35 Photos - Oct 9, 2011
Photo: for #SelfySunday curated by +Jeff Smith and +Levi MoorePhoto: I should be arrested for all the time I've killed.

It's almost the end of the day, yet my work is not yet done. I am not often here as much as I want and I miss seeing so much of your posts. I find myself not having enough time for the things I want to do and for the things I have to do. This is the moment when every minute is valued.

#timeoutthursday +Armand Salmon +Dave OrtizPhoto: It was powerful in its own kingdom.

I sometimes wonder about the power of illusion in the people that I meet in real life (and for me also). The measurement of happiness can be colored by a sense of grandeur that is merely apparent. Would it be kinder to just let them be in the world that has been created in their minds or more compassionate to let truth set them free?

For #powerlinefriday curated by my ever spunky twin +Natosha DavisPhoto: You have been warned

Never realized that the word 'nuts' has more than 7 meanings to it. Really nuts.

#signsunday by the dancing duo of +walt sprinkle and +Gene Bowker 
#monochromaticpaintitsunday +Alexius Jørgensen +Susana Segat +abhishek chamariaPhoto: I do not cook much but I appreciate food A LOT. Here's my dinner and I'm grilling for three :)

I would also like to remind you that its #inspirationalsaturday tomorrow. I don't know about you but food certainly inspires me, its a good motivation for me. It also reminds me of my father who was a good cook. It doesn't matter what's the ingredient, he will find a way to make whatever is available and concoct a yummy dish. Maybe that's why we have been trained to eat anything! So post what inspires you and tell us why it inspires you too. Don't forget to tag the lovely curators +Charlotte Therese Björnström , +Khrystiane Friedli and moi!

Hey +moon lee and +Shane Williams my hand for foodporn :))

#foodfridayPhoto: Eyes

Learned that +Catherine Furet is curating #windowwednesday  and since she is just awesome, I took this shot so I can have something to share. :) I realized it's been a while since I've shared something for this when it has been one of my early favorite themes. Thank you so much to the wonderful team of +Jason Kowing +Jules Falk Hunter +Cheryl Cooper +J.J. Bentley +Simon Kitcher Photo: Stoned on Coffee

Good morning folks. Coffee is always best shared with friends and good conversation. Why don't you have a cup and sit beside me? (+Ada M , there's a cup of hot choco for you as well :) )

My second in a row post of shout out to you +Jason Kowing. Where are you? Always loved coffee and this is what I'm having today. Hello too +Cheryl Cooper for #coffeethursday 
I wonder if this is good for   #thirstythursdaypics  , #thirstythursday  too by +Giuseppe Basile and +Mark Esguerra ?
#breakfastclub   #breakfastartclub  Photo: Photo: Photo: Is beauty always relative? Or is there a Platonic idea of an ideal beauty which is objective and where everything we consider here as beautiful are actually mere imperfect replica of that perfect beauty?

I look at this picture and its safer for me to say beauty is relative, but then safe is and never was a criteria for truth. And so I go on...Photo: For #transporttuesday curated by +Gene Bowker 

PedicabPhoto: Bass Guitarist Wanna Be

This picture was taken by my friend +Ria Alcabedos about a year ago or so and as you can see my hair was short then. I don't really know how we (or I rather, was) were able to have a concert. I think its just guts that I have.

For #WeloveMusicWednesday by +Folletto FollettoPhoto: Blurred and Masked

What is the mask for? Is it to hide the truth or to reveal it?

Sometimes, people are braver in telling the truth when they are hidden.
Yet, at the same time, the mask is used to hide themselves so they wont have to face the consequences of the truth they are revealing.

Im not sure if this qualifies for #TheoreticalThursday, but I'll try anyway. Fail or pass +Jason Dell ?Photo: Grace Under Pressure

I love my friend and I am thankful that she allowed me to use this and share this with you on the condition of her anonymity :) She was beautifully posing and doing so well when the wave hit the boat hard and shook the plank. And I was happy enough to have caught it on cam.

But more than that, she is a very focused woman who has a quiet strength and she uses that to maintain her principles. Her humor saves her a lot too as you can see from here.

For #WhateverWednesday by +Cicely Robin Laing 
#WomenWednesday , +Athena Carey , +Niki Aguirre , +Lee Daniels , +Christina LawriePhoto: No thanks, I can still hold it.

#TuesDecay by +Ian FerencePhoto: I was inspired by what +Marvinism Thirteen said when he described one image as beautiful sadness. It struck me so much that I knew I had to write a poem about it. Thanks for the borrowed phrase.

Beautiful Sadness

I watched you hanging on to her every words
I was once upon a time that girl.
I looked the other way and called your name,
you told me you love me.

You stole glances at her when you thought nobody can see
But my senses can feel what it once had
Sighing, I touched your hand,
you told me I'm beautiful.

We lie in bed, you and me- with her presence between us
I miss you and the woman that I was in your eyes.
Unshed tears and silent hurt
Melancholy over me.
Living now and everyday dying,
willfully believing the lies you utter,
crushing my heart and rotting my soul
for the fool I am becoming.

My beautiful sadness.
You are my beautiful sadness.

