247 Photos - Jul 12, 2011
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Also joining yesterday on the drive was Charan

Charan and Leanna are both actors who live down in SoCal with some roots in Utah.

Charan said he's also "country" if by that you mean the country of IndiaPhoto: "If you're happy and you know it..."Photo: Photo: Photo: {A new awesome reason}

Even if everyone stops caring... I'll still be posting pictures on Google+ because I have an amazing new Android phone that syncs my Google+ galleries so the moment I put it on here... It's on my phone. LOVE THAT!

BTW Moab was awesome and my friends are sooo photogenic and fun.Photo: "Baby it's cold outside"

taken from the 3rd weekly "Sunday drive with friends"Photo: Photo: She said she's better on the other end of the camera taking the picture and that she's not great in pictures.... Well I proved her wrong didn't I?

Don't worry I did in fact send her a text saying "I told you so"Photo: With a little bit of sassyPhoto: What do I do when I'm not "on the job"
Like when I'm on dates with girls... Oh... I go take pictures. hahaPhoto: "Girls just wanna have fun"

Taken yesterday up in the snow. Brighton UtahPhoto: From the "Second Sunday Photo-Drive with Friends"Photo: We have nice backgrounds in Utah...
And our subjects are pretty swell too!Photo: My friend Kori while on a drive up the canyon on sunday.

That's my totally original hashtag... don't you think so +Susan Marinello ;)Photo: Meet Kori

Me and Kori are picking out a few more pictures from last sunday's fun drive up the canyon.

She's here at the computer... say hello.Photo: Pretty in Purple

Yesterday up the canyonPhoto: {If you're happy and you know it}
... "Then your face will surely show it."

Chelsea wins the prize for being the most excited about pictures taken by me than any other person ... ever!

She said she was excited all day long and days prior to today.
Then couldn't stop smiling when we drove up to the canyons talking about how it's been one of her dreams to play at being a model.
When we started she was nervous but in an excited sort of way
When I showed her the first few pictures she could barely contain herself.
Looking at pictures (yes I let her) seemed to be like crack for her... she was addicted.

It made me want to take more and more amazing pictures... just so I could see her light up and get giddy with excitement.

How to get amazing pictures
That's my tip to you people wanting amazing pictures... just be really excited about it. Portrait photographers are pleasers... we live to see people be really happy. We want to out do their expectations. If they keep responding to better and better pictures in more happy, or even over the top ways we'll keep on trying to out do ourselves.

Hard to please people with little excitement or who are are tedious and we won't want to shoot them for long. But if the person is bubbling with joy and so excited to be there and think the photographer is amazing and Value the pictures so much... we'll shoot way more than what's expected and do our best work.

I don't know if I can explain how excited Chelsea was to get these pictures tonight. I'm trying really hard to blow away her expectations and make her feel really beautiful.

I'm just trying to say... this is one way for you to learn how to get the best out of people make them feel valued and really special. Sure It's a form of flattery but it'll get you far. It works with me ... specially when they're fun to be around.

#blogged  Photo: {A very happy soul}Photo: {How Much Awesome?}

How many elements of awesome can you see in this picture?
(See if you can name them all)Photo: What one person would you like to go trick-or-treating with?

#randomquestions   #halloween  Photo: {What is Lindsey Doing?}
I feel selfish being the one to TITLE this myself... so you guys can have at it.

Picture was taken yesterday of sweet little +Lindsey Stirling on set for a new +Devin Graham video regarding the upcoming halo 4 release.

#blogged  Photo: FYI... not an action figure.
#halo  Photo: Halo Fans out there?

I did behind the scenes (with some portraits mixed in) at a new video by +Devin Graham today.Photo: "Highway to the Danger Zone"Photo:  Successful Highligning: Like a Boss

At Gemini Bridges

+Creighton Baird is a studPhoto: {Another Look}

We're trying to hit the Utah and SLC county canyons while it's still fall... and in the mean time Angela is practicing her other looks.
(Cuz she's already got smiley down pat)

How'd she do?Photo: Landscape with a touch of person

That's how I like photographing beautiful landscapes... by inviting beautiful friends to join me on a drive up the mountains.

I shot half landscape and half portraits... pretty awesome night.Photo: Fall has attitude

Yesterday in the canyons with AlexiPhoto: +Susan Marinello on her October trip to utah to help with my Promo Video Photo shoot.

She's pretty cool. :)Photo: Yesterday's Shooting Buddy

Good looking people to join you on your early morning autumn shooting adventures are always a big plus!

BTW I'm not sure if you heard but you have 1 extra day (due to a flat tire) to submit an album to the Album Viewing Party Show.

