129 Photos - May 30, 2008
Photo: Out of Moscone West after rehearsalsPhoto: Photo: The big day: huge lines at registrationPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: DeWitt Clinton in line for IOPhoto: Photo: Charles Ying from PixVerse discussing with LateefPhoto: Photo: Photo: Excitement before Vic's keynotePhoto: Google APIs timeline for 2007-2008Photo: OpenSocial hackathons: India, South America, USPhoto: Photo: Vic Gundotra starts the keynotePhoto: Photo: Allen Hurff from MySpace announces MySpace on GearsPhoto: The keynote room was packedPhoto: Dan Morrill, developer advocate AndroidPhoto: Kevin Fox, his daughter and my son used to be in the same classPhoto: Photo: OpenSocial talk: Chris SchalkPhoto: Photo: A bit of OpenSocial code to get your friendsPhoto: Our room was packedPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Bruno Rovagnati from Globant, Shindig PHP developerPhoto: Kevin Marks, Google Developer Advocate for OpenSocialPhoto: Kevin defines owner and viewerPhoto: Kevin Marks doing Input (Listening)Photo: Kevin Marks doing Output (Answering)Photo: Photo: Chris chilling out while Kevin speaksPhoto: Shindig in action from the command linePhoto: Shindig has a bit of UI as well: demo appPhoto: Chris explaining ShindigPhoto: Meet the Containers Session: hi5Photo: Paul Lindner, hi5Photo: A nice line of OpenSocial containers representativesPhoto: Photo: iGooglePhoto: Kevin Tom, iGooglePhoto: iGoogle SocialPhoto: Sachin Rekhi, ImeemPhoto: Max Newbould, MySpacePhoto: 12 containersPhoto: Photo: MySpace StatusPhoto: Manu Rekhi, OrkutPhoto: Photo: The secret container: Eric Staats from AOL announces that AOL is joining OpenSocialPhoto: Photo: Go Eric!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Brandon Duncan, LinkedInPhoto: Photo: Photo: NetlogPhoto: Pieter De Schepper, NetlogPhoto: Photo: Netlog is all over EuropePhoto: Jay Parikh, NingPhoto: Photo: Xavier Legros, Yahoo... a french guy:-)Photo: Yahoo! is big!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Yahoo! Application PlatformPhoto: Kevin Marks, Google, for FriendConnectPhoto: Friend ConnectPhoto: Photo: Friend Connect in actionPhoto: Photo: Photo: Friend Connect on Kevin's blogPhoto: Photo: Q&A, Kevin TomPhoto: The magnificent 12Photo: Photo: Photo: Nelson Minar, the guy who started Google APIs (right), Dave Nielsen (left)Photo: Photo: Mike Winton, GooglePhoto: Photo: The OpenSocial South America Tour Gang: Bruno Rovagnati (Globant), Jason Hoffman (Joyent), Guibert Englebienne (Globant), Lane Liabraaten (Google), myself, and Niall Kennedy as a guestPhoto: Dave McClure having a good timePhoto: Dave McClure discussing businessPhoto: Rod Boothby, Joyent, wearing a cool DTrace T-shirt with a Twitter:-)Photo: Robin Kohli, EJunkie, an innovative Google Checkout developerPhoto: Photo: Sebastian Esponda (Globant), Bruno rovagnati (Globant), Chris Chabot: the Shindig PHP team!Photo: Photo: Patrick Chanezon and the Globant teamPhoto: Pano Kroko and Sebastian EspondaPhoto: Guibert, Bruno, ChrisPhoto: Photo: Photo: Chocolate fountain, yummy!Photo: Bruno doing legosPhoto: Google LegoPhoto: Photo: Photo: Bruno build a Globant logo eating the Google logo: you wish!Photo: Tuesday, Shindig codelab, Paul Lindner, hi5Photo: Chris Schalk doing the Shindig codelabPhoto: Chris "PHP" Chabot and Chris "Java" Schalk explaining how to build and install ShindigPhoto: Shindig codelabPhoto: Photo: 67 participants at the Shindig codelab!Photo: Photo: Photo: Jason Cooper, Google, Building an OpenSocial Application in the Cloud codelabPhoto: Photo: Lane Liabraaten, GooglePhoto: Lane in the cloudPhoto: Discussing the OpenSocial O'Reilly bookPhoto: OpenSocial O'Reilly book team gathering: Mike Loukides, our editor, Chris Chabot, Arne Roomann-Kurrik, Chris Schalk