226 Photos - Jan 3, 2011
Photo: Gateway to the stars
San Jose, CA. 2011.

All you need to know is that if we ever have another photowalk in San Jose City Hall, I'm going to try to get arrested.

Taken during the San Jose Photowalk with +Thomas Hawk and a group of the coolest photographers I know.

#SJPhoto2011Photo: Sept 11 Tiles in New York - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Places and ThingsPhoto: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Fuzzy Dreams - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Death Valley Dunes - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Conservatory of Flowers #3 - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: DramaqueenPhoto: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: The pinwheel - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Walking down The Haight this weekend, and I found this beauty parked on the street.

I know that there has to be some car buffs that can tell you way more about this car than I can, so I'll just hope that they hop on and give us the details.

"Buick 8"Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Once a spark, then fire - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Bark and Vine - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Conservatory of Flowers #2 - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Conservatory of Flowers #1 - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Dahlia at Golden Gate Park - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Yucatan Sunrise - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Portland Airport  -  © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Killing Me Softly  -  © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: I'm a day early for #FallFriday, or whatever the autumm theme is nowadays, but I could not resists posting evidence that the colors turn in California too.

Shot near my house two weekends ago.Photo: "El Caracol, Yucatan"

Last January my wife and I spent a wonderful week in the Yucatan, this shot is from our visit to Chichen-Itza, I was blown away by age of the site, the size of the architecture, the advanced science and astronomy of the civilization, and the fact that the site was abandoned before the spanish arrived.

El Caracol, also known as the observatory, the photograh was taken in the middle of the day (not the best time for photo taking), I was fortunate enough to get an interesting cloud on that day.Photo: "What about U"

Just for fun frame from the +Scott Kelby worldwide photowalk in San Francisco a few weeks ago, led by +Catherine Hall. It was fun doing even just part of that photowalk, got to meet some nice photographers like +Sam Breach, and +Eric James Leffler.Photo: On The Rocks -  © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: On The Rocks ala Creme -  © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: My entry for #CupCakeMonday curated by +Lotus Carroll and +Karen HuttonPhoto: "First Class or Coach?" or "Money to burn"

Air France to Paris at San Francisco International

Edit: better title thanks to +Tim Aldridge

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Over the rooftop - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Perfect Formation - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: "One way ticket"

Mons, Belgium. 2011

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Place de l'Opéra Paris, France. 2011.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Charles De Gaulle Paris Airport, Paris France. 2011.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Aguereberry Mining Camp, Death Valley. 2011.

The same weather front that deprived us of a sunset on sunday, yielded beauties like this one. We were walking back from one of the most fun shoots I've done with +Lotus Carroll , +Karen Hutton , and +Thomas Hawk of an abandoned old rusted out car. I took a few photos of this landscape, then remarked: "Sure wish there was some light on the buildings". Just as I had put the camera away the clouds parted over the buildings and we had light.

Ask and you shall receive.

#PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: "I didn't know how much I missed you, until you were gone."

The Racetrack, Death Valley, 2011.

#PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: "On the road again"

Death Valley, CA. 2011

The noteworthy thing about this image is that it was taken from the backseat through the windshield of +Thomas Hawk's rental SUV, while we were racing towards Scotty's (+Scott Jarvie) castle.

#DV2011 <-- Click to see other people's death valley posts
#DV2011_RicardoLagos <-- Click to see the rest of my death valley postsPhoto: Mesquite Flat Dunes, Death Valley, CA.

11:00pm Arrive in Las Vegas
04:45am Arrive at Phoenix Inn, rendezvous with other photogs
5:30 arrive at San Dunes, (begin hiking!)
07:21am Attempt to capture this beautiful place.


NOTE: Image was updated.Photo: Manly Beacon at Zabrisky Point. Death Valley, CA.

#DV2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Twilight

Lets change things up from the deluge of Death Valley photos. I'm inspired to do more landscapes, so after consulting with +Samir Osman, I ventured out to Fort Baker to shoot the Golden Gate.

For a first effort to shoot the bridge at night, not bad. -- I'll be out there again soon since I learned quite a few things on this first outing.

Enjoy.Photo: "Karen, Lotus and Thomas vs The Clouds"

You've seen the view from +Karen Hutton's camera (http://goo.gl/7JTk5) and also the view of what it was like to get this image (http://goo.gl/03kfd). So now enjoy the multi level meta.

A photo of a photog taking a photo of a photog taking a photo of two other photogs. Must we go deeper? (+Thomas Hawk, +Lotus Carroll)

This scene would replay itself at least one more time before we arrived at our next destination.

#DV2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Montmarte Cemetary. Paris, France - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Staircase at the oasis

It is something out of a dream. One moment you are in your mule caravan making your way through the unforgiving desert, the animals making their way up a tortured canyon, and then the castle comes into view. Lush gardens, a magnificent structure, pools of water, and comforts you had pushed down into the back of your mind long ago to keep sane.

That is Scotty's Castle. Death Valley, CA.

#DV2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: "Pushing up daisies"

I've tried to make this image a few times, a rolling field of daisies with a narrow focus band. This image almost gets there.

As a friend reminded me earlier this week: Live in the moment, because you never know when you'll be pushing up daisies. Those weren't her words, but you get what I mean. As a photographer to me, its a reminder to connect with the scene/people that I'm shooting.

Paris, France. 2011.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: The Racetrack Playa, Death Valley, CA.

Later on that that night, after it got dark, we walked out onto this same playa and walked for a long time looking for the grandstand. In this vast place its quite easy to misplace a few tons of rock.

My most memorable thing about this place was the silence; close your eyes and the only thing keeping you company was the wind.

#DV2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: "Honey, can you get the lights?"
USS Hornet, Alameda, CA. 2011.

I took this photo during my recent visit to the USS Hornet, in Alameda CA. The hornet has an apollo landing exhibit, and this panel was inside the mobile quarantine unit, used by astronauts returning to earth.

A few months ago this is not the sort of photo I would have made, but hanging out with photogs like +Thomas Hawk has made me consider that almost anything around me can become a photograph if you take the time to look.

Google+ is like never ending photo workshop for me.Photo: The Porch Swing

When we go back to Death Valley, I'm going to make a hit list of abandoned homesteads that we can go hunt for, they are sets waiting for you to shoot them.

There was some sort of hashtag for decay photos but I can't remember which day they were for.

#MonochromeMondayPhoto: At least you can still shoot a carnival
San Jose, CA. 2011.

My first share from the San Jose Photowalk with +Thomas Hawk and a large cast of really fun, and dear to my heart photowalkers.

As it happens alot in these massive social gatherings, we got separated from the main group. +Karen Hutton, +Joe Ercoli and myself, ended up having to fend for ourselves after we even managed to loose +Eric James Leffler at Gordon Biersche.

The highlight of our misadventure was finding this Christmas Carnival, and one of the coolest (ok -- the first) ferris wheel that I've shot.

If you have not tried a photowalk in your town yet, and are thinking about it, just do it!. They are a really fun social event, where you happen to take some pictures.

Oh, and about the title, well long story short, Security at city hall kicked us off the public courtyard because we had cameras.

#PlusPhotoExtractPhoto: You dont have to shout
San Jose, CA. 2011.

Street art captured during the recent San Jose photowalk. This is a section of a slightly larger mural that was split across two doors, you can see the seam of the doors down the middle.

I have done a search on google for the title of the piece, or the author, and came up with nothing. Anyone know something about this mural?

I was captivated by the deep blues.

#SJPhoto2011Photo: Welcome to the Mothership

This may not look like San Jose, but its where the San Jose photowalk started for me last thursday. +Thomas Hawk visited the Googleplex and did a talk about his photography prior to heading over to San Jose, and we spent about 2 hours walking around the google campus and shooting all sorts of areas.

This is building 41 on Main Campus, also known as The Mothership.

#SJPhoto2011Photo: All roads lead to Rome
SFO International, San Francisco, CA. 2011.

I've always been impressed by how different this terminal feels depending on wether you are leaving, or coming home. This time I was leaving, on my way to Paris.

This photo was inspired by +Thomas Hawk who has a very similar image from a different walkway at SFO.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: The collegiate church of Sainte-Waudru
Mons, Belgium. 2011.

Built between the 15th and 17th century, the Brabantine Gothic cathedral is one of the most impressive buildings in Mons.

Europe is a night photographers paradise, just about every important building has installed dramatic night lighting. I captured this scene during a late night stroll through Mons, the place was absolutely deserted, but they left the light on the main attraction so I could shoot it.

While shooting the church, I tried alot of different and dramatic angles, but in the end, I chose to post a more common scene because the building was already dramatic.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: The calm before the storm
Sausalito, CA. 2011.

This coming monday I'll be taking on the talented +Chrysta Rae on a 5-round, last-man(woman)standing, winner-take-all, battle-royale, #PhotographyDeatchmatch.

In case you have not heard of +Samir Osman and +Tamara Pruessner's project, its a tongue-in-cheek, fun-for-the-whole-family, photo fest, where two (or more) photographers are given a theme picked by the organizers and they have 6 days to create 5 images around that theme (You are not allowed to dip into your archive for the images). Its a for-fun event, no prizes are at stake, but from the buzz I've already heard coming from +Chrysta Rae's corner, I think we're going to have fun.

So next monday, me and +Chrysta Rae will be posting 5 images a piece on the theme "Nightscape".

And just like in boxing, when they have a meet-the-press event prior to the fight, and stand toe-to-toe, and nose-to-nose, here we are. I know that I've looked through +Chrysta Rae's gallery and I'm impressed, (and I know that she's looked through my gallery too).

So just to whet everyone's appetite, here is a scene a stumbled upon last sunday night. - oh, it was night wasn't it. hmm ..Photo: I'm moving forward, and leaving you behind
Paris, France. 2011.

Sometimes its hard to let the things we love be free.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: What if the gates are not pearly, but wood and iron instead?
Death Valley, CA. 2011.

My whole trip through this area was a bit of a haze and a dream, lack of sleep, and the excitement of shooting this place with a bunch of great photogs made it an experience to remember.

#DV2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Ho Ho Hum
San Francisco, CA. 2011.

You better watch out
You better not cry
Better not pout
I'm telling you why
Santa Claus is coming to town

Round #1 of the match between me, and +Chrysta Rae on Nightscapes. Sit back, enjoy, this is just the feeling out round. (You didn't think we would put up the best stuff first?) ..

#PhotographyDeathMatch (Curated by +Samir Osman and +Tamara Pruessner)
#PhotographyDeathMatch_CRvsRL <-- Click to follow our matchPhoto: Ladies night out!
San Francisco, CA. 2011.

Round 2 of the #PhotographyDeathMatch with the talented +Chrysta Rae on the theme Nightscape.

I've been waiting to shoot the painted ladies until the right moment, they are so iconic and have been photographed SO much, that i didn't just want to make another image of them. When i stepped out to go shooting this night i noticed how clear the sky was (as opposed to the frozen tundra +Chrysta Rae is stuck in), and thought I could capture something that you dont always get, an unobstructed view of downtown from alamo square.

No longer just feeling each other out, its time to get to work. I'm in for all 5 rounds and it looks like its going to be a glorious match. To really appreciate this image you have to see it in the lightbox (Click on it!)

A Recap of the event:

http://goo.gl/nL4vg by +Chrysta Rae
http://goo.gl/tExkt by +Ricardo Lagos

#PhotographyDeathMatch (Hosted by +Tamara Pruessner and +Samir Osman)
#PhotographyDeathMatch_CRvsRL (See all the match images)Photo: Officer, I always drive under the speed limit
San Francisco, CA. 2011.

Round 3 of the #PhotographyDeathMatch with the "bruiser" +Chrysta Rae on the theme Nightscape

+Chrysta Rae last punch was well placed, so I better start moving faster, or I may not make it out of this ring in one piece.

Lets add some energy to the match, time to go the distance and do quick jabs, short punches; its all about speed. "Float like a butterfly, Sting like a bee." -- (Keeps repeating mantra to self)...

Links to Round 2:
http://goo.gl/HP1Ur by +Chrysta Rae
http://goo.gl/lFzzZ by +Ricardo Lagos

#PhotographyDeathMatch (Hosted by +Tamara Pruessner and +Samir Osman )
#PhotographyDeathMatch_CRvsRL (See all the match images)Photo: You can fly!
San Francisco, CA. 2011.

Round 4 of the #PhotographyDeathMatch with the superb +Chrysta Rae on the theme Nightscape

The time to get a feel for each other's style is done, and we've seen three rounds of lighting fast action, now its the do or die moment of the match. If this photo doesn't get the job done, then I dont know what will.

Thanks to +Thomas Hawk for the info on how to get into this secret spot (not really that secret) in San Francisco. Suffice it to say that I kept on looking back over my shoulder to see if security was coming to escort me out. This shot has so many elements of the city that I love that its going to quickly make its way to my wall.

PS. turn your monitor to portrait mode. and make it as big as you can in the lightbox.

Action from Round 3:
http://goo.gl/pP37O by +Chrysta Rae 
http://goo.gl/SfnVz by +Ricardo Lagos 

#PhotographyDeathMatch (Hosted by +Tamara Pruessner and +Samir Osman)
#PhotographyDeathMatch_CRvsRL (See all the match images)Photo: And then there was darkness
San Francisco, CA. 2011.

Final Round (5) of the #PhotographyDeathMatch with the inspiring +Chrysta Rae on the theme Nightscape.

There was punches, kicks, some jabs, most landed squarely on the opponent, some might have been illegal, but that is all behind us now. All that is left is to let the dust settle and see who is still standing.

My last image is the view +Chrysta Rae got before she passed out and we had to call the match due to TKO.

I dont like to repeat my subjects close to each other, and since I posted a photo of the Golden Gate a few days ago, I was thankful to live in a city where we have two out of this world bridges to choose from. (I know #FirstWorldProblems)

Action from Round 4:
http://goo.gl/SFFYS by +Chrysta Rae 
http://goo.gl/jQipx by +Ricardo Lagos 

#PhotographyDeathMatch (Hosted by +Tamara Pruessner and +Samir Osman )
#PhotographyDeathMatch_CRvsRL (See all the match images)Photo: We can travel this road together
Death Valley, CA. 2011.