It's people themed this time.
Maybe you should go and take a bunch of pictures of yourself or some really cute friend of yours in the fall colors.

Details here: https://plus.google.com/events/cmunce459nabmhnge3piirjm0kc

#blogged  Photo: Now this is a fun family picture!

- taken last night prior to dinner at Tucanos!
Yay for old clients and getting to hang out when they're in town.Photo: ATHENA

The queen of Long Exposures is fast asleep over in Switzerland but in a couple hours she'll be waking up and getting to see a bunch of her family pictures I took while I visited her family in Geneve Switzerland.

Thanks for the hospitality +Athena Carey 
Do you and +Lotus Carroll have some other sibling I need to stay with in some other part of the world? Since I've already used your beds and eaten your food.

In any case... look at them shoe laces!!Photo: {A very Carey Portrait}

OK now stand close to eachother really still with fake smiles while I shoot this picture from eye level...

Or... maybe  I'll just get on top of the house... you two lay back and don't even look at me while the boys just play around with the soccer ball... yep i think that'll do it.

+Athena Carey and family in their backyard
#blogged  Photo: "Visiting"
As we chat out on the porch after our epic 8 minute spontaneous photoshoot on a recent visit to my house to pick up some pictures i took while assisting +lisa webb Photo: I'd like to dedicate this picture to The +mel peifer 

#FunWithFramingPhoto: Photo: Can We

After we do the big family picture with everyone and their spouses Can We also do a cool smaller group shot in front of the tree.

Ok just the brothers and sisters is fine I just want to make sure I get at least one here.

Hopefully this picture was worth the 2 tics I got from laying on the ground! :(Photo: "Look Ma No Hands!"Photo: "Oh hey I'm just smelling flowers and looking cute"

#blogged  Photo: "Brightening up your day"Photo: The other member of the band

+Barry Blanchard posted the lead singer of this traveling street performing duo

And now I'm showing off the portrait of the other guy. Playing guitar and throwing in some harmonies.Photo: The Jarvie Boy Band

My nephews getting their model on!
(Today in Southern Oregon)Photo: My family is photogenic

What happens when Uncle Scotty comes to visit??
You get some amazing family pictures.

Like this one of my niece and nephew looking like A&F models!!Photo: Nicole and Fuji

+Nicole S. Young  moved away from Utah to Seattle... but I was able to come and visit and this was the first time I've ever gotten to meet the famous Fuji.

#JarvieNW  Photo: "I pledge allegiance..."

Alex Boye (singer and MC of this year's Stadium of Fire concert) was very proud and told his story that his is his first independence day as a citizen of this country and recounted his respect for the constitution and the principles of freedom.

He stands at attention during the national anthem and pledge of allegiance.
Taken just a few hours ago on the 4th of July 2012Photo: Nadya found a flower

I think she might have learned her awesome posing techniques from her photographer father +Ivan Makarov ;)
There might even be one of him doing a similar posePhoto: "I believe I can fly"

Recent family shoot for +Rebecca Makarova and +Ivan Makarov Photo: Big/fun release tomorrow

I think I shall release a blog post and link with the entire photoshoot of +Lindsey Stirling tomorrow.

But for now another quick picPhoto: jumpPhoto: Lindsey in B&WPhoto: Lindsey in ColorPhoto: Relaxing on THE WAVE

A little over a month ago we were at "The Wave" in Arizona. I climbed around on some steep cliffs above the wave and had my friends look up.
#blogged  Photo: "Here comes the... child"

Little Jack Brown walks down the wedding aisle to the delight of all the wedding party... he was perhaps assisted by proud parents Sarah and +Colby Brown

BTW how was Colby's presentation today? Did he give it already?

OH and hello +Guy Kawasaki ... saw myself in a bookmark almost made it into the presentation eh? (I learned some great stuff)Photo: Meanwhile... Jack Plays

Jack and his family are taking off back to Colorado and I'm sticking in Texas for another week to do another wedding... I'm pretty sure Jack is going to miss me. (and my camera)Photo: Some photographers always have a camera

And I'm one of those photographers... luckily other photographers reap the benefit of that... like Mr +Colby Brown enjoying special play time with Mr Jack Brown.

I'm staying with the family and they're getting all sorts of pictures all day long. I might perhaps will have taken more pictures of Jack by the end of this than anyone else including Colby. haha (I jest)

This was taken right after they noticed I was taking pictures. I guess the clicking noise gave it away.Photo: March

From the set of a new film by +Devin Graham 
Yes they were blowing up stuff but I thought this would be a nice teaser to show of how amazing the location was and a bit of the behind the scenes.

