73 Photos - Apr 30, 2007
Photo: Photo: Photo: Sheila and XimenaPhoto: Ximena, Trish and SheilaPhoto: Dancing in the gardenPhoto: Sunday Brunch - Yolanda and Sarah fill up their plates.Photo: Valerie and Rylie having some brunch as Trish and Davey discuss the night's eventsPhoto: Swiss Eggenbergers Family, Deirdre and Sheila chilling outPhoto: Aude arriving for Brunch, Eva and Michel checking on Brian
Carl enjoying his first glass of red winePhoto: Davey looking coolPhoto: Aude and Davey saying hiPhoto: Yes, they enjoyed meeting each otherPhoto: Eggenbergers contemplate the long train ride home to ZurichPhoto: Amani tucking inPhoto: Photo: Yolande, Michel, Judy, Carl, Daniel, Ximena, Sylviane at brunchPhoto: Freinds, Eric, Stephanie, Jean-Luc getting ready to serenade us again with their great musicPhoto: Stephen and his waiter partner taking good care of us - againPhoto: Photo: Photo: NinaPhoto: Photo: Photo: 3 wise men...Photo: Nina enjoying the musicPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Benoit and Tricia Meyer.Photo: Don, Marge and AmaniPhoto: Pat and AngiePhoto: Pat, Angie and ElsaPhoto: Eva-Marie, Sarah and YolandaPhoto: Yolanda and RohanPhoto: Suzie and Tils enjoying brunch - always so happyPhoto: sharing addresses - Deirdre, Sheila and DaveyPhoto: Steven and JackoPhoto: Philippe and Barbara (and Luca)Photo: Jonas enjoying a cup of coffeePhoto: Jean-Luc, Stephanie and Eric continue to entertain usPhoto: Laurent and Anna with Mia enjoying clapping to the musicPhoto: Philippe and BarbaraPhoto: sunshine and relaxing by the poolPhoto: Too much partying the night beforePhoto: And a bad hangover...Photo: Trish tries being in the band!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Irish dancing by Irish ladiesPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Just cold/hot enough to swim.Eva, Lola, Mia, Chloe and JulianPhoto: Photo: We prefer looking at the kids swimming!Photo: Photo: Waldron Gang the morning afterPhoto: Look at me - Rylie blowing up balloons with a great pump Christine gave her - happinessPhoto: Carl and Judy sipping champagne at WernersPhoto: Benoit du Boc and Brian - let's play football, Ireland vs FrancePhoto: Rachel and Valerie cook and bake to feed allPhoto: Rylie, Nina and Jordan check out the neighbor's goat - Mr Le BourgPhoto: Photo: Video: Video Clip of Trish in the band. Click to see.Photo: Photo: Photo: Amani, Sabrina and Benoit