69 Photos - Apr 30, 2007
Photo: Trish looking ravishingPhoto: Photo: Davey, Tricia and SheilaPhoto: Photo: Valeria, Stephanie and SamirPhoto: MC for the evening, MikePhoto: MC for the evening.. I present to you...Photo: A small package, but a big giftPhoto: Photo: Sniff, sniff, sniffPhoto: Laughing..or..cryingPhoto: Trish in tearsPhoto: Kleenex, after KleenexPhoto: The band, Friends, started playing their wonderful music.Photo: The band, Friends, consisted of 3 members, each very good and entertaining.Photo: Judy talking to Christine.Photo: Jacko, John, Jean-Charles and Marge.Photo: Carl, Angie, Deirdre and PatPhoto: Sylviane, Daniel and Ximena.Photo: Listening to the band.Photo: The two youngest Nina and Rylie.Photo: Ready for dancingPhoto: Into the audience.Photo: Photo: Judy, Carl, Simo, Riitta and Sylviane.Photo: The lovely ladies, Yolanda, Trish, Eva Marie and Sarah.Photo: Riitta and Trish.Photo: Christine, Martine and Sylviane.Photo: Yolanda, Eva Marie, Aude and Christine.Photo: The ladies; Yolanda, Eva Marie, Sarah and ValeriePhoto: Daniel and Suzie, Chile meets Australia.Photo: Angie, Marge and Elsa.Photo: Photo: Marina and SophiePhoto: Jonas and MikePhoto: Michel, Yolande, Barbara and PhilippePhoto: Trish and RiittaPhoto: Tricia, Christine, Judy and Eva MariePhoto: The Press corpPhoto: Laughing, cryingPhoto: Godmother and GoddaughterPhoto: Receiving the first gift, from Chileans living in Dubai.Photo: Daniel, Mike, Anna  and LaurentPhoto: Davey, Tricia, Sheila and AmaniPhoto: Toast to the MCPhoto: Eva Marie, Rohan and Trish, showing her song coverPhoto: Davey and DeirdrePhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mike and AmaniPhoto: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Jack & DebbiePhoto: Trishie and RohanPhoto: Charlie's AngelsPhoto: The SongPhoto: A kiss