Photo: Mind Blowing - Retouch Comparison
Photo: Retouched version is on the left :)

Basically, every single pore on this lovely girls' skin has been massaged by Photoshop, either by healing, cloning, dodging or burning. I am obsessed with smooth gradations in the skin. I inspect the image from very tiny (2 inches on my monitor) to very large (200-300%) and if I spot any pore or patch of skin that stands out, it gets lightened or darkened until it is no longer noticeable.

Does it look fake and overdone? YES... IT DOES - but for some unknown reason, I LOVE IT.
Not that I would want to make every image look this Photoshopped, but at least I know I can, when I want to :)

Lighting Info:
- 22" white socked beauty dish 2 ft. in front of subject at head level
- Small silver reflector at waist level for fill
- Subject up against thunder grey seamless background

AlienBee 800's
Paul C. Buff beauty dish

Canon 5d Mk ll
24-105mm L Lens

All processing done in Photoshop CS6
Photo: Retouch comparison
Photo: Chillin' - Retouch Comparison
Regina Pagles
Mind Blowing - Retouch Comparison
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