8 Photos - Dec 5, 2011
Photo: Found these two Tibetan monks at the most unexpected place in Shimla, India ! I had that emotional moment where I thought India was so poor and these poor kids can't even afford a football . Apparently they don't need to, they were playing a completely different game with a rubber thing known as 'Chungi' which is a popular local play which these two ace at :)Photo: This is an HDRI that I experimented with, the shot looks so fresh as it rained continuously for two days and finally in the evening the Sun decided to show its face ...Photo: I was travelling to Shimla to participate in a photography contest at a college fest (St Bedes, an additional incentive to go there was it was an all girls college :D ). The topic given to me was lights and shadows and I was a little iffy because I had never experimented with those. I saw these two girls dancing and I was looking down just to brainstorm for some more ideas. I saw them dancing, and so were their shadows. I didn't miss the moment, and it fetched me the first prize.Photo: This was enroute to Chandrasila peak . As I was ascending up, the sun started to rise and I could see the Gangotri range shining under it . My obsession (or insecurity) for keeping the ISO at 100 always made it really hard to capture this , plus the zoom lens and the chilly winds  weren't making it any easy. But I managed to capture it after a few trials :)Photo: Found this perfect 'dating' spot in Uttarakhand , India . The place was spread situated in a lush green valley with tall trees (I guess they were pine but not sure) and Snow capped mountains overlooking it. The locals there also told me there was a small brook flowing near the place but I couldn't manage to see it but could definitely hear it as I was sleeping. Took this shot under a 70 sec exposure :)Photo: Another full moon night I observed in Himachal Pradesh. I had to hide the moon behind the trees as it was becoming too bright and it was quite distracting to show the movement of the clouds with the moon.Photo: Chandrashila Peak 4176 mts.Photo: The naga babas in the ancient times were said to be the protectors of the Hindus when each religion was trying to convert one another. Followers of Lord Shiva, they travel bare footed to the various 'dhams' and take rest over there as long as they place. And by rest I mean, smoke 'chillam' (a device to smoke hashish) and meditate under the name of Shiva. With no source of earning , they eat whatever they get as offering.