40 Photos - Aug 1, 2009
Photo: Kitty pile! (Photo copyright Lauryn McCroskey.)Photo: Poor kitty, he has an awful kitty cold. (Photo copyright Lauryn McCroskey.)Photo: This is Derek (formerly known as "Nilla").  We'll be taking him home once we close on our house. :)Photo: Kitty yoga!Photo: This is Eliza (formerly known as "Pepsi").  This is the other kitty we want to take home.Photo: Don't let that look fool you; she's quite cuddly.Photo: Photo: Bella, the gray kitty, likes to attack the other kitties.  She chewed on Derek's ears until he woke up.Photo: Derek is a playful cat, and still needs a little bit of socialization.  Jamey likes him because he's playful.  I like Eliza because she's cuddly.Photo: Eliza and Bella.Photo: Bella and Thor, the runt of the litter.Photo: Thor was malnourished and had an upper respiratory infection when Lauryn found him, so he's half the size of the other kittens.Photo: Thor hasn't quite learned how to eat dry cat food, so Lauryn is hand feeding him.Photo: Thor is the last kitty that needs to be adopted.  Do you want a little kitty with a big heart?Photo: Checking out the new cat tower.Photo: Cat butt!Photo: Crazy Derek.Photo: What's that noise downstairs?Photo: Get outta my cat tree!Photo: Derek, king of the cat tree.Photo: Snuggly kitties in the sunshine.Photo: Elisa, our book kitty.  We had to push all the books back so she wouldn't hide behind them.Photo: Elisa wanted to go home with Denise.Photo: Derek and Elisa went in to get “the big snip” done.  They were *not* happy with the collars to keep them from licking themselves.Photo: Derek thought Elisa was a different, bigger cat.  He spent the evening growling at her from a window ledge.  He was completely puffed up and looked so confused.Photo: Collars no more!Photo: Derek's eyes are looking much better now that he can clean them.Photo: Camera shy.Photo: ”Don't call my sister retarded!  I have claws for a reason, you know.“Photo: Kitty love.Photo: Mmm, delicious tail.Photo: Om nom nom tail!Photo: The kitties love our new furniture.Photo: Couch potato kitties.Photo: Kitty hug.Photo: Handyman sleeping on the job.Photo: Jamey loves his Elisa kitty.Photo: Moooom! Derek is pushing me out of bed!Photo: Kitty pile.Photo: Handfuls of cats.