He's shooting a few short films up there over today and tomorrow which will be up on Youtube in a month or so. Also helping is the director of Saints and Soldiers, +Jace LeRoy and a few other friends working the video.Photo: Put this in your B-Roll

Yes I know it's 3:30am and I'm still up and I'm shooting at 6:30am ... but I'm trying to cram way to much stuff into too few of days.

I moved(more), took pictures and built a computer today.

I'm just testing out Lightroom on the new computer and it's screaming fast... I'll be able to get my backlog of pictures edited crazy fast!! However not until I get back from Texas on the 14th.

I'm just happy to have a working computer again. I feel like a new man.

This was from today's wedding shoot and this is Chris McClain who's doing the film for the happy couple.

In this picture we perhaps did a little spoof off of the pictures I did for Devin a little while back.Photo: Untitled #14432Photo: Jace and the Youtubers

+Jace LeRoy is often in the background (aka the shadows) filming for +Devin Graham and +Lindsey Stirling and their mega popular videos.

I think this is so appropriate: Jace coming out of the shadows all front and center and stuff. And of course Devin and Lindsey were dancing in the back of his shoot so we get to see all the girating in the background... thanks for that Devin. haha

I don't know... I just think it tells a great story.
And it seems Jace has become such a good friend in the last little while.
Plus +Jace LeRoy is getting decently active on Google+ in the last little bit.

Music Video
This was at a music video for Lindsey taken last night while I was in Provo running some other errands... I stopped by. (maybe I stayed for too long but it was such a great break from the "real world")

_Picture is pretty much unedited. _
There are blue stage lights for the music video.
They were using a 500w bulb in some sort of globe softener thingy (that I now want one of) and it was right next to jace (powered down a bunch)
I moved jace to where I thought the light and shadows would be best coming from the light source.
Then you can also see Jace and the others have a bunch of colored backlight coming from the lights on the stage.Photo: Another rockstar assistant!
Get's some pictures for helping out.

She's going to help out this week and hopefully get tons of pictures done before I head out of town. (rejecting blurry pictures and selecting and rating a bazillion pictures)

Tianna would like to know how old you think she is.Photo: "Baby don't hurt me... don't hurt me... no more!"

#blogged  Photo: Country Folk

On the 2hr drive back from Manti (for a wedding) me and my assistant Tianna stopped at the coolest old run down barn.

She found and took pictures of a disgusting dead cow and I wandered around looking at the cool roof and open doorways and thought how learning to do HDR just for this barn would have been cool.

Instead I did what I'm best at... shoot people... Tianna to be exact.
The light coming in the old crumbling walls was superb specially for a overcast (somewhat snowy) day.

We were country folk for a little while.Photo: Travel Objectives NW USA
ordered more or less by level of importance

1. Photograph wedding July 13th in Seattle
2. Meet with as many companies as possible in regards to involvement in +Photography Decathlon 
3. Find other planned or impromptu paid photoshoots
4. Photo Adventures with great photographers
5. Pictures of Temples for my commissioned fine art series
6. Photograph more national parks

All while staying alive and healthy, having fun, editing on the road, remaining internet active, staying on top of Photography Decathlon organizational management/meetings and listening to some good books.

This Picture
I think it's a good example of #2 and #4 from my last road trip to california ... not only did I get to visit Google HQ I also go to hang out with some awesome photographers like +Chris Chabot 

Even if this was taken in February and I haven't been able to edit hardly any of the pictures from the 3wk road trip yet ;)Photo: And now for something different...

Oh wait it's still a picture of a beautiful girl... but a different one!

+Rosalie Black here are the pictures from February/WPPI that I bet you didn't think you'd ever see
http://photos.jarviedigital.com/Jobs/2012/Rosalie-in-Vegass-at-WPPI/24692717_3T459g Photo: THE JESSE STAY!

Well known author and tech dude +Jesse Stay needed some pictures ... or should I say a college needed some pictures for a story they're doing on him. That was great because we've been meaning to do pictures for ages now so it was nice that it ended up being a paid job.

We went to the SLC library and got some really cool pictures... it was nice because it was cold rainy and dark outside and we were able to take it easy. Just had to deal with everyone walking past to go to the restroom... including the folks that were using the bathroom to bath themselves using a bucket.

There are lots more to come including some fun surprises but i enjoyed this one.

This building has great architecture and it being a public building is very lenient on it's photography permission.Photo: Care-Free

Well it's been a few days since I've posted a Daniela picture... time to post another

BTW did you know you can view them all now over on a SmugMug gallery
http://photos.jarviedigital.com/Jobs/Portraits/Daniela-Portraits/23725394_ph4NW5Photo: I'm Jealous of my picture

I'm jealous because it was about 100 degrees in Northern Utah today and I'd much rather be back in January... back when I took this cute cute picture.

