15 Photos - Aug 9, 2013
Photo: Purchased a used, custom built, double jet ski trailer to modify for the Adventure Islands (AI)Photo: Custom cross bars have been mounted to the trailer frame. 3 meter pvc, 60mm pipe is just laying under the boats.Photo: Front view showing the frame and the yaks sitting on top of the pipe. Yak on the left is fully assembled.Photo: Lower shot showing the pipes and the rest of the frame.Photo: All support pipes have been mounted.Photo: Side view showing the brackets holding the pipes on. Notice how the pipe bows slightly in the middle to support more of the kayak.Photo: Photo: Rear view of the kayaks sitting on the top of the rack. Bottom left shows 45 degree elbows used to protect the hulls as they slide on. Scrapped this idea for a much better idea, shown later in the pics.Photo: Shot of the bow in the pipe with the boats on top. Notice that the rear cross member is 15 mm higher than the front two. This makes the curve of the pipes match the hull at the rear much better.Photo: All components of the trailer are fully adjustable. In this shot I just moved the two middle pipes to the center and we only took three of the boats on our trip to Moreton Island for 6 days. This was our first trip with the new trailer and they rode really well!Photo: Future plans will mount a large galvenized tool box length wise between the boats here at the front. It is large enough to hold all boat accessories and more.Photo: Photo: This shot shows the V mount and support at the rear of each set of support pipes. My 17 year old son designed these after looking at what I wanted. Each V is just two 90 degree elbows with a 45 in the with approximately 80 mm of pipe between the elbows.Photo: In this shot the shock cord is holding the rear acka bars.Photo: The bow of the boats just drop in the notch and you push them forward. The notch is high enough that the bows don't hit the cross bar and as you can see it also supports the rear of the boat. The boats sit quite lightly on the V and provide just enough support so there isn't any hull damage. Still have a number of tweaks to complete but the trailer is getting us on the water.