I was going to take a break from processing until the weekend, but I could not stay away. On our way to Agueberry mine camp, we traveled down this lonely road. +Thomas Hawk instinctively pulled over to the side of the road when he saw the light, everyone (+Karen Hutton, +Lotus Carroll) jumped out of the car and took up their positions.

I think it was +Karen Hutton (or maybe it was +Lotus Carroll) who previously posted a killer shot from this location. Here is what my point of view.

#DV2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: All gummed up
Seattle, WA. 2011.

Wandering through the streets in downtown Seattle, I followed a crowd of people to the bubble-gum wall. Next to that fairly disgusting work of art you can find some really neat graffiti. Some of which has received some of the bubblegum treatment.Photo: Afternoon sail
Death Valley, CA. 2011.

#DV2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Who do you love?
Paris, France. 2011.

In paris, there is a bridge where couples in love will bring a padlock, attach the lock to the bridge, and throw the key into the river Seine.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Thats not how I remember it
Seattle, WA. 2011.

I spent about a year living in Seattle, between 1999 and 2000. And I dont think I ever really stopped to consider how beautiful this city is. That year is a bit of a fog for me, I dont remember much. So glad that I've got a chance to re-acquaint myself with the Emerald City.Photo: Tunnel vision
San Jose, CA. 2011.

Sometimes you just know what you want.


Shot while resting with +Karen Hutton and +Joe Ercoli during the 2011 San Jose photowalk. -- Yeah, we were getting bored and began shooting the restaurant like it was something new.Photo: I found your heart in San Francisco
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

One of the coolest buildings in San Francisco, in my opinion, is the palace of Fine Arts. We visited the adjoining Exploratorium yesterday and on our way out I asked my wife if she would walk around the lake with me (so I could grab a few shots). This was the last frame I got that day, (while my very patient wife waited for me, she is a saint!).

If you left your heart in San Francisco, this is likely where its going to be found.

I've begun going through +Trey Ratcliff's video on HDR processing (and I'm loving it), so you're going to see more HDR on my stream, I'm putting a real effort to make good looking HDR. I welcome all comments (good and bad) about the quality so far.

Specs: 3 exposure HDR composition (-2, 0, +2). Merged in Photomatix, and retouched in Photoshop + Lightroom to bring shadows back into the image.Photo: 66 Chevelle
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

We ran into a few cool looking cars during a rather lengthy photowalk with +Girts Folkmanis yesterday. Starte walking by market and 5th, and finally finished when we reached Ghirardelly Square, going through Chinatown, and North Beach.

This beauty attracted quite a crowd once we started shooting it.

Loving my new 10-24mm Nikkon lens (got one used,but its new to me), its a cool perspective from all sorts of angles.

#MonochromeMondayPhoto: Voted off the island
San Francisco, CA. 2011.

This was one of the images that didn't make the cut in last months #PhotographyDeathMatch . You might remember that I posted a different version of this image, out of focus. The contest requires that you post only 5 images, so there are a few that had to get cut, I'll be posting them through the year.

Here is the version of this image that did make the cut: https://plus.google.com/102528718122061029071/posts/L1bWjNwpGfjPhoto: The Magazine Racks
Seattle Public Library, Seattle, WA. 2011.

The magazine section in the Seattle Public Library spiral book section. Pretty cool place to shoot.Photo: The Watering Hole
Paris, France. 2011.

My second day in Paris, and I met up with a co-worker, we did a whirlwind tour of paris in a day, and finally we needed some rest and got into a cab and asked him to take us to the latin quarter. Turns out the driver didn't understand english, and we spoke too little french. Finally I just said, "Drinks and Girls", and he nodded, and brought us here.

I guess with enough hand motions and some key words, you can always get your point across.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Way out in the weeds
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

We hastily put together plans to meet with +Joe Azure, +Chris Chabot and +Barry Blanchard at the Sutro Baths in San Francisco. The evening sun did not disappoint today. This was one of the last frames that I took tonight.

Just when you think that the show is over, the sky lights up with these delicious purples, blues, and oranges.Photo: New Found Crush
San Francisco, CA. 2011.

My first outing with a set of Lee GND filters (the holder arrived on friday!), I met +Barry Blanchard, +Joe Azure, and +Chris Chabot at Sutro baths last night. +Joe Azure gave me a crash course on how he uses his filters to balance the scene, and even though I made some rookie mistakes (like thinking i was using a 3 stop filter when I was really using a 1 stop filter), I still managed to get this image.

I think I have a new crush, sunsets, filters, and tripods. Good thing I live near the ocean.

Tech Spec: 5s @ f11 ISO 100 (16mm), 3 Exposure HDR in photomatix.Photo: Staring you down
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

I think I need to start carrying a pad an pencil when I go on a photowalk. At the time I took this picture, I remember thinking this was a pretty cool car, well, turns out that I dont remember what make/model it was, and since I'm not a car guy, its going to be up to you to tell me what I shot.

Kudos to the first person that correctly comments on the make/model and year range for this car. I know one thing, it was made in the USA.Photo: Location, Location, Location.
Glendale, CA. 2012.

During my short trip to Southern California, I visited a friend that moved to Glendale since the last time I visited him.

When he told me to park in the mall, walk out past the Cheesecake factory, towards the movie theathre and then turn right at the small hallway on the right side of the theatre, I thought he was playing a joke on me.

I've never really seen something like this before, and it feels, so L.A. (Well its glendale, not L.A. I guess). And what do I really know is L.A. since I haven't lived in since 1997.


The Americana is a mix use development, up-scale shopping, and residences, a bit of a trip. I can see the convenience, in not having to drive anywhere if you need to do some shopping, go to the movies, or grab a bite to eat.

#FriendFridayPhoto: LA's Walt Disney Concert Hall
Los Angeles, CA. 2012.

+Marc Evans and I spent a few hours at the Walt Disney Concert Hall a few nights ago, really awesome building with all sorts of hallways, and views to shoot from.Photo: I had no senses - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Give til it hurts
San Jose, CA. 2011.

So we've been telling you about the creepy christmas carnival in downtown San Jose. And "Time To Donate" gnome was a large part of what gave us the willies.

+Karen Hutton got a nice photo of this fellow too.

#sj2011 #sjphoto2011Photo: Nothing is ever really the same
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

I've shot this spot two times now, and gotten very different results. Thanks to +Joe Azure for sharing what he knows about Sutro baths. I think I'll make my way there this weekend and try again.Photo: Lost in my reality
Davenport, CA. 2012.

I learned an important lesson about giving yourself enough time to prepare to shoot. I took off from SF, too late, and arrived at Davenport about 30 minutes before sunset, leaving me no time to stop along the way to shoot the gorgeous California coast, or prepare my gear for shooting at Davenport.

You can't tell on the final image, but this was the dirtiest image I've ever taken, water spots, dust spots, you name it, this image had it. In the rush to get some images before the sun totally disappeared I didn't think to clean off my lens and filters.

Lesson learned.

#davenport2012Photo: Close your eyes - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Runway - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Things that go bump in the night
Spanish Fork, UT. 2012.

