58 Photos - May 22, 2012
Photo: It all started in the Clouds, between the IaaS and PaaS layersPhoto: Beijing, first leg of the Cloud Foundry Open TourPhoto: Team Dinner in BeijingPhoto: Alan Ren kicks off the TourPhoto: Mark Lucovsky Beijing keynotePhoto: Chris Richardson Beijing keynotePhoto: Mark Lucovsky Shanghai keynotePhoto: Chris Richardson Shanghai keynotePhoto: Frank Yu's first day in VMware developer relations, on stage!Photo: Shanghai, last sessionPhoto: Shanghai, happy about the eventPhoto: Spring blossoms in TokyoPhoto: Chris Richardson in Tokyo, before Cloud Foundry BootcampPhoto: Chris Richardson in Tokyo, Cloud Foundry BootcampPhoto: Sean Grove from BushidoPhoto: Tokyo, dinner with old friendsPhoto: Austin, team dinnerPhoto: Austin, Raja Rao on Node.jsPhoto: Austin, BBQ dinner after the eventPhoto: Spring blossoms in Washington DCPhoto: We're in Washington DC!Photo: Monica Wilkinson and Josh Long doing Cloud Foundry Bootcamp in DCPhoto: Josh and Monica in DCPhoto: Chida Sadayappan and Raja Rao in DCPhoto: Ingy Dot Net from ActiveState, in Washington DCPhoto: Spring blossoms in San FranciscoPhoto: Happy Birthday Cloud FoundryPhoto: Spring blossoms in LondonPhoto: Scala Days LondonPhoto: Scala Days LondonPhoto: Ramnivas Laddad at Scala Days LondonPhoto: Jennifer Hickey at Scala Days LondonPhoto: Spring blossoms in ParisPhoto: Eric Bottard signed his contract with VMware the first day of Devoxx FrancePhoto: Devoxx FrancePhoto: Devoxx France 2012 keynotePhoto: Devoxx France 2012Photo: Devoxx Fr Keynote (picture from Arnaud Heritier)Photo: With James Ward at Devoxx (Picture from Ludovic Poitou)Photo: Spring blossoms in KievPhoto: Oleg doing Keynote in KievPhoto: Mark Downey from Exo demoes Exo Cloud IDE debugging a Cloud based Java AppPhoto: Martin Englund talks about BoshPhoto: The Exo Cloud IDE team are based in UkrainePhoto: No Spring Blossoms in Moscow yetPhoto: MoscowPhoto: Team early dinner in MoscowPhoto: Oleg Zhurakousky keynote in MoscowPhoto: Open Tour MoscowPhoto: Anatol Filin from Gramant is happy at Open Tour MoscowPhoto: LondonPhoto: London, sunsetPhoto: Mark Lucovsky keynote, London: Cloud Foundry is the Linux of the CloudPhoto: Open Tour LondonPhoto: Open Tour London, Devrel team happyPhoto: LondonPhoto: SourceDevCon LondonPhoto: Home sweet home, for the last Spring blossoms