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Photo: Til' Death Do Us Part - East Austin Street Art by Federico Archuleta

I see a lot of people making photo hashtags on G+ - how about a new one called #streetartsunday ? We can highlight the coolest murals, public art, and graffiti from around the world.

East #Austin has become a mecca for creative types and it's not unusual to see street art pop up around this part of town.

#photo #mural #stencil #graffiti #streetart #eastaustin #PlusOneCollectionPhoto: Guns n' Roses - Sheppard Fairey in Austin, Texas

This piece was up in East Austin for about a year before being recently removed. Sheppard Fairey has had about 10 pieces up around Austin but they are mostly gone or painted over now. This is my favorite of the ones he had here.

Sharing today for #streetartsunday curated by +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour +Peter Tsai 

#streetart #graffiti #sheppardfairey

This photo was taken by pulling from my #Instagram feed (supertsai) - Unfortunately one of my hard drives crashed so I haven't been able to post much lately. I'll have the contents recovered soon.Photo: Austin, Texas Street Artist "Truth"

All around Austin you can see whimsical, #wheatpaste pieces often accompanied by short, insightful sayings put there by the artist known as Truth.

Favorite spots for his art include the Lamar tunnel near Whole Foods (pictured), the Mopac overpass beams in Zilker park, and East Austin.

#streetartsunday  is a Google+ daily theme that happens every Sunday where people around the world share photos they have taken of street art.  Share yours today!

#streetartsunday  is curated by +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour +Peter Tsai 

More work by Truth:

#streetart   #streetartaround  #truth Photo: Happy Halloween!

More #Austin #streetart to share - this killer hamburger art seemed appropriate for All Hallows Eve.

Killer Hamburger Street Art AKA "Fast Food Will Kill You"


updating to add the #streetartsunday tagPhoto: "Spray Can Suit and Hipsters on Bikes - Buenos Aires, Argentina"

The streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina are covered with interesting and colorful street art of every style imaginable - some of it done with permission, much of it not.

Some view street art as vandalism, I personally love it and enjoy photographing it. That said, I might not feel the same if someone painted the side of my house, unless it was a really awesome piece :)

Continuing #StreetArtSunday with this post - +Lotus Carroll are we going to start using this hashtag from now on?

#streetart #graffiti #Argentina #BuenosAires #muralPhoto: "Her Name is Rio"

Last post today for #StreetArtSunday - Of all of the pieces in Rio, this was my favorite one. Located just off of Copacabana beach we nicknamed this piece the "beautiful girl of Rio"

I believe the artists are Ment & Bragga, I would appreciate help in identifying the title of this work.

#Streetart #Brazil #Brasil #GraffitiPhoto: #StreetArtSunday is here!

Today I'm sharing a photo I took in Buenos Aires, Argentina which is an amazing place for photographing graffiti! There seems to be a piece on every corner and the art is well received by the public.

In fact, http://graffitimundo.com gives Graffiti tours in the city. Their site is an amazing resource to learn about streetart in Buenos Aires and to learn about many of the artists - http://graffitimundo.com/artists/

For more information about #StreetArt Sunday, read here:
https://plus.google.com/108281923609340751312/posts/KrJWTKmscr8 - cc +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai 

#graffiti #streetart #muralPhoto: This #StreetArtSunday image is from my city, Austin, Texas. cc +Luís Pedro 

While hanging out with +Lotus Carroll last week, we stumbled upon a huge wall of art by various artists in East Austin.

The stencil work in the foreground is by artist #Niz , who uses puts a twist on pop culture imagery in her stencil work. You can find her stencil work all around Austin.

See her work here:

Read her updates page to learn about where cool streetart in Austin is going up:

Finally, for more information about #StreetArt Sunday, read here:

#Austin #streetart #graffiti #stencil #spraypaintPhoto: One more Austin graffiti piece for #SteetArtSunday

The Balcones Burner Bash is a benefit held at the Balcones Recycling Center where local artists are invited to paint entire train cars with themes that promote taking care of the environment and encourage recycling. If you look closely, you might see Blinky the 3 eyed fish from the #Simpsons on this train.