Oh and besides bringing January back I wouldn't object bringing Daniela back from Germany... she was such a great model-person.Photo: Moody

Sometimes you capture the subject be entirely themselves. Which for Daniela is very happy, big beautiful smile and just plane fun and or elegantly beautiful.

Then other times you encourage them be the opposite... why? Because it's interesting? I'm not entirely sure... what do you think?

But I make serious people have fun and fun people be serious, maybe it's because I think all people have multiple sides to them.Photo: Night falls
#blogged  Photo: Doing my part to bring more Beauty to Google+

So in my last post I complained about the trashiness that can be found in "photos from your circles"

So as a way to counteract that I think I shall post more of what I personally think is beautiful.

And I'm posting straight to the album avoiding "Photos from your circles" as much as I can. (Hopefully this works... it didn't used to) Update... It didPhoto: Photo: Photo: #1 of 119

The picture is titled #1... because...

The story goes
We took picture for about 90 minutes yesterday and it seemed like no matter what I did every picture was golden. I'm biased but it was one of the most enjoyable shoots to date. And I've done more than a few photo-shoots over the years.

I sometimes let people in on the decision process of selecting pictures... Daniela loved that idea but she was heading back to her home (Germany) ... I just met her at the end of her trip (Saturday) and we went and did pictures yesterday and then went to the Opera. Seeing as I trusted her judgement the question was how to involve her in the selection to make sure she got the pictures she really loved.

Selecting from the Camera
So on the drive home I let her select pictures straight from the camera. And on the ipad she wrote the numbers of her favorites.
I told her not to worry I'd probably pick a billion because they were all so great because she was immensely photogenic and it was so much fun.

I showed her how to zoom in quickly so she could make sure they were in focus (as I take plenty of out of focus as I shoot primarily at f/1.4)
But I'll double check on the 30" monitor that they are indeed sharp enough.

of 119
She chose 119 pictures... I'm sure I probably would have chosen even more to be honest. But that's because I don't always know which expression they like the best so I throw in options. Also knowing what pictures the client likes always help to inform me in my photography. Specially when I know they understand good photography.

However as for editing the rest, I have some other shoots (paid) to edit first

I thought I'd put the very first picture of the day she chose.
We were up in little cottonwood canyon for just one stop in a parking lot surrounded by aspens... a place I go to a lot... but it was so unique and nice in the middle of the winter.

It's a compliment that she chose so many from our for fun shoot ... because on FB she only has one profile picture and says that she usually doesn't like the pictures of herself.

Well now she's got more than enough to have a new profile every week for the rest of the year. Maybe I'll just string out the edits/releases over time. That wouldn't be devious at all would it? ;)Photo: Keep Dancing

We started last night at midnight (on another post)
I'll keep it going with a different look.

It's a party! #googlepartyPhoto: +Angela Montierth Came and assisted on a photoshoot tonight and when it was done we played around and I got a bunch of shots like this.

BTW +Angela Montierth is an aspiring photographer and awesome beautiful person. So far I've got her hooked on Hangouts... mainly she just likes hanging out with +Mohamed Mansour and hearing +Paul Pichugin be witty.

But she'll start doing more stuff eventually.

She's also a news host for a local TV station.Photo: Photo: Photo: Lightroom 4 Live Editing

In just a little bit I will start the 3rd episode of Jarvie Edits
I will be using the new Beta of lightroom 4

Update: It's so new I don't feel comfortable doing a hangout until I find someone that I can discuss the software with that has tried it out and I can have a conversation with on the hangout and bounce Ideas around with.

On a smaller batch of pictures from the photoshoot of film maker +Devin Graham 

It'll be available for everyone to watch via Youtube Live... you'll see the video show up on this profile shortly and it will be saved for future viewing.

Those watching live will have the added benefit of asking questions.Photo: First LR4 Edit and Reactions/Review

Got the beta and was playing around with it.

What do I need to work on?
1. Getting a hang on the new brush options.
2. Learning how to be awesome with the Books option.
3. Learn how to use Maps well enough to teach interns how to use it.

First Thoughts during this Edit

There's a new process version (Seems good)
There is a new Camera Vivid v4 for Nikon Cameras (Seems Good)
It seems to not be as smooth and halts a bit more than I am used to. (Chalk that up to Beta)
When importing pictures the preset lists are now in a collapsable tree format... that will help because that dang list of included presets was so long.
SmugMug isn't listed on the Publish Service
The Brush has simple but hugely awesome options.
All brushes and sliders go both ways now.

