29 Photos - Oct 15, 2011
Photo: Prague castle, from the east side by the Queen's summer home.Photo: Richard, our tour guide from Sir Toby's Hostel, takes us through the back streets of the small quarter. He's standing in front of the house of the two golden pears.  The pears that mark the house are above the two middle windows.Photo: Sign art.Photo: Yes, those are cannon balls embedded in the walls.Photo: Church behind Prague castle.Photo: Photo: The wall is completely flat, it's just an illusion carved into the stones.Photo: Amber Czech beer and good company.Photo: Is the statue about to cub his foe, the cameraman annoying the guard, or maybe even the girlfriend who had the gall to wear Uggs?

(Back gate of the Prague castle.)Photo: Chapel inside of Prague Castle.Photo: Beautiful stained glass light in the Prague castle chapel.Photo: The Prague castle chapel north windows were added in the 1920s, and they seem rather creepy (or creepier) for a church.Photo: Breakfast in the basement of Sir Toby's Hostel.  Highly recommended!Photo: Where's my coffee?

Shot with my Pentax-FA 50mm f1.4 prime lens.Photo: Jamey in the haphazard retro decor.Photo: Basement light.

I <3 my prime lens.Photo: Tourist wave running over the Charles Bridge. Prague castle and cathedral in the background.Photo: Charles bridge at night, from the west side of the bridge. 11pm and there's still tourists milling about.

Note how noisy this picture is in comparison to the next picture (zoom in on the roof for example).  This was taken with my "stock" 18-55mm lens.Photo: Church in old town square at night.

This was taken with my new prime lens (Pentax-FA 50mm f1.4).  Zoom in and look how much less noisy it is.  Yes, it's blurry, but I was hand-holding this picture vs. resting the camera on my knee in the previous picture.Photo: Astronomical clock, old town square at night.Photo: Jewish cemetery in Prague old town.  The Jews were restricted to living in the walled ghetto for hundreds of years, which lead to layers upon layers of graves.

Wonderful light on a sunny afternoon.Photo: Sunlight peeking through a hole in a Jewish headstone.Photo: Sunset view from Vyšehrad, the walled castle south of the town center.Photo: Vyšehrad view. (Photo by Jamey Sharp)Photo: View from Vyšehrad.Photo: The "designer" hotel we found in Trebon was decorated top to bottom with Ikea products.  We ended up in the giant man-eating tulip room, with an astroturf balcony.Photo: Man-made fish pond in Trebon, with a mysterious cabin.Photo: Schwarzenberg TombPhoto: Angel feathers in the afternoon light.