+Scott Jarvie led our intrepid band of photographers up to this lookout point through what can only be described as the quickest, steepest, sharpest, trail to the top of the hill. (He even scared himself).

We enjoyed a magnificent sunset punctuated with a perfect #bluehour .

On our way back we ran into +Nate Isaksen on the side of the road, his car had gone bump on the way up against something sharp and had to be abandoned at the top of the hill. This was just one of the few mishaps that was plaguing our band as the last day of the #jarviewalk was coming to a close. (You'll have to ask +Karen Hutton about her mishap back at the lake beach parking lot - we haven't heard back what the prognosis is for her 70-200mm, and I'm hoping its all A-OK)

Oh -- so this is my hand for #panopoker , this week's themere is bluehour, +Barry Blanchard, I give you lots fo blues, some purples, and threw in some orange to boot. Muck your hand now.

In case you are wondering that is the jarviemovil, and +Michael Bonocore's car.Photo: City Temple
Salt Lake City, UT. 2012.

When you visit Salt Lake City, dont miss Temple Square, one of the most beautiful temples I've seen.

Huge thanks go to +Jesse Stay who arranged for a group of the photowalkers to capture the sunset from the obeservation deck of the LDS administrative building.

#templesunset #ldsconf #latterdaysaints #citytemple #jarviewalk #utah #saltlakecity #ldsconference #lensbaby 

Tech notes: Tilt shift done in camera with Lensbaby composer.Photo: Starfleet Academy
Salt Lake City, UT. 2012.

Reverse view from +Karen Hutton's awesome shot of the library.

#jarviewalk #saltlakecity #libraryPhoto: She never let him forget, she had others waiting on the wings - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: The Gates
Utah, 2012.

On my first night of the jarviewalk, we headed to this LDS temple at the top of a development on the skirt of the mountains. Not quite sure about what the etiquette around a temple, we scurried around the gate and shot the building from afar, but eventually we wandered onto the grounds, and got other angles. It was a thursday night and a steady stream of people exited the temple the whole time we were there.

#jarviewalk #lds #latterdaysaints #temple #utahPhoto: Waiting, still waiting...
Lincoln Beach, UT. 2012.

Before we headed up to our lookout position to catch the sunset, the caravan of intrepid #jarviewalk photographers made a stop at Lincoln Beach.

I've gotten used to making sunset shots, and blue hour shots, because of their intense color, and uniqueness, they make interesting photos with less work, this one I had to think about more, and work more closely to get what I wanted.

#jarviewalk #utah #utahlake #lincolnbeachPhoto: Memory Lane
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

If these walls could speak, what would they say?

#sanfrancisco #thehaight #vicotrian #blackandwhitephotography #bwfineartlePhoto: Corner Store - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: The Ant Farm - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Time flies - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Loosing sight
Salt Lake City, UT. 2012.

Experimenting with a lensbaby while on the #jarviewalk on downtown SLC.

#lensbabyPhoto: We'll allways have Paris - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: The Jag - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Salt and Pepper
San Francisco, CA. 2012.Photo: One of those days - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: City of Lights - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Cathedral of the Madeleine - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Spin Cycle - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: And one day, the sun won't rise - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: First Impressions - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: To infinity and beyond! - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Happy 75th - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: You pull me in
Portland, OR. 2012.

I love figuring things out, and learning on the field. I brought the Lee 10-stop with me on the #lilwalkpdx  photowalk and got the chance to make an 82 second exposure in the middle of the day. Getting the right exposure time is still trial and error, but I am going to keep on trying.

One more thing, I am still processing how incredible this weekend went, Lil Galleries opened and +Karen Hutton's vision is an intimate experience between 2 or 4 people with photography and sound. -- more on that soon, but if you want to check it out now, go to:

http://lilgalleries.com/Photo: Surrounded
Utah. 2012.

Not only were we surrounded by shadows and darkness which would soon overtake the setting sun, but I was also surrounded by friends. On the last night of our #jarviewalk  we perched atop this hill, and watched the sun go down.

(+Scott Jarvie, +Lotus Carroll, +Karen Hutton, +Michael Bonocore, +roma g, +Natalia Stone, +Heather Garcia were in attendance)


#utah   #sunset  Photo: Stovepipe Wells
Death Valley, CA. 2011.

Sitting at my desk, daydreaming of the next time I'll get to visit this magical place.  My calendar has some weekend at the end of the year marked off for DV2012.

#dv2011   #deathvalley  Photo: She kept on repeating herself
Seattle, WA. 2011.

Sometimes the finish line is so close, that you can almost touch it, but there is still one last hill, one last hurdle. It's a moment that is charged with energy.

GoogleIO is almost here, and I am both excited for what it is going to bring. And relieved that the long days are going to stop, and we will all get to go on vacation.

Photo: The roof at the Seattle Library.

#seattle   #blackandwhite   #patterns   #architecture  Photo: Things had changed
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

Thanks to +Vincent Mo, +Ivan Makarov, and +Dave Powell from +ShootTokyo for organizing and leading yesterday's photowalk in San Francisco. I got a chance to meet some new faces, and enjoy the company of old friends. Although my focus was on being social, I still managed to take about 150 frames.

Most of the images I got were of people (photowalkers), I also took a second to smell the flowers. This is an experiment with +onOne Software, and final retouching in Lightroom.

#ShootTokyoSF   #textured   #flowers  Photo: The Mistress
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

+Dave Powell, +Vincent Mo, and +Ivan Makarov led a photowalk through San Francisco's financial district and into Chinatown. In between the fried rice and chow mein (very popular at my table during dinner), it was +Dave Powell's cameras that got all the attention.

I'll admit to having zero knowledge about cameras outside of the one I'm shooting with, but a quick #Google  search educated me on how rare this gem is.

#shoottokyosf   #leica   #leicam6j  Photo: The road we traveled
Death Valley, CA. 2011.

Rather than dig up my first post, I'd like to re-live that first photowalk that was a game-changer for me.

On a whim I took up Thomas Hawk's invitation to come up to Death Valley while we were in a hangout, called the Atomic Inn and got one of their luxury suites. (Because thats how I roll).

On this morning, I'd flown into Vegas around 10 pm the night before, played poker until about 2 AM, and then got in my rental car and drove straight for the rendezvous point, arriving just in time to catch the caravan heading out to the Dunes.

With no sleep I grabbed my gear and headed straight into the Dunes, until I finally found Lotus, Sly, Thomas, and Scott. -- Along with all the other wonderful photographers I met that weekend; that trip was a game-changer for my life on Google Plus.

#dv2011  Photo: The Capitol
Salt Lake City, UT. 2012.

As the sun went down, a small group of photographers was fortunate enough to be invited up to the sky deck of one of the office buildings for the LDS church, the views from this building were breathtaking.

This image was processed in +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom first and then brought into +onOne Software's FocalPoint where i used their planar mask bug to keep the building in focus while blurring the foreground and background. Using the brush I then extended the mask to include the upper sections of the buildings.  Voila.

#jarviewalk   #templesunset   #utah   #slc   #saltlakecity  Photo: Maybe we should ask for directions?
Portland, OR. 2012.

I'm still settling into my vacation that started yesterday, not quite sure what to make of it, its been several years since I've had two weeks off.

#lilwalkpdx  Photo: Miwok Roundhouse
Amador, CA. 2012.

A restored and still-in-use Miwok ceremonial roundhouse at Indian Grind Rock State Historical Park in Amador County, California.

+Karen Hutton and I had spent the day in gold country, near the town of Volcano, looking for shooting opportunities, and towards the end of the day we visited Indian Grind Rock State Park, we had the park basically to ourselves minus a few campers in the overnight area, and when we found the ceremonial roundhouse, we knew we'd finally found photographic gold.

For more info about the Miwok: http://www.sierrafoothillmagazine.com/natives.html

The park has some reconstructed Miwok structures, and a museum that was closed by the time we arrived, more info at the California state park website: http://www.parks.ca.gov/?page_id=553Photo: Es que es lindo El Salvador!
La Costa Del Sol, El Salvador. 2012.

There are several things I must do every single time I visit El Salvador, spending a few nights somewhere along the coast is one of them. The last few visits have been to "La Costa Del Sol", it has everything I need, including that heat that makes you just want to crawl onto your hamaca and spend all day rocking back and forth.

#elsalvador   #lacostadelsol   #panopoker 

Panopoker, hosted by +Mike Spinak and +Barry Blanchard this week is reflections/shadows -- here ya go.. some shadows.Photo: The number 4 and 3
Googleplex, CA. 2012.

Building 43 at the Googleplex. Home to the X-prize rocketship, the google-maps wraparound station, and the jumbo Nexus phone with working touch screen.

I'm super excited today since my new tablet should be delivered today. +ASUS infinity, today its one of the leading android tablets in the market (but we know that sort of thing doesn't last). Finally, this year the android tablet market found its footing.

#googleplex   #lifeatgoogle  +Life at Google Photo: San Francisco Summer
San Francisco, CA. 2012

A little artistic license was used in the title, but not that much, in fact winter in San Francisco, is often warmer than the summer. I had intended to get up and shoot the blue hour at sunrise at the Palace of Fine Arts. But in good fashion I snoozed the alarm and missed the blue hour by about 15 minutes. (Btw, the blue hour doesn't really last an hour!)

This was my consolation prize.

I'm looking forward to shooting this place a few more times this year.Photo: Follow the yellow bricked road
San Francisco, CA. 2011.

This is one of the secret spots in San Francisco described in +Trey Ratcliff's awesome app "Stuck On Earth". A gorgeous place to shoot Coit Tower and North Beach from at night, and virtually undisturbed by security.

Thanks to +Thomas Hawk for giving up this gem.Photo: The one who almost got away
Paris, France. 2011.

I really wanted to make this image, i've seen it a few times, the Eiffel tower reflected in a pool of rain water. Time was running out quick, and I was not finding a pool of water large enough to get the job done.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Wait a minute
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

The fourth and final image from the recent sunset shoot with +Barry Blanchard, +Chris Chabot, and +Joe Azure. I love that a few minutes makes such a big difference in the outcome. This shot was taken pretty much at the end of the session while we were still at the rocks.

Link to my other image made from this same spot, slightly different composition, and very different light conditions. http://goo.gl/dIUqY (Just a few minutes difference)Photo: Out with the old, In with the new
Seattle, WA. 2012.

I shot fireworks for the first time this last new year, it was a big learning experience for me. Here is the one image that I think worked. I also posted another one straight out of the camera on Jan 1st, I like this one better.

Looking forward to 4th of july.Photo: Stacked up
Seattle, WA. 2011.Photo: Turning over a new leaf
Death Valley, CA. 2011.

Sometimes the its really hard to do that. I am a creature of habit and comfort.

#DV2011 #DV2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Getting the run around
Mons, Belgium. 2011.

The entire week we spent in Mons, there was a carnival in the center of town.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Ride it out
Los Angeles, CA. 2012

During a recent visit to Southern CA. I got a chance to shoot the outside of the Walt Disney Concert Hall in downtown Los Angeles with +Marc Evans. If you are visiting Los Angeles, and love interesting architecture, I highly recommend giving this place a visit.

#saturdaynightlight curated by +Dirk Heindoerfer (i'm a bit early, but i promised i'd post something under this theme)Photo: El Caracol
Paris, France. 2011.

I showed up at the Arc de Triumphe, and to my delight, it was free admission day. (May have had something to do with the fact it was also veterans day). The stairs in between the massive legs of the arch go quite a ways, I could hear my heart thumping as I tried to steady myself to take this shot.

Handheld 17mm 1/6 sec f/4.0 @ 3200 ISO

Lesson learned, don't be afraid to crank up the ISO when you need to, and practice how to take a photo in between breaths and hertbeats (nod to +Barry Blanchard)

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Sugar and Spice
Death Valley, CA. 2011.

Just getting around to some of the shots from the sunrise at Zabrisky Point.

#DV2011 #DV2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Night Flora
San Jose, CA. 2011.

#sjphoto2011 #sj2011Photo: Sunset at The Conservatory
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

I hope to photograph this building a few more times at sunset and sunrise this year, its so close to my house, that it would be a shame not to.Photo: Dock and Bridge
San Francisco, CA. 2012

This was an image that didn't make the cut for the #photographydeathmatch back in December.Photo: Alley Cats
Paris, France. 2011.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Her path was not always straight
Death Valley, CA. 2011.

The playa was crawling with photographers, we had been shooting now for over an hour, and the time was now here. The sun set behind the mountaints, and then began to light up the sky with colors of yellow, and orange, and purple. Within minutes the entire sky would take on a hue of red too.

That day, nature that rewarded us with a show that none would forget, and all would hope to capture.

#DV2011 #DV2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Corner Store
Mons, Belgium. 2011.

I spent 5 days in Mons, back in november of 2011. One night I walked pretty late into the night around the whole center of town.

#Paris2011_RicardoLagosPhoto: Blue Hour
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

Yesterday's sunset at Sutro Baths was a little underwhelming, so I waited until everyone else left, knowing that the blue hour would eventually come and hoping that it bring with it some gifts. (and it did!).

Just minutes before I took this picture there was about 15 people standing around this pool, lucky for me they thought the sunset was over.

#plusphotoextractPhoto: Things will look up
Seattle, WA. 2011.

Graffiti near the bubble gum wall in Seattle.Photo: Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star...
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

After you've packed all your gear up, collapsed the tripod, and begun your hike back to your car, don't be afraid to look back, and realize that you need to take out all your stuff to get one more shot.

It was so dark, that I had no idea if the horizon was straight, or wether i had the subject in focus. Just prayed and shot.Photo: Just get me rolling - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: R970
Seattle, WA. 2011.Photo: Miwok Sunset
Amador, CA. 2012.

As the sun sets behind the Miwok Roundhouse, +Karen Hutton and I rushed to catch the sunburst behind the wooden structure.

Believe it or not the sunburst and lens flare was 100% captured in camera.

That evening was so perfect, a whole day running around Volcano, CA with my bud, trying to find old, abandoned, and rusted stuff to shoot. -- Luckily we decided to shoot sunset at the Miwok Roundhouse.

Processing wise, this is an experiment, HDR blending was done in Photoshop, followed with effects from +onOne Software, and final adjustments in +Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.Photo: Sunflower
Winters, CA. 2012.

Taken during an impromptu photowalk of Winters, CA. with my friend +Jeff Westbrook. Cool little town, if you stop by, check out the Putah Creek Cafe, and some of the other restaurants on that strip.

I guess if i'd planned my photo posts better i could have made this #floralfriday  (+FloralFriday) curated by the lovely +Tamara Pruessner .

Another image that was processed in +onOne Software perfect suite 6. This time I started with a single exposure, and after initial color correction in Lightroom, applied several layers in Perfect Suite to texture, and darken the background, while making the sunflower pop.Photo: Sometimes you Zigg when you should Zag - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Afternoon Showers
Portland, OR. 2012.

My first black and white HDR.

From the Lil Gallery photowalk with +Brian Matiash and +Karen Hutton and many others.

Been away for a while, had a really fun week, two separate company offsites in the sun, but now ready to get back to work.Photo: Follow the yellow bricked road
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

Believe it or not, this shot was Plan C last night. Plan A and plan B had to be scrapped due to the low hanging fog over the city last night, so +Brian Matiash and I ended up over by this beauty.

Good morning everyone, I hope this image gets your day started the right way. Its friday afterall, TGIF.

#sanfrancisco   #baybridge   #fog   #liquidgold   #breakfastclub  Photo: Coit with Fog
San Francisco, CA. 2011.

No matter whether you come to San Francisco in summer, winter, or fall, you are likely to be treated to an evening of fog.

I kind of like it that way.Photo: Steel Bridge
Portland, OR. 2012.

During a photowalk in Portland a few months back, we were fortunate enough to get an afternoon shower. 15 second exposure done with the aid of my 10-stop Lee big stopper.

I was surprised to find that the group had moved on by the time I finished this shot, and I almost missed the group photo.Photo: Al Norte
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

I and many others have letters just like that one.Photo: Palm Sunday
La Costa Del Sol, El Salvador. 2012.

If I could click my heels together three times and be transported home, it would probably be this place.Photo: And then she was gone...
Grand Teton National Park, WY. 2012.

I headed out to Jenny Lake that evening, even though there was not a cloud in the sky. I didn't care, I had to see it for myself.

I found a nice little beach just in time, and jostled for some space for my tripod amongst the other photographers and sunset watchers.Photo: Hollywood Lights
Grand Teton National Park, WY. 2012.

Racing to catch the sunset at Grand Teton National Park.Photo: You shine amongst the stars
Paris, France. 2011.

Recently my grandmothers health has begun to deteriorate, its not unexpected, she's 95 after-all and has had a long and rich life; but still I find myself having a real hard time processing the sadness that I feel.

#paris  Photo: Tall, Taller, Tallest
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

Had a wonderful time walking with friends (old, and new) last night. This is the part when I would thank specific people for making last night memorable, but there was just too many, so rather than leave anyone out, I'll just thank everyone!

Here is one of my favorite images that I got from last night, and there are a few, so stay tuned as I get to post most of them in the next few days. The transamerica building as seen from north beach.

Want to see more photos from this event? check them out at https://plus.google.com/events/c2jf6psk3r399lb5vi55gdooti4Photo: Waiting for a train that may never come
California, 2012.

I'm modifying my HDR workflow to use Photoshop to do the initial HDR merge, really enjoying the results that turn out to be more natural than using Photomatix.

Shot during a mosquito infested, heated, jaunt to central california with +Thomas Hawk, +Julia Peterson, +Amy Heiden, +Michael Bonocore, +Brian Matiash, and +Jonathan Goody. -- Good times indeed.

#sunset   #hdr  Photo: First Timer
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

Shot during my first time out with my Lee Big Stopper, and the first time I'd met +Brian Matiash and +Nicole S. Young during the Google+ photo conference.

#blackandwhitephotography   #longexposurephotography  Photo: The Paris of the West
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

It was a lot harder than you'd imagine to get this shot. -- This little street (and the one behind me) turns out to be a rather busily traveled road, and I had a heck of a time finding enough time when no cars were going through to setup and take this long exposure.

I was thinking the other day how fortunate I am to live in San Francisco, its such a beautiful city.

#mytowntuesday   #sanfrancisco  Photo: Time Flies
Paris, France. 2011.

Was it really a year ago that I took this image?  Time is flying by, and I wonder if I am making the most of my time on this earth?

#paris2011ricardolagos   #paris  Photo: Reach for the sky
California, 2012.

I just came back from a trip to UCLA, i've rarely visited since i graduated in 1997.

Not sure if its a sign that I'm getting old, but some parts of my life have now come into full focus, and I am so grateful for the good fortune I've enjoyed.Photo: Temple Sunset - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: World Champs
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

So not only is this place one of the most beautiful cities to live in, but now we won the world series. Not bad San Francisco, not bad.

Now if I could just figure out who to vote for for District 5 board of supervisors.

#sfgiants   #giants  Photo: We'll be together forever - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: We're going around in circles
San Jose, CA. 2011.

Christmas is almost here, +Karen Hutton, we should hit this fair again.

Whats on your Chrismas list? -- and is it ok to talk about Christmas before Thanksgiving?Photo: At-At at Mare Island
Mare Island, CA. 2012.

Had a terrific time last night as we walked through Mare Island with a lot of friends.  Happy Birthday +Swee Oh, thanks for organizing +Doug Kaye.

This was probably my best shot of the evening -- I wandered off onto some barges that were tied off together, and put the big-stopper to good use.

172 sec exposure @ sunset.

#sunset   #longexposure   #NightMareIsland  Photo: The Island
Mare Island, CA. 2012.

As the sun went down we made our way to the end of the island, passing row after row of old out-of-use buildings.

#monochromemonday  Photo: Mothballed
Mare Island, CA. 2012.

The mothballed dry docks of Mare Island, it felt like the set for a zombie apocalypse movie.  Very few people around, and building after building boarded up.Photo: No rest for the wicked
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Growing up this was one of my favorite holidays, because I got spend it with my friends at their house. My family migrated to the USA when I was 11, and since there is no Thanksgiving holiday in El Salvador, we just didn't celebrate it. I love all the food, and tradition of the holiday.

Wishing you a happy turkey day.

I believe one of the photographers in this photo is +Tim Gupta, but I can't be sure since I did not introduce myself.Photo: Sometimes, I am the early bird
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

From the top of slacker hill, battling through some pretty gusty winds and cold temperatures. I think I could live in the city all my life and not run out of ways to shoot this scene.

Time for a cup of coffee, loving all the time off during these holidays, hope you are having as good a time as me.

#breakfastclub   #goldengatebridge  Photo: Good Intentions
Davenport, CA. 2012.

There are some decisions, that I really enjoy making. The next few months feel like they are going to be like that, the possibility of moving to a different part of the city is becoming very real, along with a new chapter for the house we live in.

The hardest thing is waiting for things to unfold. At least the holidays are here, bring on the egg-nog.Photo: First Impressions
Boston, MA. 2012.

