34 Photos - Mar 8, 2015
Photo: Photo: Opening night supper at UNO...Nancy, Alice, Mary Sue, Jim and Duane.  Bob P not in photo.Photo: Photo: Nancy passing out the envelopes for the scavanger hunt....Video: Photo: Lynn's desert which she shared with 10 people!!!Photo: Photo: Video: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Video: Video: Our group enjoying breakfast.....Video: Photo: Video: Our Activities Chairperson Nancy did a LOT of work to make this fun event happen!!!  She is SO good at planning activities :).Photo: Community supper fixings....Photo: Photo: Setting out the stuff from the Scavenger Hunt....Photo: The Wagonmaster Duane looks at the camera....he had a successful weekend and did a great job, as usual :).Video: That baby screaming in the background only lasted ten to fifteen minuutes or so....not a problem!!Video: Video: Name a song from the 50's that fits the clue!!Photo: Photo: Sunday morning "Good Byes" with coffee and danish.... Time to hit the road!!Photo: Photo: Waiting for a table at Longhorn Steakhouse.  It was worth the wait!!Photo: Video: Helping Lynn with that delecious desert...cake and ice creme and something else very decadent :).Video: Video: Photo: