66 Photos - Aug 30, 2013
Photo: PinkyllunaPhoto: The Archaeological sitePhoto: Photo: Looking up the terracesPhoto: PinkyllunaPhoto: Photo: Photo: This is so tightly fitted togetherPhoto: Walls of sortsPhoto: Pinkylluna and the villagePhoto: A shot of the village and market from the top of Ollantaytambo Archaelogical SitePhoto: The Plaza of OllantaytamboPhoto: The road into OllantaytamboPhoto: 800 year old aqueducts and stray dogs/children with stuffPhoto: More PinkyllunaPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Ancient aqueducts on the path to PumamarcaPhoto: Path to PumamarcaPhoto: Bridge to private residence on the path to PumamarcaPhoto: Photo: Same terraced farmPhoto: the "big concrete box" people refer to when giving directions to PumamarcaPhoto: Photo: The terraced farmPhoto: Looking up into the canyon in the AndesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: People were actually farming here, somewhere around 10k. Musqa PukyoPhoto: A nice meadow and waterfallPhoto: an unused aqueduct way up into the mountainsPhoto: Photo: Surprise, livestock on the pathPhoto: Photo: the ruins of Pumamarca sit atop that hillPhoto: Near some sort of significant rockPhoto: Guard towers of Pumamarca?Photo: Aqueducts running down the hillPhoto: Looking down toward Pinkylluna. At about 11,500ft MSE herePhoto: Photo: Photo: The ruins of PumamarcaPhoto: Photo: the moonPhoto: Photo: Photo: what shopping probably looked likePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: on the way backPhoto: Photo: Photo: Back in OllantaytamboPhoto: Photo: Photo: Yeah that path looked nice, but isn't maintainedPhoto: Photo: "bridge"