If you aren't familiar with the terminology:
Burner (noun): An elaborate mural painted by an urban artist, usually on the side of a subway or railcar.

For more info about the Burner Bash read here:

For more information about #StreetArt Sunday, read here:
https://plus.google.com/108281923609340751312/posts/KrJWTKmscr8 #Austin #burner #streetart #graffiti #trainPhoto: Street Art and Graffiti in your Home Town - Website List 

Do you know of any great street art websites, blog posts, or albums that highlight the art or the artists in your city? I'm trying to compile a public list of street art related sites around the world.

Add links about graffiti in your city to this post! I started off with a few cities that I have ties to. This post is a work in progress (like the wall in the photo below of Mr. Enks - Austin, TX) so please post your links in the comments.

Austin, TX - USA
http://www.nizgraphics.com/Updates.html - Niz in Austin, Texas
http://www.graffitiwestern.com/street.htm - Federico Archuleta artist website
http://www.graffiti-removal.com/ourwork.htm - Graffiti removal

Atlanta, GA - USA
http://www.mr-totem.com/index.php?/projects/3d-science/ - Totem2
http://opeklife.com/art/spraybeast-shows-us-how-pose-sever-get-down - short film timelapse of a large wall painting
http://www.fatcap.com/city/atlanta-1.html - various artists
http://www.rocketboom.com/hw-graffiti/ - short film about the artist Hense

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Berlin, Germany

Chicago, Illinois - USA


Lisbon, Portugal
https://plus.google.com/photos/108281923609340751312/albums/5661151236261156577 by +Luís Pedro
http://www.stick2target.com/ mantained by +Target Mister.

London, England

Los Angeles, CA - USA
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

San Jose, California - USA

http://www.flickr.com/groups/63958861@N00/ #StreetArtSunday curated by +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai and now +Mark Seymour 

#graffitiPhoto: #StreetArtSunday post - artwork by Federico Archuleta, Texas based stencil artist who infuses pop culture with traditional Mexican imagery in his work.

This is an image of Mary, Our Lady of Guadalupe.

Here is Federico's artist website:

#StreetArtSunday is curated by +Peter Tsai +Luís Pedro and +Mark Seymour 

taken while walking around east Austin with +Lotus Carroll 

#graffiti #austin #texas #stencilPhoto: Public ArtPhoto: Austin Texas WildStyle GraffitiPhoto: Cat Block Print Graffiti - Austin, TexasPhoto: Public ArtPhoto: Shepard Fairey Wheatpaste - Austin, TexasPhoto: Public ArtPhoto: Public ArtPhoto: Broken Crow  StreetArt - Austin, TexasPhoto: Broken Crow  StreetArt - Austin, TexasPhoto: Rick Perry Political StreetArt - Austin, TexasPhoto: Public ArtPhoto: Public ArtPhoto: Public ArtPhoto: Mom's Tattoos parlor mural - Austin, TexasPhoto: Tank Wheatpaste - Austin, TexasPhoto: Added 15 more #Austin #streetart photos to this album including this #starwars wheatpaste of Yoda and R2D2 for #StreetArtSunday curated by myself +Peter Tsai +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour 

This spot is at one of thee busiest intersections in Austin and it gets painted over every couple of weeks, but new art always goes up a day or two later.

This photo was taken with Instagram... I probably take more photos with my smartphone than I do with my DSLR because it's pure joy. More on my thoughts about cellphone camera http://www.petertsaiphotography.com/blog/2011/07/31/photography-everywhere-quick-light-and-easy-mexico-travel-photography-and-editing-on-instagram/

#graffiti #yoda #r2d2 #breakdance #80s #bboyPhoto: Hello Everyone! Here's another photo for #StreetArtSunday curated by myself +Peter Tsai +Luís Pedro and +Mark Seymour 

This is a Broken Crow stencil in Austin, Texas. More work from Broken Crow:

#stencil #graffiti #streetart #artPhoto: Isn't it great when art can remind you of your childhood? That's how this Super Mario Bros 2 graffiti in Austin, Texas made me feel when I spotted it along with +Lotus Carroll 

#StreetArtSunday curated by +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour +Peter Tsai 

#graffiti #streetart #art #supermariobros #austinPhoto: 2008 Taiwanese Graffiti from a back street in Taipei for #StreetArtSunday by Bounce, KEA, and ANO

+Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour 

#graffiti #Taiwan #Taipei #planetoftheapes #streetartPhoto: I'm back in Atlanta for a week or so and came across this mural by my favorite graffiti artist in Atlanta known as Totem. I met him 12 years ago when I took his breakdancing class!

This mural was commissioned by the Chamblee neighborhood and celebrates it's 100 year anniversary. This picture taken using #Instagram and the #diptic app

for #StreetArtSunday curated by +Peter Tsai +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour 

#StreetArt #graffiti #Atlanta #mural #diptychPhoto: Happy New Year everyone!!! Hope you all had fun celebrating the coming of 2012.

I just got back from a trip to Atlanta, where I spent time with family and also went on a mini photo walk around Little Five Points, an area known for it's eclectic shops and cool street art.

This photo below is by Mr Totem of Tats Cru

#StreetArtSunday +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour +Peter TsaiPhoto: "Electronic Headache"

Taken in the eclectic neighborhood at Little Five Points in Atlanta, Georgia

For #StreetArtSunday curated by myself +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour +Luís Pedro 

Taken around the corner from this other photo:

#photo #graffiti #streetart #muralPhoto: Streets On Fire - Little Five Points AtlantaPhoto: "Are you Having a Bad Day?"

Taken at the Junkman's Daughter in Atlanta, Georgia in the Little Five Points neighborhood. I like this piece because it reminds me of old school tattoo work.

#StreetArtSunday curated by +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour 

#graffiti #streetart #atlanta #muralPhoto: Lightroom 3 Clarity vs Lightroom 4 Clarity - Artwork by Mr. Totem of Tats Cru / Burn UnitPhoto: Just downloaded the Lightroom 4 Beta to test out some of the new features and the new Lightroom 4 Clarity feature is awesome!

The new clarity is so much more powerful than the old, and it's so much more... well... CLEAR and so far I haven't seen any of the weird halos that you got before.

The image below was tweaked in Lightroom 4 straight out of camera from RAW and the only adjustment done was increasing CLARITY to 100%

This feature will be perfect for bringing out the details in the graffiti the Google+ community like to shoot for the #StreetArtSunday Daily theme, curated by myself +Peter Tsai +Luís Pedro & +Mark Seymour 


The photo below is a self portrait of Mr. Totem - a street artist I got to know when I lived in Atlanta, Georgia - http://www.mr-totem.com

#Lightroom4 #Adobe #graffiti #streetart #LR4

also for #TwoTimesTuesday curated by +Robert McMillanPhoto: Another week, another #streetartsunday curated by +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour and myself +Peter Tsai 

This shot is from the Little Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia - close to where I went to high school.

If you have any good street art / graffiti / wheatpaste shots, remember to share them on this hashtag every Sunday!

#Atlanta #graffiti #streetart #wallPhoto: For this #StreetArtSunday I'm sharing Street Art of a different kind.

Yarn Bombing is a relatively new style of street art that takes the kind of knitting your grandma did to the streets:

I took this photo of a "bombed" bicycle in Brooklyn, New York just across the Brooklyn Bridge. You can see more of my NYC photos in my blog post located here:

#streetartsunday is curated by +Mark Seymour +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai 

#photo #streetart #knitta #yarnbombingPhoto: #StreetArtSunday curated by +Peter Tsai +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour continues with this piece by Tats Cru. "PAID" is a parody of the old RAID bug killer commercials featuring a bunch of cockroaches.

The art was found in Little Five Points neighborhood in #Atlanta , Georgia

Took advantage of Lightroom 4 #clarity feature on this one. Love that new functionality.

#graffiti #streetart #tatscru #lightroom4 #lightroom4betaPhoto: #StreetArtSunday is here again!

For me, the most compelling street art photos feature interaction between the art and the environment around it or with people that have a connection with the art.

This photo features 2 dancer friends of mine from the Bboy City breakdance crew in Austin, Texas. Bboying and graffiti share roots in the early hip-hop movement from the 1980s and I liked how the wildstyle piece in the background has a sense of motion to it.

