14 Photos - Jul 12, 2012
Photo: AAR-04 with Blutooth module attachedPhoto: AAR-04 view from abovePhoto: AAR-04 upside downPhoto: AAR-04 front view. Missing C17 cap.Photo: AAR-04, wheel encoders with light barrier.Photo: AAR-04 FTDI Chip, USB connector and ATmega328 processorPhoto: AAR-04 Expansion connector. Asuro compatible. 6pin ISP connector. 7pin Bluetooth connector APC220 compatiblePhoto: AAR-04, Arduino and Asuro compatible robotPhoto: Bluetooth module with Asuro expansion boardPhoto: AAR-04 broken motor holderPhoto: Asuro and AAR-04Photo: HC-SR04 Ultrasonic SensorPhoto: Adapter Front viewPhoto: Adapter Pinout: 

HC-SR04                        AAR04 (SV1)
1           VCC (red)               5
2          Trigger (green)      1 (D8)
3           Echo (yellow)       2 (D4)
4           GND (black)          4