More Thoughts
I still don't and won't use post-crop vignette
I probably won't use grain though I think it's pretty cool... they need to turn it into more than just grain texture and add in other types of texture. (I did use it in this picture)
I asked myself why let the brush effect noise? Until I understood the slider goes both ways.
"WB on the brush what the crap??" That was my first reaction and then... I think it's awesome! It'll help with flash in weird lighting situations.

Basically after only one edit I want to edit in LR4 for everything.
We'll see if that lasts after hundreds of edits.

What is Video Cache?
How is the new process version different? If I update it can I not go back to LR3?
What the crap is Moire?
What am I giving up with switching to using LR4 right this moment?

BTW don't forget to add Film-Maker Extraoirdinare +Devin Graham 

#Lightroom4 Lightroom 4 BetaPhoto: Photo: Photo: The Dress Designers DaughterPhoto: On the pier.Photo: Submit pictures for the Iron Editors Game today.

It starts in just over 5hrs (6pm EST)
If you've already competed in Show #1 please just email me one raw totally unedited file. You'll already have my email.
State that you give me permission and all that jazz in the email.

If you would like to compete and would like to submit a picture let me know. Maybe give us a link here and later I'll send you my email address.

There should be a pre-game hangout again this week so if you're interested keep an eye out for that so we can know our 4-7 competitors.

BTW +Keith Barrett if you wanna jump into the hangout and broadcast it feel free to. If it's late notice that's alright there will be more.Photo: PHOTO DECATHLON?

What comes to your mind when you hear it?
What questions come to your mind?

For Utah Photo Week (march 20-25)
I'll be doing a good amount of posts in order to involve (to a certain extent) the google+ community.

So this post is just to get first reactions.

Yes, the picture really has NOTHING to do with a Photo Decathlon... except I wanted to put up a picture that represented challenge and physical work.Photo: Photo: Christmas Carols/Songs

Abt the picture
So awesome they brought their little Christmas Tree to the sand dunes for some pictures. Glad I was able to get a picture that showed off them and their tree.
I shot 7 groups (or individuals) last night all after twilight at the sand dunes. We were outside in 20 degree weather for about 4hrs... yep I had ice in my beard.
It's not easy shooting late night let alone when it's that cold. But everyone was a trooper and we had a lot of fun. We shot some really long shutterspeed pictures and this one is not one of them it's a mere 8 seconds.

Now I know the song that comes to mind is O Christmas Tree

But I'm going to share one of my favorite Christmas Song/hymns instead.
And invite you to share the one that has the most meaning to you (that is if you celebrate Christmas.)

I heard the bells on Christmas day

1. I heard the bells on Christmas day
Their old familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet the words repeat
Of peace on earth, good will to men.

2. I thought how, as the day had come,
The belfries of all Christendom
Had rolled along th’unbroken song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.

3. And in despair I bowed my head:
“There is no peace on earth,” I said,
“For hate is strong and mocks the song
Of peace on earth, good will to men.”

4. Then pealed the bells more loud and deep:
“God is not dead, nor doth he sleep;
The wrong shall fail, the right prevail,
With peace on earth, good will to men.”

5. Till, ringing, singing, on its way,
The world revolved from night to day,
A voice, a chime, a chant sublime,
Of peace on earth, good will to men!

Now it's time for me to tune out GooglePlus and write a talk for church which will be on "Teachings of Jesus"Photo: What's a composite?

Don't ask me... I've never made one. And probably wouldn't be any good at it
But my guess is that they probably help so you don't have to be out on the dunes late at night in freezing weather.

Kudos to +Heather Garcia and the others that came last night for being able to stand relatively still for 30 secondsPhoto: Silly photographers ... tricks are for kids

Just playing around while at the dunes ... what can I say.Photo: Tonight on the Dunes

4hrs outside in 20 degree temperatures after sunset at the sand dunes and I still have use of all my extremities.

Home finally after a late night Ihop visit and thought i'd quickly put up something... though I can gaurantee the best is yet to come. (when I finally get time to go over it)

Time for some sleep so I can get to church on time... since i'm giving a talk :)Photo: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Who's in for JARVIE'S FLASH ADVENTURE? Raise your Hand
Location and Interest level

Yesterday I officially announced the Full day workshop that focuses on flash. Read about it on this post

Lots of people were sharing the link trying to find 5 friends in their city in order to make my venture over there a reality.

It has been suggested that I help out some more in coordinating groups of people.

State your location below and your level of interest

Just put your area... like city or state or country... you decide.
If someone else in a location near you... perhaps also +1 their comment.
(come back and double check and +1)

Interest 1-3
1. Keep me informed I'll decide later.
2. I'll do what I can to get there but it's still up in the air.
3. Consider me one of the attendees.
4. I'll go even if it's not that close to me.Photo: Photo: Photo: "Do that thing you do"

That's more or less what the parents said... he was eating at the time at a little sit down dinner. But he did that thing he does... and now y'all get to see his skills of facial controls and outright character!Photo: Serve me up some suggestions

Chrome Extensions
I'm tired of my notifications being a mess... I'm ready to take your suggestions on what Chrome extention will help me get it under control.