My first time in Boston, and we're staying across the street from Trinity church, and since +Brian Matiash told me shoot it, well, here it is.

In town to accompany my wonderful wife as she completes a chapter in her journey through ministry. -- But my agenda also involves seeing what images I can capture. -- Please suggest places to shoot (with links to map locations if possible), hopefully close to where I am at already.

Finally, 100% of the processing on this image, was done on my Android tablet, let me know if its pleasing. -- RAW conversion done in-tablet, and then some minor stylization.

#trinitychurch   #boston   #androidprocessingPhoto: Same as it ever was
Davenport, CA. 2012.

+Amy Moses-Lagos and I are wrapping up a great weekend in Boston, the business we had to take care of went really well, we capped off the weekend with a celebratory dinner at L'Espalier, which was a fine meal, we had the 5 course meal, but the portions are so large, that it felt more like 9 courses.

All weekend long we've been using an Android LG G2-X as our internet hotspot from the hotel, we've had several devices connected at the same time, streamed Netflix, while at the same time still receiving and making phone calls, and it performed flawlessly. We consumed about 3.5Gb of bandwidth in 2 days (thats alot of streamed episodes of +The Walking Dead). The phone is HSPA+, and there was no issues with the speeds we got on any of the connected devices, so for the people who are poopooing the Nexus 4 for only being on HSPA+, bleh, you won't even notice it in a city that has good HSPA+.

Good times, but glad to be heading home soon, there are two furry little creatures waiting for us at home.

BTW - 2 thumbs up for the HDMI out on the android transformer tablet, and the HDMI inputs that are part of our hotel room (part of the desk), streaming +Netflix to your device and then putting it on the nice large screen in your room is the way to go. -- who needs to pay for hotel wifi, or hotel movies anymore! .. Photo: Closing Credits
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

Sutro Baths, tonight after the sunset was over. Even though it was a monday there was significant traffic throughout the ruins of this old bath house, I think it was a photo class from one of the local colleges.

#bluehour  Photo: Awkward Silence
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

Still learning how to use the Lee 10-stop filter, and finding that the really good stuff is in the very long exposure images. This shot was made in a eight+ minute exposure towards the tail end of the sunset.

The sunset this day was high and early, there was a dense fog layed offshore that made the sun disappear with a whimper, a single cloud moved towards shore until the rest of the light disappeared, and thats what I focused on.

One benefit from long exposures was its ability to do crowd control, the people on the right side of the image had been walking across the front of the image the whole time, but the only ones that came out in the image where the ones that stood still for a few minutes.

#longexposure  Photo: They dont make them like they used to
Mons, Belgium. 2011.

So many awesome entrances, archways, and doors to photograph while in Mons. Finally getting around to finishing up some of these images.

Final processing done in a slightly different manner than my usual style, so tell me what you think. -- I used alot of different tool to get the final result, Photoshop, OneOne Perfect Effects, and Lightroom.

#hdr   #belgium   #paris2012  Photo: First Snow
Boston, MA. 2012.

My attempt at a classic scene.

On our trip out to Boston we were treated to the first snow of the year. - I wish I had more chances to make this image again, you always learn so much the first time you shoot somewhere, and I was surprised to learn what settings looked best for this scene -- just wish I had more cracks at it.

Some info about processing, started in LR for minor lens correction, then onto Silver Efex Pro for b/w conversion, then into Photoshop to remove some elements that did not belong (a road cone on the left side), and finally into OnOne perfect effects for sharpening.

Final cropping in LR after all processing was complete.Photo: Throw away the key
Paris, FR. 2011.

The holidays are here for me, but they snuck on me. Our gift buying is in total disarray and we may throw in the towel and get a gift cards for everyone this year. How do working couples with kids make it all work? My wife and I both work, we have no kids, and we still dont quite get all the things done that we want to do.

At any rate, Happy holiday wishes to everyone, this week was a good one at work, and I hope the next few ones have less excitement.

About this image: Lightroom adjustments, plus a few layered effects in +onOne Software perfect effects, the image originally was taken with a shallow depth of field, but I still put it through OnOne's focal point to clean up some of the artifacts that happened due to the sloppy processing I did on it. -- In case you haven't been following, I'm loving OnOne's software, makes creating images a snap.Photo: Slice of Pecan Pie
Rodeo Beach, CA. 2012.

I recently had a heavenly slice of pecan pie, and this photo reminded me of that, the composition is rather basic at Rodeo Beach, some offshore rocks and the sun that sets behind them, and you dont think this is the place where you'd come back to again, and again. But once you've had a taste of it, you know you're going to have to eat the whole thing. (Or in this case, visit this place again and again).

This was the sunset earlier today, 12/29, almost the last one for 2012. Met up with +Joe Azure and +Michael Bonocore.Photo: Golden Panoramic
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

+Michael Bonocore was raving about the panoramic images he's been making, and on our way from Baker Beach we were diverted to the road that goes by the Golden Gate Bridge overlook, we quickly decided to wait for a parking spot and get a panoramic of the bridge as a way to wrap up that evenings shoot.

We waited patiently for the throngs of tourists that were posing in front of the bridge, using flash and cellphones to capture their moment, and after about half an hour finally got our chance to make this image.

This is a four frame pano, stitched together in photoshop, and then adjusted in Lightroom (very minor adjustments), some detail was then extracted in OnOne pefect effects. (35mm f2 @ f8, ISO 200, 13 sec) -- These shots may be addictive, the 35mm f2 is one of my favorite lenses (right behind the 80-200 f2.8), its a sharper lens than the 10-24mm, i'm probably going to start using it more to make landscape panos.

The final image turned out to be about 50 megapixels, and i've uploaded it to Gigapan's site so you can check it out.

http://gigapan.com/gigapans/120635Photo: N.A.S
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

Not Another Sunset. -- Well this one was different than yesterdays, it was cloudless.

I wish my vacation time never came to an end, today I rushed out to meet +Scott Jarvie, +Chris Chabot, +Erica Joy, and +Lisa Donchak at Sutro Baths, and got a composition that I had not made yet. The sunset was cloudless, so this was the only shot I really liked for the day. I think it was a good end of to this day.

Just one more day left in 2012. Make it a good one.

About this photo -- I'd started with a straight forward adjust in Lightroom, but then I think I must have got bored because i put it trough +onOne Software perfect effects and layered on about 5 different filters -- final result was then cleaned up in Lightroom, and posted.Photo: In with the new
San Francisco, CA. 2013.

There is something so very magical about fireworks as we break into a new year. To me it is a celebration of the triumph of the human spirit, and our will to look at the future with hope.

Happy New Year G+

#sanfrancisco   #newyear2013  Photo: Our best laid plans - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Ménage à trois
San Francisco, CA. 2013.

I'm up, and 2013 is looking really good so far. My third post from last nights fireworks shoot, I am surprised how well last night's shoot went; and I'm giving myself license to post firework shots all day today. Its about the only day that you can go a bit overboard with a single theme.

What was your new years celebration like?  --  I'm really curious to see what +roma g +Natalia Stone and +Michael Bonocore ended up doing after they passed on getting cold, and standing with the throngs of people at Treasure Island.

#sanfrancisco   #fireworks   #newyearseve  Photo: Palm trees by the Bay
San Francisco, CA. 2013.

