15 Photos - Jun 24, 2013
Photo: Photo: Time to go shopping at Walmart for an easy cheesy lunch recipe -- that won't heat up the kitchen.Photo: My favorite shopping companions ...Photo: First stop in the store: checking out the DVDs. But we're here for a fun cheesy lunch so no DVD buying today.Photo: Steps later, we found the Velveeta, which was perfect for easy melting without heating up the kitchen.Photo: Yep, that's the one.Photo: Will helped me carry the Velveeta 2lb LoafPhoto: What else do we need? Potatoes for grilling!Photo: Checking out.Photo: At home, we prepared the potatoes, cutting them into wedges.Photo: Paige shook the potatoes up with seasonings and oil.Photo: Then, we grilled the potatoes.Photo: Inside, we gathered the ingredients for the easy cheesy sauce.Photo: The Velveeta gets cut into cubes and mixed with a little milk. Then it's microwaved to cheesy perfection.Photo: YUM! Cheese and Bacon Smothered Grilled Potato Wedges are ready to eat.

Get the recipe here >>> http://sarahscucinabella.com/2013/06/24/cheesy-bacon-grilled-potato-wedges/

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