#MoodyMonday +Philip Daly +Moody MondayPhoto: In a decaying society, art, if truthful, must also reflect decay. And unless it wants to break faith with its social function, art must show the world as changeable. And help to change it. - Ernst Fischer

#Tuesdecay +Ian FerencePhoto: The question of regret usually hunts us in the end...but the person who is hunted more is the one who gave less than 100% of what they can do.

#BenchSaturday +Rainer M. Ritz
#BreakfastClubPhoto: I'm not a chocolate person but since this came as a gift from a special person, I would eat it. I'm sharing this with all of you also, feel free to take as many as you like :)

SweetsSunday +Michael EarleyPhoto: This is a long prose and I'm just sharing the first 8 lines. You can work on the rest of the prose in your imagination :)

Book Lover

You are like a book I've only read once,
Full of intriguing ambiguities, 
Too deep to understand,
Too exciting to leave alone.

I long to run my fingers over your
uncovered spine,
Embrace you with my eyes,
And satisfy the itching of my tongue
with the texture of your prose;

I also want to test +Sumit Sen 's theory on people here, hence the mention and +Laura Harding and +Jakob Nilsson for some swooning :P
You might want to visit this for a better understanding of what I mean https://plus.google.com/u/0/114835618008913240560/posts

#PoetSocietyofPhotography +Claudine de Faÿ 
#StillLifeSaturday +Ken Hoyle +Sherri Meyer 
#BookSaturday +Gemma Costa +Andrea Martinez +Ester Negro
#LastCall +Christina LawriePhoto: This is a painting I did when I was in high school.

I am dedicating this post to one of my favorites here on G+, +Shane Williams who is celebrating a special day in his life now. Bug whisperer is a fitting title and just visit his stream and you will see why. Also, he never tires of my questions and always provides me with logical, practical answers. ( black and white with a hint of red for you )

Be Still
Know yourself. Many times it's easy to be caught up with so many things in life that we forget who we are.

Thank you also to the very artistic +Mikko Tyllinen , for giving me the encouragement to post this painting.

#stilllifeartmonday +Melodie Douglas +Maude McDonaldPhoto: Don't you hate it when you miss a "There's no class" announcement? Sigh.

Iniaalay ko rin ito sa mga makabagong disipulo ni Oble +Lawrence del Mundo +rem zamora 

#whateverwednesday +Cicely Robin LaingPhoto: Life is too short.Photo: The Key

Every once in a while,
something jolts you into remembering,
a consciously forgotten memory..
an echo of what if.

The one who got away.

#FictionstoryPhoto: Happiness is always new, wherever they come or whatever the source. We need to always have an open basket to welcome happiness and share them. Have some my friends.

Here is for dessert +Moon Lee , the promised chocolates +Sharon Jeannette and no donuts this time but I hope this will be fine too +Ada M and +Don Spenner Photo: There's a whole universe out there. Explore. Live everyday, thirsty for new things. Ask and learn. An ordinary thing can be so different once we look at it from a different perspective.

This shot was inspired by +Sam Weinstein. Your turn, what is this? :P

#mysterymonday  by the talented  +Marie Hélène Visconti Photo: Mojo potato

Still haven't found my mojo

#foodfriday  by the harbinger of yumminess +Light Bandit +Natty Netsuwan +D. DeMonteverde +FoodFriday Photo: Here is to celebrate your G+ anniversary +Wesley Yeoh. I know I'm a week late but  hope you would still like this home made kani salad.
My friends, if you haven't met Wes yet, then you are missing some big laughs here. He comments like no other by giving some strange observation which makes you just say, "gaaa, you notice even that? " He is one smart, funny dude. Cheers ACM!Photo: Sometimes, being nice is a conscious effort. But there are times when just being civil is a struggle too and I just want to give the middle...hook.

#monochromemonday  by the gang of +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson +Manuel Votta +Steve Barge +Nurcan Azaz 
#dofmonday  +Mara Acoma +Mark Hall +Alan Gurling +Nigel Smith
#dailydepthoffield  by the incomparable duo of +Vince Ong and +Nuraini Ghaifullah Photo: It.was.too.much.for.him.

#toytuesday  +Lars Clausen It's Tuesday right?Photo: Solitude

I like seeing how the water turns into such a  delicious brown as it blends with the filtered coffee. To wrap my hands around the cup, warming me into blissful comfort. Let the aroma waft its scent as I bring the cup near to me. Then, the first sip. Bittersweet and awakening my senses. Good morning!

This coffee however, is so much better. It traveled many miles, going from hand to hand until it reached my doorstep. It's a token of friendship delivered in a very special way. Thank you +Jasbir S. Randhawa. It's a great joy knowing you and interacting with you. Photo: Pause

#monochromemonday  +Hans Berendsen +Jerry Johnson +Manuel Votta +Steve Barge +Nurcan Azaz +Monochrome Monday 
#horrorpokermonday  +J.L. Btwee +David Murphy +Jimmy Symons 
#moodymonday  +Philip Daly +Carole Buckwalter  +Moody Monday 
#allthingsmonochrome  +Charles Lupica +Bill Wood +All Things Monochrome 
#monochromeworld  +andi rivarola +Monochrome World Photo: Our emotions, passions and sense of involvement oftentimes blur our objectivity and the soundness of our moral judgment. Mistakes are most often done at the height of human emotion- and acts are mostly regretted when the shadows of sadness, excitement, anger or joy leave men’s hearts.Photo: SONY DSCPhoto: SONY DSC