This was shot for my Pecha Kucha Austin #2 presentation on Breakdance and Hip-Hop

cc #Streetartsunday curators +Luís Pedro +Mark SeymourPhoto: #StreetArtSunday post of the week - "Star Walls" in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

This was one of the largest permission walls I've ever seen. Graffiti covered wooden panels wrapped around a large construction site.

South America seems to have a very liberal view of Street Art compared to America and even Europe - you see it EVERYWHERE. Asia probably has the least street art of any placeI've been to.

cc +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour 

#StreetArt #starwarsPhoto: Wall of Fame

Hi everyone, hope you had a great weekend! My post for #streetartsunday featuers celebrity stencil work by the artist Niz.

This #austin wall is constantly changing - I took this photo a few months back, so if you stop by now, it's likely completely different.

#streetartsunday is curated by +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour +Peter Tsai 

#streetart #austintexas #graffiti #stencil #graffitistreetart #graffitiphotographyPhoto: Skeleton Mariachi Graffiti

for #StreetArtSunday curated by +Mark Seymour +Luís Pedro +Peter Tsai 

Shot in the little Five Points neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia - which is one of the best spots to photograph Graffiti in Atlanta. Other cool spots include Krog TunnelPhoto: South America has the coolest street art everywhere

This photo was shot in the Lapa district of Rio de Janiero, site of the famous Escada Seleron.

I've noticed my eye drawn to streetart photos on #streetartsunday with a human element in them, so I wanted to start sharing more of my own photos featuring people. This one is from the archives... a 2010 trip to Brazil.

#streetartsunday curated by +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour 

#brazil #brasil #streetart #graffitiPhoto: Government Encouraged Graffiti

In the Lapa neighborhood of Rio de Janiero Brazil, the government has taken to putting up colorful squares on public walls for the purpose of allowing the general public to create street art.

Notice the Michael Jackson tribute on the 3rd row from the top, 2nd square (red) over. This photo was taken shortly after MJ passed away.

#streetartsunday curated by +Peter Tsai +Mark Seymour +Luís Pedro 

#graffiti #brasil #brazil #streetart #travelPhoto: Love in the Industrial Age

This one wall in Austin at Lamar and 5th is a favorite spot for wheatpaste artists to put up their work.

Even though it gets torn down or painted over within a few days, this is one of the busiest intersections in the city so thousands of people will see the work.

This spot is just down the street from me, so I always look forward to driving by.

#Streetartsunday curated with +Luís Pedro and +Mark Seymour 

#Austin #Texas #Streetart #LovePhoto: Photo: Still in South #Korea on vacation. Came across this cool, multi-layered Streetart scene right outside of a restaurant we were eating at. In the background you can make out a man playing a #vuvuzela - the Koreans are mad about football / soccer and the #streetart reflects this.

Shared for #StreetArtSunday curated by +Mark Seymour +Luís Pedro +Peter TsaiPhoto: Rio De Janiero, Brazil Street Art by MentPhoto: Rio De Janiero, Brazil Street Art by MentPhoto: Rio De Janiero, Brazil Street Art by MentPhoto: Rio De Janiero, Brazil Street Art by MentPhoto: Street Art Door Art

My first post to #doorsunday curated by +Dave Krugman +André Roßbach 

If you have any artistic streetart / graffiti style door images, please also contribute to #streetartsunday  curated by +Peter Tsai +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour Photo: Amelie Poulain Street ArtPhoto: Federico Archuletta Flaming HorsePhoto: Foundation at Castle Hill Murals - Austin, TexasPhoto: Foundation at Castle Hill Murals - Austin, TexasPhoto: Foundation at Castle Hill Street Art - Austin, TexasPhoto: Michael Jackson Stencil - Austin, TexasPhoto: Dave Lowe - Deer Pastel - Austin, TexasPhoto: Domy Books - Giant Wall Art - Austin, TexasPhoto: Trailer Monster - Austin, TexasPhoto: Wall Art - Austin, TexasPhoto: Stop all War - Austin, TexasPhoto: Street Art, Art Car - Austin, TexasPhoto: Ladies in Red - Austin, TexasPhoto: Lady in Red - Austin, TexasPhoto: East Side Graffiti - Austin, TexasPhoto: Rio De Janeiro Street ArtPhoto: Rio De Janeiro Street Art - WarkPhoto: Rio De Janeiro Street ArtPhoto: Rio De Janeiro Street Art - Selaron - World CupPhoto: Atlanta, Georgia - Krog Tunnel Graffiti

One of the coolest spots for taking #graffiti  photos is the ever changing Krog Tunnel - a favorite spot for graffiti artists.

