82 Photos - Apr 3, 2012
Photo: My new Daughter on left and my son, they are totally opposites, Love you guys.Photo: Bailey and I just got back from running in the woods, oh boy she sees a raccoon!Photo: Cincinnati reds told us to skip work and downtown was crazy today, and its still going on. Opening Day!Photo: Her first flight lessons, now children getting their license......friend of mine daughter.Photo: ohhhhPhoto: one of my photos of Blue Angels, I have tons of pictures of Blue Angels......Photo: omg, ok, look what this store did lolPhoto: Happy Easter everybody!Photo: I love old bike pictures, this is my next vehicle, soon as my car pay off. yes!Photo: Friend of mine came over with this art picture of Little Richard. This man did this picture with makeup. so good and different.Photo: Reds beat the Marlins, see if they beat St.Louis tonight, Keep on Rolling!Photo: The other day, he such a happy camperPhoto: want to see something funny, I was going threw my old pictures, Its me my first jump. so funnyPhoto: also this is how to get your cat to come out. lolPhoto: yesterday I drove to Kentucky in the mountains, this is a road, later on rode horses , first time in a long time. beautiful dayPhoto: friends house in Kentucky, I'm so sore for riding a horse, how did they do that?back in the day.Photo: This is my sister girlfriend, I was basically raise by my gay sister, brought me up as a good person. I'm straight , Love Men. My parent pass away when I was little.Photo: love some JackPhoto: This is so cutePhoto: lolPhoto: time to go on a diet, she weighs 80 poundsPhoto: hmmm cookiesPhoto: morning sunrise in CincinnatiPhoto: Photo: yeah!! Start team jump in Long Beach Grand Prix. The older Man on the right, he had his own business, he retire the business and jump for living.Photo: bad doggie, lolPhoto: WTC progress, wow its up theirPhoto: This makes my back hurtPhoto: Party going on right now, omg I think they just raided Mexico, bye Tonya I'll miss you.Photo: how I sleep anymorePhoto: Photo: Morning, ready to flyPhoto: to cutePhoto: I miss that ( what is that call?) do they make this anymore?Photo: Louisville balloon race, I had few friends that went to this yesterday.Photo: Miss Kitty!Photo: VF-151 Aircraft over Mount Fuji,Photo: its so nice out now, on the water last night passing BB RiverboatPhoto: My son is now a marry man, they make a beautiful couple.Photo: love the helicopter landing , Children Hospital......OhioPhoto: Friend of mine he custom design Hot Wheels, love his Darth V.......Photo: Photo: Buckle up BitchesPhoto: Like a sharp dress man*Photo: Photo: sunset last night, its been so beautiful, love my view.Photo: yesterday storm, Ohio storms are so weird.Photo: why Bailey? she jumps right in. "have a great day"Photo: Good Morning!! have a great day, People in Florida sorry about all the rain.Photo: Thats my son in this picture, I forgot he did this posterPhoto: Last night was Cincinnati night glow, it was very beautiful see all the balloonsPhoto: I think these guys are crazy, up their saying" you pull, no you pull first" to close for comfort for me. PULLLLLLLLL!Photo: Photo: yeah! so happy, new computer!!, have great dayPhoto: Key West last nightPhoto: Yaha..........Photo: Morning, this is the airport I jump at.Photo: Thank God its Friday!!!!! I worked 20 days straight without a day off . Looking forward for a long weekend.Photo: Photo: today Bengals vs BrownsPhoto: Pink!!!! coming to Louisville, KY YeahPhoto: GoPro, I want their jobPhoto: Otto!! watching Airplane, that movie is hilariousPhoto: rain, rain , rain todayPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: ThunderSnow, never heard of it, its snowing and Thunder and Lighting. wtfPhoto: omg lol , she got the wrong one.Photo: heard that before.......hahahaPhoto: oh my Felix looks good.Photo: this made me laugh, poor momPhoto: almost......Photo: My beautiful dog "Bailey" found a friend.Photo: Jesse Hall always relaxPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: