31 Photos - Feb 13, 2012
Photo: Bruce & Cathy W., Nov. 17, 2011Photo: Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Matthew who recently planted a palm tree to celebrate their honeymoon at Nisbet Plantation.Photo: We also had the joy of recently hosting the new Mr. and Mrs. Reiner for their honeymoon. Julie and John planted a palm tree to celebrate and mark the occasion.Photo: Another honeymoon palm planting at Nisbet Plantation. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Kunz.Photo: Mr. and Mrs. White from the UK planted a palm in honor of their "darling grandchildren"Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Wallace's 40th anniversary palm plantingPhoto: Chris and Sarah T., March 2011Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Maajid celebrated their 10th anniversary with a vow renewal on the beach at Nisbet Plantation and palm planting to celebrate the occasionPhoto: Bruce & Kristen T., Aug. 2011Photo: David & Gillian R., UK, Jan. 2012Photo: Brad and Katie M., June 2011Photo: Estes family vow renewal, Aug. 2011Photo: Robert and Christine H., Jan. 2012Photo: Michael & Liliane, July 2010Photo: Richard and Pamela L., UK, 30th anniversaryPhoto: Tom and Colleen S., Honeymoon palm, Nov. 2011Photo: Paul and Amanda H., wed Oct. 2008Photo: Desmond and Amory R., with wedding planner Leonora DidderPhoto: Brad and Kirsten K.Photo: Cody and Ashley P., wed Nov. 2011Photo: Scott and Laura D., wed April 2010Photo: Eric and Alyse S., wed July 2010Photo: Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Shepard Stone from Branford, Connecticut who celebrated their 27th wedding anniversary at Nisbet Plantation with a palm planting.Photo: Congratulations also to Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Birkby from Sheffield, England. The couple celebrated their 35th wedding anniversary and third visit to Nisbet with a palm planting.Photo: Congratulations to newlyweds Alan and Amy Lamont of Scotland. The couple celebrated with a palm planting on the last day of their honeymoon.Photo: Mr. and Mrs. Timmis from Georgia celebrated their honeymoon with a palm plantingPhoto: Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Timmis were joined by fellow guests and palm planting witnesses: Mr. and Mrs. Hauswald (middle) from New Jersey celebrating their 10th anniversary, and Mr. and Mrs. Greenwald (far right) from New York.Photo: The Choudhri family celebrates their 15th anniversaryPhoto: Honeymooners Mr. and Mrs. Crook of Nashville, TNPhoto: Mr. and Mrs. Thornton of Huntsville, AL, celebrated their 15th wedding anniversary - July 2013Photo: Mr. and Mrs. McGaunn celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in July 2013