Every Sunday, share your favorite graffiti, #stencil & #wheatpaste images using the #StreetArtSunday hashtag curated by +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour +Peter Tsai 

#streetart   #atlanta  Photo: Vampire Bat Street Art

Happy #streetartsunday  everyone!  Time to share your favorite street art (graffiti, stencil, wheatpaste, mural, etc) photos.

Here's a relatively new vampire bat #streetart  piece on Austin's South Congress Avenue by Brandon Mike ( http://brandonmike.com ) .

Taken during the #gplusanniversary  photowalk in  #austin  - +Photowalk Austin  #photowalkaustin   #photowalkatx   #GplusAnniversaryAustin 

#StreetArtSunday  happens every week and is curated by +Peter Tsai +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour  Photo: Never Give Up - You Hold the Key

June 6th, 2012 at the "Foundation Graffiti" / HOPE Global Outdoor Gallery project

Posting for #StreetArtSunday curated by +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour & myself

#streetart   #graffiti   #graffitiphotography   #streetartphotography  Photo: Austin, Texas StreetArt @ Castle Hill / The Foundation / HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Austin is home to a dynamic, ever changing spots for graffiti I've ever come across.

Known by many different names, the site is on the ruins of the foundation of a failed condo development project that was shut down by the city 20 years ago.

I try to come here every month because the walls are completely different each time.  Once a home to large, more elaborate "permission wall" murals, the site has recently become a free for all as more people have found out about it.

For more info about this cool spot, read about it on my blog:

posted for #Streetartsunday curated by +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour & myself

more photos of this cool spot:

#Streetart  #graffiti #Austin #Texas  Photo: Street Art to Wall Art - Os Gemeos in Boston's ICA

I first learend Os Gemeos, a pair of Brazilian street artists, from the street art Google+ feeds of +Luís Pedro and +Kimberly Shoemaker .

So, when in Boston a couple of weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to find a dozen or so large scale art pieces from the duo not on the side of buildings, but in the highly respected Boston Institute for Contemporary Arts.

This photo is a collage of some of the pieces I photographed in the museum. Good to see some street artists getting respect in the art world!


#StreetArtSunday  curated by +Mark Seymour +Luís Pedro & myselfPhoto: Paris 2004 - Street Art by Nemo


Nemo is a playful street artist who's whimsical themes and silhouette characters can be found on walls around France and Europe.

For more work from this artist, visit:

#StreetArtSunday #StreetArt   #Travel  cc +Mark Seymour +Luís Pedro Photo: Artist at Work

Hope Outdoor Gallery / Foundation Graffiti in Austin, Texas

#streetartsunday  curated by +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour 

#Austin  Photo: East Austin Street Art

Inside Out Project and Broken Crow

#streetartsunday  curated by +Peter Tsai +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour 

#graffiti   #wheatpaste  #streetart #Austin   #art  #Texas Photo: Mural in Ushuaia, Argentina

#streetartsunday  #streetart Photo: Eye of the Tiger 

One of my favorite corners in Austin is an always evolving, ever changing public art gallery.  The artist Truth often has his wheatpaste here and the city workers tend to paint over the wall every 2 weeks, allowing for new work.

#streetartsunday  cc +Luís Pedro +Mark Seymour 

#graffiti  #austin Photo: *Pulp Fiction #Graffiti *

Spraycans, not Guns

Austin, Texas #Streetart  at Castle Hill by "Made Fresh"

#streetartsunday  Photo: Nychos Mural in San Francisco - #streetart #graffitiPhoto: The watcher - Oklahoma City mural