27 Photos - Feb 23, 2012
Photo: After dropping my daughter off at the bus, my son and I arrive at Walmart on the hunt for #EqualCanadaPhoto: Walmart sure does a lot to try to make you feel welcome at their stores!Photo: Phew! I remembered my reusable grocery bags this time!Photo: Spring already?! Oh wow! didn't we just get our first snowfall?!Photo: #Equal must be down the baking aisle!Photo: And there it is on the tippy top shelf! $7.97Photo: Got a can into the cart with the help from my son.Photo: OMG first time in a long time, I actually convinced my son to ride in the cart!Photo: We were in the pharmacy for another reason and found more Equal!Photo: Checking out the HUGE vitamin selection - MUST stay healthy for the rest of this winter!Photo: Should we do express check out today?!Photo: Oh wait! My eyes spot some amazing Valentine's Day Clearance Deals!Photo: Ok, ok, we will do self check out.  My son loves to help out!Photo: Check! Got the Equal in the bag.Photo: See, there he is being such a helper!  Mmm....banana chips. Whatever it takes to get fruit into him!Photo: Ok, just for one minute!Photo: Look what was starring me in the face while I put my cart away?! An add for a yummy looking muffin!Photo: Ok - we have 8 minutes to pick up my daughter from school to go to her dentist appointment.Photo: Going to try making broccoli salad with yummy creamy dressing!Photo: Do I ever come home with just the items on my list? Likely not!Photo: Here is what we bought!Photo: Ahhh....I sure do love my coffee and now I can add a treat to it without feeling guilty.Photo: Does it fit into my baking cupboard?! See the orange lid.Photo: There is Equal all throughout Walmart!Photo: How many different kinds of Equal are there?! Wow!Photo: And more!Photo: