90 Photos - May 13, 2007
Photo: Aude, Rohan, Jack and Deirdre speaking with her hands!Photo: Aude and RohanPhoto: Photo: Deirdre and DonPhoto: Don and Marge StockmanPhoto: Dympie and John JackoPhoto: Aude & RohanPhoto: Two lovely australian ladies, marge and dympiePhoto: John Jacko, Judy and CarlPhoto: Photo: Pat, Angie, Tils, Suzie, Thomas and StefanoPhoto: Celine Beuzelin and Tricia MeyerPhoto: Lovely ladies; Sylviane and SarahPhoto: Davey and ElsaPhoto: The Finnish Trio; Elsa, Simo and RiittaPhoto: Amani - I'm telling you Celine!Photo: China meets middle eastPhoto: HIPhoto: Photo: Photo: Riitta and Amani - Finland meets NigerPhoto: Ah go away - Sarah, says DaveyPhoto: Ximena - am I hearing Daniel correctly?Photo: Lots of hand work at this tablePhoto: Inspection of the menuPhoto: RachelPhoto: Photo: What a pretty couplePhoto: Photo: Mother & daughterPhoto: look at me dude!Photo: I'm not drunk, the camera isPhoto: Rachel & KylePhoto: Trish and SophiePhoto: Photo: Miz YolandaPhoto: Samir and Stephanie share a jokePhoto: SpeechPhoto: Speech & songPhoto: Photo: Laurent Aidan chooses some wine!Photo: Sheila enjoying herself!Photo: Stephanie gets to know her Belgian neighbors, Philippe and BarbaraPhoto: Photo: Barbara, Laurent, Anna, Jean-Pierre, Martine, SheilaPhoto: Laurent & AnnaPhoto: Photo: Martine, Sheila and SamirPhoto: Yolanda, Stephanie, Philippe and BarbaraPhoto: Photo: Photo: Trish reminiscing with Simo and RiittaPhoto: Sophie and Trish with Mike looking onPhoto: Suzie & ThomasPhoto: Trish with the Swiss gangPhoto: Come on Dad and Mom, says Stefano, let's get a family photoPhoto: Suzie and Tils - such a great couple!Photo: Angie & Pat  - the BavariansPhoto: Jack & Debbie - the Americans, practicing for their big day soon!Photo: Mom and sonPhoto: Suzie and Thomas enjoy Swiss jokesPhoto: Photo: Jean-Pierre's speechPhoto: Photo: Stefano, Eva and JackPhoto: Hi SuziePhoto: Sophie with her Mom and GodmomPhoto: Michel enjoying his mealPhoto: Michel and YolandePhoto: Trish and Sophie doing the rounds saying hi to everyonePhoto: Yolande and Trish recall happy daysPhoto: Aude and RohanPhoto: All nationality flagsPhoto: Mike taking a photoPhoto: Jean-Charles & ChristinePhoto: Looks at this photo..Photo: Michel relaxing after his mealPhoto: Christine and Eva - organisers extraordinairePhoto: Daniel surounded by pretty girlsPhoto: Michel, Yolande, Jean-Charles and ChristinePhoto: Photo: RohanPhoto: Judy and Carl  - soon to be neighbors in France - yeah!Photo: Brian and Rylie - Uncle and niecePhoto: Jonas, Deirdre, Don and Marge - relaxingPhoto: Sarah and Yolande drink Rohan's concoctionPhoto: Martine & Jean-Pierre dancingPhoto: Barbara & Philippe dancingPhoto: Christine & Jean-Charles dancingPhoto: Brian & Rachel dancing