121 Photos - Jan 1, 2012
Photo: Photo: April 7: Farmers Market OrangesPhoto: April 18: PanelsPhoto: Photo: April 10: Etta May in the Dog BedPhoto: April 19: Back of my handPhoto: My Photo for January 2. I took this with my Diana F+ Adaptor for nikon and the close up lens. I am playing with my toy lens collectionPhoto: April 11: Thinking about itPhoto: April 21: Graffiti FishPhoto: January 3: Modern Job SearchPhoto: April 12: Stephen is SmilingPhoto: April 22: Cute DogPhoto: Old Friend: I am enjoying this project, but Google+ is really driving me mad. I cannot figure out how to upload to an existing album from my phone. I cannot move a photo from one album to another album. I need to take the project like it is a person. Google+ photos do not make sense to me.Photo: April 14: ThreadsPhoto: April 25: Outside the ApartmentPhoto: January 5: Job Fair Look

Part of the point of my photo a day project is to document my life. The job fair I went to today was the biggest thing in my life. I wore my best shirt.Photo: April 13: Solarized SelfPhoto: April 26: Gas Mask ArtPhoto: Photo: April 28: The recent work spacePhoto: Photo: April 29: Face itPhoto: January 8: Farmers Market Oranges

I went to the Irvington Farmers Market for the first time today. It was ok. I got some hummus, flowers, nuts, raisins, and some photos. Yes photos were on the top of my list. I think it is the seventh farmers market I have been to in the bay area.Photo: April 30: Mid Spring out WindowPhoto: January 9: Juanita NosePhoto: April 24: Fremont SlapperPhoto: hanging around San Jose todayPhoto: January 12: Frame WorkPhoto: January 13: Etta May on the CouchPhoto: January 14: My ShoePhoto: January 15: Who thought you would see this headline?Photo: Monday At TJ'sPhoto: January 17: Jerry via Holga Lens

I was showing off my Holga Lens to Jerry. He liked the concept of using the toy lens on the DSLRPhoto: January 18: Scared FacePhoto: If you have a dog, you always have a subject for a photoPhoto: January 20: Jacques-Yves CousteauPhoto: January 21: The Steam EnginePhoto: January 22: John Cerney Giant GirlPhoto: January 23: A Grey AfternoonPhoto: January 24: At the Library

The job search today moved to the Fremont Library for the afternoon. I needed to get out of the apartment.Photo: January 25: Dog Up ClosePhoto: January 26: Clouds TodayPhoto: January 27: Lunch with Dan

I told Dan that my photo a day a project is about documenting my life.Photo: January 28: Looking BackPhoto: January 29: The Ceramic OwlPhoto: My Darling Kate, I hope you had a good birthday today.Photo: January 31: ... and the kitchen sinkPhoto: January 1: Face of Mary

I was in Santa Clara for lunch today and I went by Our Lady of Peace. I had to stop after lunch and take a photo. I had my 55-200mm lens on me. It is the first time I had this lens there. It is a hunting statue.Photo: February 2: Etta MayPhoto: Little ToyPhoto: January 4: Ban the Cameras

There were guys protesting the red light camera at the intersection of Fremont Blvd and Mowry Ave. It was all a bunch older guys doing the protest.Photo: February 5: Carrot SeasonPhoto: February 6: Pitch InPhoto: February 7: The KitchenPhoto: February 8: On The MapPhoto: February 9: Coffee House ArtPhoto: February 10: Sky via Holga Lens

The sky was just amazing this morning while I was walking the dogs. It is just kinda grey now.Photo: February 11: Rainy Day

Today is one of those days that you just want to stay inside and under a blanket.Photo: February 12: Dog Ears

I was so happy I caught this moment today. Juanita can be so cute with her ears.Photo: February 13: At the Post Office

I saw the eagle at the post office and knew I could take a photo of it the next time I came back.Photo: February 14: For Kate

I got my sweet some sweets for St. Valentines Day.Photo: February 15: Facebook new HQ signPhoto: February 16: ListingPhoto: February 17: Western MotelPhoto: February 18: Juanita looking back

I love this photo. Juanita just sat there and let me take the picture.Photo: February 19: Devilish ToyotaPhoto: February 20: After the Dog is Washed

This was about an hour after we washed JuanitaPhoto: February 21: Early SpringPhoto: February 22: Big Wheel

I am not sure how long Wheel Works has been around. This is a pretty old looking sign.Photo: February 23: Tree Bark

This just caught my eye today.Photo: February 24: The PartridgePhoto: February 25: Up Close

Yep, I could not come up with any better ideas today.Photo: February 26: Etta May on the CouchPhoto: February 27: Morning FlowerPhoto: February 28: Fluffy Cloud

The sky was amazing today. It is supposed to rain tomorrow.Photo: February 29: The LibraryPhoto: March 1: New School ChucksPhoto: March 2: YZZUCANPhoto: March 3: Little DogPhoto: March 4: MercuryPhoto: March 5: On the CouchPhoto: March 6: FlowersPhoto: March 7: Trimmed Down

I am getting rid of the facial hair. Tomorrow I will be clean shavenPhoto: March 8: MemorialPhoto: March 9: All StarPhoto: March 10: Shut

This is the back side of the open sign at an art gallery in Santa CruzPhoto: March 11: Etta May

She was so cute on the couchPhoto: March 12: 5KittnsPhoto: March 13: Juanita in the E-CollarPhoto: March 15: Old backups

I have been digging through old photo back ups lately. You can see a bunch on my flickr accountPhoto: March 15: Waiting for Spring

I used my zoom lens on the tree outside my window.Photo: March 16: Mission San JosePhoto: March 17: Laptop Keyboard

I like the reflectionPhoto: March 18: Sad about the collarPhoto: March 20: The Union LabelPhoto: March 20: Hanging with JuanitaPhoto: March 21: Love of My LifePhoto: March 22: Kate's New Haircut

Kate is looking good with her new hair cut.Photo: March 23: My Favorite Hat

Baseball season is coming soonPhoto: March 24: Rain in SpringtimePhoto: March 25: Etta MayPhoto: March 26: Juanita in her BedPhoto: March 27: BeerPhoto: March 28: Beanie Under GlassPhoto: March 29: Peter is TiredPhoto: March 30: Life On TopPhoto: Photo: April 1: eReaderPhoto: April 3: My First Android Instagram PhotoPhoto: April 4: This Location OnlyPhoto: April 5: Barefoot Coffee displayPhoto: April 2: The KitchenPhoto: April 6: coffee makerPhoto: April 4: RugPhoto: April 9: Facebook buys HipsterPhoto: April 16: My third book of the YearPhoto: April 17: Wine in a bagPhoto: April 20: MV MermaidPhoto: April 23: palm mondayPhoto: May 1: The Story Of...Photo: April 27: Out of Coffee