I really don't use any extentions right now... so maybe I'll take some other suggestions of extensions that are good, that have a solid and trusted backing and are helpful for me.

The main one
But mainly looking for one that I can choose the stuff that bumps my RED notifications up. Which for me means not +1s and not new friends (though I love them both) I want it to notify me of Comments mentions and shares and I want it to be easy to get to.

Hopefully this post enlightens more than just me on the good things out there.

Taken Monday night at a church dinner.Photo: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Gifts for my friends

I actually have fans that aren't photographers who are very supportive of the projects I do and pictures I take. +Parker Boyack is one of those guys. So when we were at his brother's +Connor Boyack's book launch yesterday I made sure to set aside all of I think 2 minutes to get a picture for him... so he can woo the lady folk at college. But that's exactly the point... It only took me a couple minutes and yet everyone is happy. I do it because he respects the art so much he's appreciative and he doesn't feel entitled.Photo: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: He's thinking...?

Give a good story...
I don't know them or their story... so Your guess is as good as mine.

Who are they?
... they came walking past us (I was shooting a couple of groups) and asked what we were doing. So I said taking pictures of YOU.

They obliged and we took pictures of them and their friend. They had lots of fun of course! Made their date ... night on the town ... whatever they were doing awesome!

I know they said something about college... which made it at least appropriate for me to think she was cute. haha

Any way ... Hope they find me so they can get their pics.

And now back to the task at hand... providing the dialogue for what's going on.Photo: "I ain't no Senator's son"

... Oh wait scratch that.

Did family pictures of the Senator's Family tonight and I just really wanted to use that phrase.Photo: Hey there Cowboy

Yesterday at thanksgiving dinner.

One day I'll have my own full-time models and not just have to steel friends' built in models.Photo: Photo: "Why Not?"

That's what I asked myself while we were walking around Downtown SLC on Wednesday for her Senior Pictures.

All the new wall art in that old part of town was pretty cool... this was not the only one.

On another note... I'll be posting some more later today.

It was an exercise... and a successful one at that.Photo: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Photo: "Go stand over there by that Mountain"

So I'm thinking of starting up a business where I do portraits for people in amazing locations... and where I never leave my car.

At the end of this shoot I got silly (can't remember why) and I started doing their pictures while I stayed inside the car... (still seat belted mind you) and directed them for some fun pictures.

Here's the last one I did before we had to rush back down to civilization to get them to their appointments in time.

Fun times... and I rather think I'm pretty good at it... but I'd probably need to get a bigger car so I can lug around some helpers to assist when I need to direct them (From the car) where to set up the speedlights too ;)Photo: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: October in Utah is pretty nice... just sayin.

Fall colors start late September and this picture was taken October 23rd
So we should be right in the thick of things when everyone comes into town for +Photography Decathlon October 8th

So start requesting the days off because it should be the photo-party of the year!!Photo: Photo: The younger siblingsPhoto: The Older SiblingsPhoto: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Before SunsetPhoto: A composite of two images combined by Al Ebnareza - Since I'm not a PS guyPhoto: Mom and DaughterPhoto: A happy familyPhoto: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Commercial Shoots of times past

This is from the last photoshoot I did for ModBod clothing. (A year ago)
Yesterday we did something totally different. Urban.

5 Models
2 Clothing Lines
7-8 locations
2400 pictures
6 paid parking spots
2 sore feet

But a lot of fun. I'll need to check to see what pictures I'll be able to share and when.

#blogged  Photo: Rain Boots and Small Projects

One of those things actually has to do with my picture.

Rain Boots
When doing pictures for this clothing company they had a pair of rain boots and therefore I used them to walk out into the river. The model had a pair of her own too.

Small Projects
They make my head spin when I have a stack of a billion to do. I'd rather do 1 or 2 really long projects. Even if they take 3 times longer to do than the combination of all those stupid small projects.
I got so overwhelmed last night around 10pm that I just went to bed... and thus got up early a lot more refreshed.

I was happy to wake up with lots of comments about my last post and to see a bunch more people interested in my offer to go teach a workshop on flash and portraiture in whatever cities got 5 people together.

And speaking of flash.

