10 Photos - Sep 23, 2010
Photo: ABS master, from Mike's Makerbot - this is actually a half-scale print of drayde's Thingiverse propeller - http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3678Photo: Set up with wax sprues and ventsPhoto: In a bit of plastic pipePhoto: And filled with investmentPhoto: Copper and 10% tinPhoto: Burnout: 3 hours at 150C, 30 mins at 500C (this phase is smoky), 30 mins at 700C.Photo: This investment split due (I think) to waiting too long to begin burnout. And perhaps also due to pouring into a split plastic pipe, not a stainless steel flask. Amazingly, it did not hurt the castings.Photo: Two of the fins cast pretty well, two did not. I think the fins were printed slightly hollow and filled with investment. You can see the print texture under where the fin should be.Photo: And there's a void. Air bubble or flux inclusion ?Photo: Cleaned and lightly polished.