24 Photos - Mar 19, 2012
Photo: Strickland Chapel gleaming on a sunny spring day in the Rockies.Photo: Strickland Chapel peaking through the Bell Tower.Photo: A north shot of Strickland Chapel.Photo: Early fall outside of the Sanders/Admin building.Photo: The sun shining brightly down on the college, and a perfect day for a hot air balloon ride.Photo: A shot of Sanders and Pikes Peak Mountain in the distance.Photo: A shrine left by graduating students to the Nazarene Bible College.Photo: A beautiful morning sky shining down on Apostles Court gardens.Photo: Oliver / Brand Center during late spring.Photo: A view of the Williamson building which houses the Fireside room, bookstore, Alumni room, and maintenance department.Photo: A shining summer day in Apostles Court.Photo: Leist Hall classroom building surrounded by trees.Photo: Powers buidling with it's crab apple tree in view.Photo: Leist Hall surrounded by trees.Photo: Strickland Chapel right after a thunderstorm.Photo: Ward Bell Tower right after an afternoon thunderstorm.Photo: A full rainbow highlighting the beauty of the Bell Tower.Photo: Here is the Ward Bell Tower at night in beautiful Colorado Springs.Photo: The Ward Bell Tower is great symbol for the college. It is at the center of the campus and the three spires remind us of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.Photo: Early fall brings many color changes to the campus.Photo: The Bell Tower with a mystifying sky in the background.Photo: A spiritual feel in the air over Strickland Chapel.Photo: There's nothing more beautiful then hearing the bells ringing while looking upon the beautiful background.Photo: Nazarene Bible College during mid winter.