The last of my new years celebration fireworks frames. I had resisted coming out to Treasure Island to shoot the SF skyline in the last year and a half since i picked up a camera again, and I'm glad that I finally made it here on this occasion.

#sanfrancisco   #fireworks   #newyear2013  Photo: Fade to black
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

Anyone remember that song from Metallica. --  Yup, its playing in my head right now.

Image from a recent shoot at Sutro with +Chris Chabot, +Scott Jarvie, +Lisa Donchak, and +Erica Joy.

Back to work now....Photo: Rain or Shine
Seattle, WA. 2012.

Day after christmas, we were driving around seattle, looking for a park to take a walk in, the usual Seattle drizzle and cloudy skies were doing their thing, and that made me excited.

Saw this pier from the car before we drove past its parking lot, and I had to stop and try to capture it. The drizzle was not letting up, and I had to find a way to keep most of the moisture from hitting the lens as I waited for the long exposure to do its thing.

Looking forward to the LE photowalks this weekend.

#longexposurethursday   #longexposure   #seattle  Photo: There is gold in them thar hills
Las Vegas, NV. 2013.

The view that greeted us as we started the drive from Las Vegas to Death Valley. When we made the turn onto this stretch of road, we did what any photographer would have done, pulled over to the side of the highway, and shoot.

At the moment I didn't think that I had captured the moment, but I'd done my best to do it. -- I was pleasantly surprised when I finally was able to look at the photos at home.

#dvonewaytrip13Photo: Throw the kids in the wagon, we're going on a road trip
Death Valley, CA. 2013.

I have memories of being cooped in up a car and driving for a real long time on family vacations, my favorite one is the time that we drove through Big Sur and had no reservations in the middle of high-camping season, so finally my dad, exhausted pulled into the only camp-site he could find and we slept in the car (oh, we also had no camping equipment with us). I was stretched across the back seat footwell, and to this day I remember how painful it was to lay across the middle bump of the car.

Road trips are fun that way.


Photo taken last week as we careened through the desert from one shoot location to another in Death Valley, one thing that you must like to do if you visit this place, is drive. The place is HUGE, and it takes hours to get from one spot to another. (And in case you are curious, yes we did drive the car down the middle of the road to get this shot, we were too lazy to stop the car to take the picture)Photo: Lemon Merengue
Death Valley, CA. 2011.

Just to mix things up, here is a shot that I took on my first photo trip to Death Valley. I think i was standing next to +Lotus Carroll, well after sunrise and I said..

"Look a the tops, they look like  lemon merengue, I wonder if I can capture that."

Then Lotus rolled down the dune.Photo: The King is coming - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: The King is coming
Death Valley, CA. 2013.

By the time I made this panorama, we were no longer alone at Zabrisky Point. The whole point was full of photographers, their backpacks, and of course their tripods.

This was the moment of anticipation, the countdown until the sun began lighting up the background mountains, and eventually Manly Beacon, and finally the hills all around us.

It reminded me of waking on El Capitan in Yosemite, and waiting in my sleeping bag, watching the sun crash onto the rock above me, and begin to creep down towards my camp, and finally down to the valley, that was the moment when my friend Nick would yell: "Here comes the Kiiiinnnngggg!!".

To get the full effect of this shot, click this link and view the full 60 megapixel pano at gigapan.


This panorama was created by stitching together 5 exposures from my D7000 using photoshop, then adjusted in lighroom, kind of crazy to think that pretty soon this might just be a single exposure from a DSLR. (Nikon D800 is 36, so its just a hop, skip, and a jump to 60)Photo: Untitled
Death Valley, CA. 2013.

I'm a little tired this morning, someone (+Lotus Carroll) said it was pie day yesterday, and so I bought 1/2 an apple berry pie on my way home from Whole Foods.  And I consumed 2/3rds of it last night. I think thats what kept me up until 3 am watching "The Taste". (I'm a big +Anthony Bourdain fan).

So today I'm a little tired, and couldn't even come up with a title for this little beauty.

#dvonewaytrip13Photo: #14
Suchitoto, El Salvador. 2012.Photo: I'm stuck on you
San Francisco, CA. 2013.

This is not the same image I posted a few days ago again, its the same bridge but this time shot in a single frame wit the 10-24mm.  The image is nice,but I'm not preferring making these sort of landscape shots with stitched portrait frames with fast prime lenses, its just sharper.

Anyways, you can compare and make up your own mind (the other shot: http://goo.gl/X3aDK

Life is happening at internet speed nowadays, one work day is blurring into the next, Google gets like this as we get near the Google IO (about 14 weeks aways now) -- Really excited to be working on software that now millions of people use.Photo: Me Time
Death Valley, CA. 2012.

I love this photo, not because of what it is, but what it reminds me of. We had been shooting as a group for a few days, and now were walking towards a salt basin were +Brian Matiash had spotted some water. I saw this little branch and the mountains behind it, and decided to have a seat on the desert floor and just take my time, the group went on ahead and soon I was alone.

I took my time, setup the tripod, pick a lens (my favorite 80-200 f2.8), took my time focusing (manual focused), then took about 10 frames. I think I must have taken about 5 or 8 minutes getting all this done, and it was so nice, I enjoyed every second of silence, the sound of the wind broken by the sound of the shutter every once in a while.

It reminded me of what I really love about photography, it gives me a chance to put everything else aside, and just concentrate on one thing, making a single image. -- Once done I packed up and rejoined the group and the group antics that were going on, fully refreshed.

#dvonewaytrip  Photo: Look how you've blossomed
San Francisco, CA. 2013.

Hip Hip Hooray! -- I just noticed that G+ now supports full-res uploads to your G+ albums. -- Its true, check out this image in the lightbox, its 4928x3264, try zooming in on the lightbox.

Way to go G+ Photos team, now I know what I'll be doing with the 1TB of google storage that I got from my Chromebook Pixel.

I think this is one of the features that +Thomas Hawk has been asking for.  Do you plan on using the new full-res photo upload feature?

-- Here is how to enable full-res uploads.
- go to your g+ settings
- towards the bottom there is a checkbox for enablnig full-res photo uploads, click on the checkbox.Photo: Out of time
Death Valley, CA. 2013.

When the sky turns these colors, I hear the seconds click over in my head, a countdown has begun, and just as quick as the show began, its going to end.

So much going on today, but at least I took 30 minutes this morning to bring you this.

Good luck to all the Googlers that have demos, presentations, and releases coming out tomorrow at IO 2013.Photo: Tangled Up - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Clean Slate - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Old Friends
San Francisco, CA. 2013.

Just so everyone won't forget that I can take a picture or two once in a while. -- I admit it, I've gone AWOL, haven't posted a photo in months, call it a mix of social burnout, not wanting to touch a computer outside of work, and getting ready for the upcoming baby.

So whats new in G+? --Photo: - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: - © Ricardo Lagos - Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0)Photo: Hold Still
San Francisco, CA. 2012.

5 minute exposure at the sutro baths in SF.Photo: The sun will rise tomorrow
Winters, CA. 2012.

The nice thing about the sun, it always comes up in the morning, no matter what.