40 Photos - Jun 15, 2013
Photo: We were walking to the festival when I saw these military displays outside of a military building.Photo: More cannons around the military building.Photo: Yet more of them.Photo: This was the first ship we saw, shooting cannons on the boat. It was interesting - didn't think they would activate the cannons on the ships. :) It was empty, but really, really loud. :) It revebrated through my chest...ouch! I can't imagine what it was like for the people who could hear. :)Photo: The ship further away shooting more cannons.Photo: A dog swimming in the river.Photo: A ship docked on the docks by the water.Photo: You can see the swarm of people around the ships...it was so busy there today. Pretty cool though.Photo: People coming aboard one of the ships. I didn't purchase tickets to board any ships, I just went to photograph. :)Photo: The sails above the boat - since it was windy out, none of the sails were open.Photo: The name of the boat I was photographing, Sorlandet.Photo: Another view of the boat.Photo: A close up of the rigging.Photo: Some festival people posing for pictures, this was a funny Mounted Police with fake horses - they gave me a chuckle. :)Photo: Signages for one of the ships there.Photo: The bow of the Sorlandet ship.Photo: Fancy designs on the Sorlandet ship. :)Photo: The view from top to bottom of the Sorlandet ship.Photo: One of the selling displays at the festival.Photo: The flags displayed for the Tall Ships Festival.Photo: Another ship, the Unicorn ship.Photo: Another ship, which I cannot remember the name of. Oops.Photo: Interesting star signage for the unknown ship.Photo: Steve posing for the camera in front of the unknown ship.Photo: Just me in front of Liana's Ransom ship.Photo: One of the ships docked.Photo: Steve adjusting his camera for the ships.Photo: The last ship I looked at thoroughly, Liana's Ransom.Photo: Some flowers in the bushes along the walkway of the docks.Photo: Some chalk work that someone was doing at the festival on the cement docks.Photo: The skull display in front of the chalk design area.Photo: More shots of the chalk part of the festival.Photo: More shots of the top of different ships.Photo: A shot of Liana's Ransom.Photo: Liana's Ransom leaving the dock for a sail.Photo: The back of Liana's Ransom.Photo: The view of three ships docked behind us.Photo: A blown up balloons of the 1812, of the Tall Ships of 1812.Photo: More ships as we walked further down - think it was the last of the batch.Photo: Ships sailing back to the docks.