Photo: More often than not, I tend desaturate my skies purely because it's almost unrealistically painterly! The sun had gone down and I was waiting for the famed blue hour to set in. The waves were very beautiful and I wanted to show them in motion. There were a lot of photographers there that day as well. It was a sheer visual treat for all of us! :)
Photo: This shot was taken shortly after sunset, the  clouds were few and far and the sky was simply stunning. I watched the waves as they crashed onto the rocks and then turned into the waterfall that you see here. I observed the pattern and waited for the waves to do their thing.  I had stopped down all the way so, my shutter speed of 3 seconds was perfect for producing these silky lines of water. The longer exposure also helped capture the change in colour of the sky which by the way was changing real fast. :)
Sairam Sundaresan
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