19 Photos - Jun 25, 2014
Photo: Gears made with Matthias Wandel's "Gear Template Generator": https://woodgears.ca/gear_cutting/template.htmlPhoto: The airflow "H-bridge" assemblyPhoto: A sponge ball container bubble with stirring mechanism - the motor was too loud and too ugly, so I replaced it laterPhoto: This part holds the two plexiglass half spheres togetherPhoto: Gluing the plastic parts of the optical sensorPhoto: Gluing 500 strands of optic fibre for the decoration of the sensorPhoto: Testing the optic fibresPhoto: The hand sensor in close-up: Optic fibres are looking goodPhoto: The hand sensor from its backPhoto: Painting all the little wooden partsPhoto: One finished ball container bubble. Balls will enter and leave at the bottom while air enters and leaves on the topPhoto: Both ball containers in a temporary mountPhoto: The electronics consist of an Arduino Ethernet, a couple of transistors and an FTDI boardPhoto: Another look on the electronicsPhoto: Mess in the workshop while wiring up ten flourescent lampsPhoto: Hopefully, this arrow will attract people to play with the installationPhoto: Close-up of the arrow: A disco ball motor in the front wi spin the whoe thing slowlyPhoto: The arrow is almost finished!Photo: The complete sensor assembly: A lit up tube spins below the sensor. Written on it are the operating instructions