings in the next couple of weeks. haha

Shot at 85mm at 1.4

Why... because at this distance away from the subject 1.4 will still have them both in focus... remember depth of field has a lot to do with the distance from the subject. You can do group shots at that low of aperture if you're far away.

But I did want to separate them a bit from their background so a low aperture was perfect.
Scott Jarvie
"Run away with me"
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