35 Photos - Mar 13, 2012
Photo: Time to head out to Walmart to purchase some Renuzits Fresh Accents for our living room. It definitely needs some freshening up! This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBiasPhoto: My cutie husband is with me, like usual. What a sport.Photo: First we need to buy more treats for our Pee Wee pie. :)Photo: Then we head over to the air freshener section of the store.Photo: I notice a bright end cap at the end of the freshener aisle, and it's Air Wick. The word "FREE" always catches my eye.Photo: Lots of options! Time to find the Renuzits Fresh Accents product. I printed 2 coupons off Facebook to save money. I love coupons; they make me more likely to buy.Photo: Daniel has found the Renuzits Fresh Accents. They're on a shelf that has been ransacked. :-/Photo: He keeps looking to see if there are any of the After the Rain scent. We don't do raspberry scents.Photo: While Daniel is looking for our scent, I look around at all the other options. It seems like Glade takes up 80% of the space.Photo: Renuzits does have a good variety and great prices, even if they have less options than Glade.Photo: This product by Glade catches my eye because of the faux wood grain look. It's $7.98 though, which is pricey.Photo: Another Glade decorate holder. Less expensive than the previous one in this album, but still about $5.Photo: Renuzitis Fresh Accents is on the far right: look at the cost savings without a coupon. Over a $1 less + $1 off coupon= $2+ less than Glade's comparable item.Photo: The packaging is eye catching, though an end cap or display would be better suited to promote the item. The product placement at my local Walmart doesn't do it any justice.Photo: Febreze is another brand I notice. Again, a bit pricey.Photo: Here's a snap shot of the entire air freshener section at my local Walmart.Photo: This is the raspberry scent. It has scratch & sniff sticker(s) just like the After the Rain scent.Photo: The back of the packaging shows the 2-sided design, and it states it lasts up to 30 days. Not too shabby.Photo: I grab one of these for my closet, and I continue shopping.Photo: Treats and scents...check!Photo: I head over to buy milk, and I pass buy a HUGE Glade display. It is very bright, colorful and makes me want to stop to check out the products.Photo: And another Glade display...Photo: A good thing about this Glade product is that it has a coupon ON the package.Photo: We grab some other groceries, and head back home to drop it all off. Now it's time to buy some accessories for our living room makeover. We want to spend no more than $75 (tax inclusive).Photo: We head here to see if they have anything fun for the makeover. It's kind of like a Pier 1 Imports place.Photo: Then we head to Target and I snag these lovely ikat pillows for $7.50 each, regularly $25 each. SAVINGS!Photo: Then we head over to my fave place for DIY decor: Dollar Tree! They have so much for home decor if you just get creative. I buy an art print from here.Photo: See the top shelf? Great way to find inexpensive artwork that's already matted. Looks chic, costs a buck.Photo: I come home and lay out my finds. I love that hydrangea art print from Dollar Tree.Photo: I also snagged that gorgeous tufted storage ottoman for $25 (marked down from $125) at Kohl's. The pillows are from Target and the art print was $15 at Ross. And of course, my pair of Renuzits Fresh Accents.Photo: They smell so clean and lovely. Perfection. Now time to start my makeover! :-)Photo: After a few hours of hard work and lots of smart shopping, my living room makeover is done.Photo: My new mantle/sitting area.Photo: One of my Fresh Accents displayed on a console table.Photo: And the other displayed on a tray on top of the new ottoman. <3 I love my makeover, and it's all inspired by Renuzits.