22 Photos - Jun 1, 2009
Photo: The pre-reception reception at Harvey's.Photo: the musical "entertainment" for the wedding.Photo: Second cousins, giving second looks.Photo: Anna and dad on the big day (note the Harvey's burger remains around her mouth are gone)Photo: Anna and Jay doing a vulcan mind-meld.Photo: Emily taking in the proceedings.Photo: Signing the registry, also known as "the point of no return".Photo: Emily catching a glance on one less John woman.Photo: The LaPlantes.Photo: Emily contemplating how long she'll have to wait to get rid of her last name too.Photo: Two babies, two cousins and a bride.Photo: The brother of the bride, and family.Photo: Starting as they mean to go on - FOOD FIGHT!Photo: Ferrero and Rocher, dancing in front of the cake.Photo: Dancing a jig, sibling style.Photo: Going west, with style.Photo: Photo: Lou and Andrew.Photo: Photo: The bridesmaids.Photo: Tearing a rug.Photo: