Photo: Let your mind rest from all the must-do's in this world – if just for a few minutes...

Photoshop CS5.
Photo: Fire In the Sky

Like fire in the sky it is
When the sun sets in the night
Red and yellow engulf the world
In a vivid and glorious sight

It’s seems so unexplainable
How the sky lights up this way
I can’t think of a more perfect
Way to end the day

Sometimes purple adds itself
To the colors up above
A fever in the sky it seems
Or God showing His thoughtful love

Whatever is the reason
We enjoy the sights so much
When the sun drops from the sky
And leaves its brilliant touch!

––Marilyn Lott

Edited in Photoshop CS6.
Photo: Google+ Is Not A Lonely Road

Maybe some of you remember that my profile (or, more correctly, items in my feed) here passed the 100 million views mark exactly two weeks ago (on July 31). Curious as I am, I wanted to have a closer look at what has happened stats-wise since then.

My posts now has had 108,180,075 views in total, i.e. another 8 million plus during the two weeks. Let's break these 8,180,075 views into views per day, hour, minute and second.

If I did my math right, my posts has had 585,291 views per day. That in turn makes 24,345 views per hour, 405 views per minute, or if you like, almost 7 views per second the past two weeks. That's pretty cool. Thank you all for popping by!

I am truly a sucker for statistics. In fact, I love to compete. Not so much with others but with myself. Every day I ride the bicycle for some 12 kilometers, always trying to beat my best time. If I do something in Photoshop, I want it to be better than the last piece I did and so on. I think you get the drift. :) It's the same with Google+. I want to deliver the best pictures I am capable of doing – every single day.

Having thought a few minutes about my view count here, I think it's safe to state that Google+ is no lonely road... At least not for me.

Have a great day everybody!

And, as always:

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Photo: Blood Red Skies

Your hand in mine as we stroll along the beach,
I listen to the gentle lapping of the waves on the sand,
I feel the cool evening breeze that kisses my skin,
I breathe in the salty sea air and the sweet scent of you,
You have become the drug that I must have at all cost,
All of my defences breached you have conquered my soul,
And as the sun sets we embrace beneath a blood red sky,
Unable to tell where you begin and I end we have become one,
Once again I become lost in those emerald green eyes,
Two souls kissing softly as time it's self stands still,
And all of life's troubles melt away to nothingness...

––Cosmic Dreamer

Photoshop CS5.

The sky is by the talented Eve Livesey. Check her work here:
Photo: Another poor quality sunset shot. The pinks and purples are nice though. (I know, where the heck was my tripod? lol)
Peter From
Let your mind rest from all the must-do's in this world – if just for a few minutes...

Photoshop CS5.

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