Yes I brought it out onto the river... but lightstand with a sand bag... I wasn't too worried. It was dark there near the bridge.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: As he jumps from the bridge up 10 ft above into the middle of the circlePhoto: Climbing to the top... A good view of the rainPhoto: A run jump flip off the wallPhoto: Grandma, Baby and the BallPhoto: Daddy and Happy BabyPhoto: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Rest of PortraitsPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Cafe in Park CityPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Today in Jarvieland
OK I'm heading out for an all day shoot for mod bod Clothing Line in SLC.

Thoughts on Models
Working with models is always fun and leads to great pictures because I focus more of my time and energy on creativity and lighting because I don't have to worry as much about the subject. In my own words I "get to cheat" today.

The theme today is Urban.
I've done mountain and desert for them previously.

I'm sure I'll probably get out my cellphone for a few instagram pics.@thejarvie Photo: S.W.A.T. Police

In regards to my last post about mean police... I will counteract with a picture of the Nice Police

Now I'm not completely convinced she's a police officer... but her nifty glasses say so... and who am I to call her bluff.Photo: Paris by Night

I'm here.
I'm going to take a nap
then get some food
then wander the city
then meet up for a photowalk
then eat
then hopefully convince a few photographers to do some night photography
then sleep and do it again tomorrow

This picture of a road near my hotel in paris was from the last time I was here 2yrs agoPhoto: 50 shoots in a week?
Been there done that

"Charitable Shoots"
For 4 straight years I've set aside a number of days to do what I call a charitable shoot. To give back to my friends and past clients.
My way of saying thanks for helping me be where I am and how lucky I am.

The streak continues
I'm so close to breaking my streak. this will be the 5th annual.
But alas I have scheduled out 2 days and possibly a third before the year ends.

I know it's blasphemy but I'm doing my announcing and planning over on Facebook since my Utah friends are mostly there.
They're public posts so you can see them if you so desire. http://www.facebook.com/jarvie

I'm quickly planning it and then the actual details and signup options will go out to anyone who is signed up for the newsletter. And has selected "Future Photoshoot for Yourself" - http://eepurl.com/hkbo6

Yes 50... really
I love to really challenge myself... I did abt 50 in about 5-6 days time.
Check it: http://photos.jarviedigital.com/Jobs/2010-Charitable-Shoot

I'll have to write another post some day about the value of pushing yourself to do do superhuman feats... so that everything else seems like cake.Photo: Random side of the road in BanffPhoto: "Down this road"Photo: "None shall pass"Photo: Everybody was kung-fu fighting

Of this picture Leanna said it best captured her personality. Photo: At the video shoot I took pictures at todayPhoto: Epic Sunsets with friends

Always a welcome surprise to get a magnificently beautiful sunset when you're out on a PhotoDrive with two beautiful friends!Photo: May your days be full of beautiful sunsets
... But only when you're out with a camera in hand. (not stuck in an office)Photo: Oregon Snow

Next week I'll be down in California but now I'm in Oregon with family and here's my sister playing in the snow.Photo: UPCOMING

1. I just recorded 3 videos with this lovely young lady +Leanna Pareja  today. Including my first recorded "Photo Stories" which was the series that prompted me to start a youtube.


2. Then last night I recorded the coolest interview and then spent a couple hours spicing it up with awesome pictures.

That I'll release sunday morning and it's the video I'm most excited about to date.

3. Tomorrow I start releasing some of the "Location Review" videos I started to film at the end of my last trip. Super handy for people that travel and take pictures.Photo: EXPLORE | ADVENTURE | GROW

I understand the reason to specialize and focus narrowly

BUT... this year is my year of exploring all types of photography
...and going on lots of adventures... to lots of places... and just living life.

Because I get to record the whole process on Youtube for your enjoyment
- Subscribe Now, cuz it's only getting better

"The life of a photographer" on daily videoPhoto: From a photoshoot I did recently.

Sorry I need to get the corresponding youtube videos up ... but just stay tuned for now.Photo: Workflow hangout tonight
9pm Mountain Time

I'll be working on senior pictures.

I'll be joined by a group of moms that all know the girl and are all photographers so it's a good perspective as to what they look for in pictures of their kids and they'll be asking questions from the photographer perspective as well.

We'll go through them all in real time so it's a real-workflow hangout and not a tutorial video.

You gonna tune in?
If so we'll be fielding a bunch of other questions as well that you can ask me or the moms/photographers.Photo: From a recent portrait shoot.
using speedlights during the day outside for some moody shots.Photo: Shooting in B&W

Here's one from pretty late tonight at the Chapel at valley forge.

I actually shot this picture IN black and white because the big spotlight on the building was such a funky color i just couldn't get it to be a color I really liked... so I changed the settings to shoot in B&W.

The light was shining through the leaves casting this really trippy shadow that I decided to use for some cool texture.

