16 Photos - Jul 14, 2011
Photo: Promenade Champlain, Quebec - PanoPhoto: We went with the kids close to the Festivent to look at all the hot air balloon as they were rising. The kids liked the colors, but seemed to prefer playing with their little cars and the dirt on the ground. Oh well! Took this picture while one of the balloon went over the moon. Would have been nice if it was shaped like a cow...

Nous sommes allé voir le décollage des mongolfières du Festivent. Les enfants ont aimé, mais pas autant que de jouer avec leurs petites autos dans les roches! Prise cette photo lorsqu'une des mongolfière est passé par dessus la lune. La photo aurait été plus amusant si le ballon avait eu la forme d'une vache...Photo: Two Chairs - Quebec City

There is in old Quebec a sculpture made of many chairs, these 2 being at one end. I wanted to shoot it with major bokeh and the only combination was to use my Sigma 50mm at f1.4, and shootin from the middle of the road. Fortunately, not many cars go through that section!

Dans le vieux Quebec, proche de la Gare du Palais, il y a cette pièce d'art constitué de plusieurs chaises; les 2 dans la photo étant à une extrémité. Je voulais la photographier en bokeh, j'ai donc du prendre la photo au 50mm @ f1.4, et me placer dans la rue. Par chance, cette section de sert que très peu, j'ai donc pu prendre la photo entre 2 autos.Photo: High Forest - Trois-Rivieres

I've seen many pictures of high tree. This is a first attempt, trying to catch the light coming down.

J'ai vu beaucoup de superbes photos de grands arbres. Ceci est une tentative de capturer la lumière sous ceux-ci.Photo: This was just after a presentation of "Le Moulin à Images" in Quebec City. Everybody had left the site but a few like us.

As we were waiting, I put my camera on my gorillapod, and clamped it on a ladder. It was pretty effective for this long exposure!Photo: A few days ago, I went out to take some pictures without realising it was this years premiere of the Image Mill. It's a show projected on a building 600 meters wide and 30 meters high. This picture was taken looking the other way, into the public.

Je suis allé prendre des photos sans réaliser que c'était jour de première pour l'édition 2011 du Moulin à Images. Il s'agit d'une projection sur des silo, ce qui forme un écran de 600 mètres de large par 30 de haut. Cette photo est prise pointant dans le public.Photo: Promenade Champlain, Quebec - PlanetPhoto: Photo: Photo: First, Hello to the hundreds of people that have added me into their circles. I don't know how you found me, but hi!

I'll have to double check where this was taken, but it's on the shore of the St-Laurence river. Taken last year when the water level were so low. You can see that there is no water below the boats! Freaky!

Je ne me rappelle plus exactement ou la photo a été prise, mais je devrais pouvoir retrouver. C'était l'an dernier, sur le bord du St-Laurent alors que le niveau était au plus bas. Les bateaux reposent sur le sol puisqu'il n'y a même pas assez d'eau!Photo: From the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas. Taken on our little vacation. HDR shoot at floor level.

Enjoy!Photo: This is the back of a van. Liked the rust with the blue and red contrasting.Photo: Picture of the Promenade Champlain Interpretive Center. This is a few feet away from the observation tower. It took a little while to get a picture clear of all the visitors (damned you useless people walking in my frame!).Photo: Leaving Las Vegas!

We were coming back home. Everything was fine until our first flight got delayed. We then spend 20+ hours in planes and airports. Not comfy!

But we I tool this picture, we didn't know that. :DPhoto: A little tree I processed a few weeks ago but didn't upload until now.Photo: I only saw dark in Norway on one evening. The nights were too short in the summer. I took a few pictures including this one.