16 Photos - Dec 8, 2006
Photo: Elliotte Rusty Harold and Jason Hunter during a panel. In the ROME wiki we quote Elliotte about API design, and we use Jason's JDOM. I was very happy to see them in real life. The panel also had Eric Van Der Vlist and Simon St Laurent.Photo: Susan Malaika, IBM, a great presenter. She distributes english toffees in the middle of her talk. Nice presentation trick!Photo: Ralf Lämmel from Microsoft and Dana Florescu from Oracle: after much bickering during the conference about LINQ vs XQuery they agreed on something: let's go for dinner!Photo: Ralph with an Oracle cap.Photo: Ralf Lämmel from Microsoft with an Oracle cap.Photo: Igor Peshansky from IBM with an Oracle cap.Photo: Igor, Ralph, StanPhoto: Tim, Dana, laughingPhoto: Ralph, StanPhoto: IgorPhoto: Ralph, StanPhoto: Ralph, StanPhoto: Tim laughing: he's doing his Phd at ETH, everyone at the table wanted to recruit him!Photo: Igor, RalphPhoto: P@ & IgorPhoto: Ralph shows off his red socks: just like Urs Holtze.