85mm 1.8 1/30 iso 1000 handheld

Thanks for joining me Lily ... I know you already know how well you did! ;)Photo: Hope your week was better than this guy'sPhoto: One of the Gardiner Sisters
https://www.facebook.com/gardinersistersofficialPhoto: 10 HOUR COUNTDOWN

Yep 10 hours until I launch my new project.

I'm looking to add a few one liners to the website...
About me, About my photography or best of all About the project.

The project is not a secret but all the details will be revealed tomorrow at 8am (mountain time)

Most importantly I'll be featuring SHORT ESSAYS
- on Faith
- on Faith in America (open theme)
- Importance of Religious Buildings

Love for you to write one.

Yes I'll be going on a year long road trip to document buildings of faith in AmericaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ladies and gentlement I present to you
+Alan Shapiro 

Just as nice in person as you'd suspect.
And very supportive of my new project http://bit.ly/americanfaith
Thanks buddy.

I enjoyed photographing the Cloisters in NYC with him a couple weeks ago. More stuff to come I'm sure.

BTW I'll be traveling for months on end all around the country and meeting up with people all along the way. So let's make that kickstarter happen :) There are some extra benefits to it.Photo: Post lunch Head ShotsPhoto: My roommate out side on our sidewalk... trying to be all intense and what not.Photo: "Ride em' Cowboy"

From wednesday at the Spanish Fork City ‪#‎rodeo‬

I'm got a bridal shoot and formals shoot edited today so I thought I'd quickly do a for fun shoot too.Photo: On the Subject of Photo Challenges & New Friends
BTW check another version on FB
(The FB one is probably a bit more dynamic but I just love the pattern of the water in this one)

I love a good party amongst friends because it's a low stress environment for me to just play around with photography and meet people at the same time.

When the sun went down I thought: "I can either just do what everyone else is doing or I can whip out the Flashes and attempt to illuminate a huge outdoor pool party... where people were dancing, swimming, watching a concert, going on ziplines into the pool, diving off the side of the house etc..."

I chose the challenge of course! And it just so happens I meet people and have fun interacting with people through photography. So hey it works.

I met some new people like Karissa (featured in picture) and I got to try random spur of the moment shots like this while wading in the pool with the camera half an inch above the water.

So I became a better photographer all while enriching my life with new friends. Double Win for me...

(... Oh and I guess those who get awesome pictures also win.)Photo: New Friends NYCPhoto: PINKPhoto: FamilyPhoto: Christmas PortraitPhoto: bethanyPhoto: AlistairPhoto: Dallas GirlsPhoto: Photo: Lauren on the dock of the bayPhoto: Albion Basin at SunrisePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Austin at BrycePhoto: Lindsey StirlingPhoto: Photo: You could curse the powerlines or use them!

The Jeep video from this weekend should turn out OK eh?

This was just an hour ago for sunset.Photo: LaurenPhoto: Photo: The ScoblePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: "Special"Photo: Damn GoodPhoto: Good CharlottePhoto: LaurenPhoto: People of VegasPhoto: Night ClimbingPhoto: Look at the trend I started with my last post.
I think she may have pulled it off slightly better?
You're a pro +Lauren Taylor 

#hoffsome  Photo: Everyone is getting into the spirit of today's picture theme.Photo: "Along the walk"Photo: KarenPhoto: karenPhoto: A big happy birthday to my beautiful friend Brenda

Even on a walk on a trail with a friend I take  a camera ... I think you can understand why.

I met Seshu years ago at #wppi .  He's a popular East Coast photographer and author of the popular photo-blog http://tiffinbox.org/

When we reunited in Connecticut on Friday he wanted a picture with the #airstream and we talked about many things...
Above all he was excited in the concept behind #PATREON .

I want more photographers to use Patreon so I'm not feeling alone here with the podcasters and musicians who are thriving big time.

I will impart of my knowledge to all photographers that are interested.

If you have a good project or fan base you're gonna love this as much as Seshu and Myself.

*Send me a message and let's talk. *
This isn't just about some cash to spend on fuel for your next roadtrip, this is about creating a small but powerful COMMUNITY of fans who believe in you and want to give back for the great things you create.
I could go on for hours about the significance of creating a community and having more meaningful impact on the lives of the people you interact with.
OK maybe I'll make a video with some thoughts

You can check out mine at http://patreon.com/jarvie 
I'm just as proud of those 40 #jarviepatrons  as I am my GooglePlus numbers... given it's only been 2 weeks.

#blogged  Photo: A Friend running the #NYCmarathon  over on mile 14Photo: Fun meeting up with a friend who was in town making a PARKOUR video http://youtu.be/4-nDgBVXCeMPhoto: A little photo to go along with the video - http://youtu.be/uCLCd8PxMlI