11 Photos - Sep 8, 2011
Photo: Bios language:  Swedish Chef . Yet another Dell innovationPhoto: The motherboard. Yes, that appears to be a fan mounted at an angle.Photo: Photo: and here we have the great migration of the spottiswoode dustbunny herds.Photo: OOH, ARTY!Photo: This is allegedly a drive bay. The same way a Trabant is a supercar. And yes, those are two flaps of metal from the case, and the drive is mounted, with no protection on the side walls of the case.Photo: Drive bays.. as an afterthought? SAY IT AIN'T SO. And yes, that's a spare SCSI drive i used a placeholderPhoto: the front of the case.Photo: Front drive bay. Happens to double as the only decent hard drive bayPhoto: very minimalist back panel. one covered VGA port for integrated gfx.Photo: