188 Photos - May 25, 2012
Photo: New Photo from InstagramPhoto: New Photo from InstagramPhoto: Photo: Brooklyn Bridge from earlier this weekPhoto: Amazon River fishPhoto: Lunch, cilantro lime chicken skewer with citrus cous cous. My wife will be shockedPhoto: Went for a stroll on the East Bay and this guy was nice enough to cross my pathPhoto: the flight deckPhoto: From the top of the fortPhoto: Finishing the day with a walk on the beachPhoto: ela found this guy behind our house todayPhoto: Because nothing says American like vampire movies and inauthentic Chinese food, we got lunch after seeing Abe Lincoln Vampire HunterPhoto: Learning some Southern HistoryPhoto: BlessedPhoto: Photo: A cold Killians on a hot night #dif25Photo: Got to get some Jeni's while I'm here! #dif25Photo: Made it to Oakland, finally!Photo: Wait did they move Stonehenge?Photo: So long bay area!Photo: Good morning Charlotte, this is all I'll see of you today.Photo: Car show and BBQ in downtown Greer this afternoonPhoto: The results of all our hard work yesterday, lab/demo room ready for #ILTA12Photo: View from @accessdatagroup party #ilta12Photo: So long DC, looking forward to a couple of weeks without airports.Photo: Work continues on the Freedom TowerPhoto: Photo: Lovely afternoon in the cityPhoto: Treating my coworker to her first Nathan's dogPhoto: Last day of training done, got to meet up with an old friend for beers and dinner, and looming forward to heading home tomorrow, to celebrate my wedding anniversary. So long Philly!Photo: Bavarian pretzel and Warsteiner Spaten Oktoberfest beer. Must be at the Greer Oktoberfest!Photo: Greer City Parks breast cancer awareness fountainPhoto: A bit overcast but still a nice day for photo walking and catching a bit of early fall colorPhoto: Time for a few days of fun in NOLA before work craziness starts next week!Photo: Breakfast at Cafe Pontalba with a view!Photo: Sunny day for a strollPhoto: The view from where we are training this week.Photo: Fall colors and a lovely Saturday afternoon!Photo: Bright and sunny, but definitely FallPhoto: The view from where we are training. This was taken yesterday today it's much cloudier and very windy!Photo: I don't know, it's in the 60s, not sure these are ideal ice conditionsPhoto: edy River under Main St.Photo: Sleigh ride around downtown Greenville!Photo: Cool little stop on the way to the beachPhoto: This looks like a nice place to spend the long holiday weekend!Photo: Evening walk along the boardwalk.Photo: Our Christmas EvePhoto: A bit gray today, but warm and a good day to hike in the Blue Ridge EscarpmentPhoto: Little weekend road trip to Savannah, and back to some warmed weather.Photo: Root beer float!Photo: My morning commute for this week the walking/bike trail in Fornebu.Photo: Translated as effing good food.Photo: It's a busy weekend, he needs a spot of teaPhoto: Cool historic train station, also where I'm picking up the express bus to Dodger stadium!Photo: Grabbed this shot while walking around the stadium in the late inningsPhoto: Evening shot of the LA skyline.Photo: ady to start the training sessions. #ADUC2013Photo: Enjoying what little down time available this week at my wife's favorite Vegas stop!Photo: As always it has been a whirlwind week, but its time to start heading home. So long Vegas!Photo: Celebrating Mothers Day by driving down to Charleston with the in-laws this weekend.Photo: Fun day of Greek music, dancing, food and a tour of the ChapelPhoto: Had to make a minor brake adjustment but she should be ready to go for a little Summer riding, since it looks like I will be home a bit more through July.Photo: Lovely day for some hikingPhoto: Live Long and ProsbearPhoto: After setting up for the class and some meetings, I managed to get in a little more site seeing today. ;-)Photo: Hanging with my niece this morning.Photo: A bit gray and humid for walking around Arlington but you take what you can get!Photo: Arpanet Landmark SignPhoto: Flaming Lips = many lights!Photo: Finally, due to lightning delays, the Black Keys!Photo: Giant Disco Ball during Everlasting Light during the encore #blackkeysPhoto: Nothing like a drive along PCH after a day of teaching.Photo: Stained GlassPhoto: Sunset through the columns. #houstonPhoto: The view of Philadelphia from this week's training roomPhoto: One of the most interesting things about this building is that the sun reflects so strongly off of it, that it generates shadows opposite of the direction of the sun. So early morning, you have late afternoon shadow patterns on the East side of the tower. #PhiladelphiaPhoto: For my friends. ;-).Photo: It's a great view, even if the window hasn't been cleaned in awhile! #ilta13Photo: Fitz and the Tantrums!Photo: Saturday at the Farmer's MarketPhoto: Time for a little lunch!Photo: Lovely brownie mint ice cream bites courtesy of Cedric's to help celebrate!Photo: Cloudy, but there are worse places to be on a Friday afternoon.Photo: Lovely Fall day in downtown GreenvillePhoto: Taken in Mallorca last week, already missing the Med.Photo: A little time out in the mountains of North Georgia to get in the Christmas mood.Photo: Checking out the Christmas lights, and dodging the rain drops!Photo: I had no idea this existed, let alone that I would be here one dayPhoto: Merry Christmas!Photo: Spending a little time in Chapel Hill this week.Photo: It's a wee bit foggy this morning.Photo: Spending our holiday down in ColumbiaPhoto: At the intersection of famous Oklahomans, apparently. The only place I would imagine these two names together.Photo: Took a little pilgrimage after class today.Photo: California Capitol Building #SacramentoPhoto: California Firefighters Memorial #sacramentoPhoto: Taken last night at the California Vietnam Memorial, and yeah the figure startled me when I came around the corner in the dark!Photo: Southwestern views from a flight between Sacramento and Dallas.Photo: Downtown Vegas after class today.Photo: Yup, definitely went across the state line into Louisiana.Photo: View from the front balcony row for Preservation Hall Jazz Band!Photo: Spending some time on the swamp before heading home today.Photo: So long Nevada, time to head home for 10 days!Photo: Lovely Sunday afternoon. #BiltmoreBloomsPhoto: Think I will do a little shopping while I'm here.Photo: Saturday road trip down to SavannahPhoto: Another Sunny day in Vegas. Just arrived to start getting ready for our annual user's conference. Should be an exhausting, but fun, week!Photo: Sunset on another AccessData User's Conference. It's been a long week, looking forward to heading home tomorrow!Photo: membering Angela's grandfather along with all of the other vets this weekend.Photo: Checking out the new park in downtown Johnson City this morning. Nice reuse of space but it'll be nicer when those young saplings grow up and provide some shade.Photo: I must be traveling on now....Photo: This one's for Angela. Had to stop and get a t-shirt for my Auburn fan.Photo: Another from AuburnPhoto: I didn't really know what to expect from Montgomery, Alabama but I have to say this little Riverfront area is really nice. Lots of historic buildings with character being put to good use, with shops and restaurants, a nice riverfront walk, a minor league baseball stadium and an amphitheater.Photo: Sunset over the Alabama RiverPhoto: Alabama State CapitolPhoto: Car's packed and I'm already tired! Going to just get down the road a little tonight and hit it hard tomorrow!Photo: Stormy weather earlier today. #kentuckyPhoto: Sunny Day in KansasPhoto: Rainbow in DenverPhoto: I80 is the Lincoln Highway.Photo: Green River, WyomingPhoto: I've passed into UtahPhoto: Must be in Salt Lake City!Photo: Oregon! Still hundreds of miles from home but in the right state!Photo: Only 15 minutes or so from tonight's stopping point, but tempted to hang here for awhile.Photo: So this is just a stupid beautiful drive along the Columbia River this morning!Photo: Selling live chicks right next to the novelty apron that says finger licking good seems rude to me. ;-)Photo: Might as well go all the way to the coast after all that traveling, no?Photo: Sunday morning on the coastPhoto: Another shot from Seal Rocks this morningPhoto: From a stop at Cape Perpetua yesterday.Photo: Around the lake at Honeyman State Park.Photo: I guess the high wind warnings earlier were no joke.Photo: It's too early for the psychedelics on the way to my connecting flight.Photo: Foggy Corvallis MorningPhoto: A view of the courthouse in the morning fogPhoto: Shocking news, it's a cloudy, rainy, morning in Portland!Photo: Our Thanksgiving morning view.Photo: The Churning Waters at Depoe Bay on a rainy November day.Photo: The Devil's Punch Bowl from last weekPhoto: Love the colors at the aquarium.Photo: A little Christmas cheer at the airport.Photo: Christmas Eve in downtown CorvallisPhoto: Under the Bridge at Depoe BayPhoto: Those Are Surfers Down There, Brrr.Photo: Storming the court in Corvallis after the Beavers upset Arizona! #gobeavsPhoto: Luggage Transport Pile Up!Photo: Leaving Cold but Sunny Louisville for Gray but Warmer Corvallis.Photo: Onions! - In my best Bill Raftery impression. #collegebb #largePhoto: South Falls at Silver Falls State Park. #Oregonexplored #SilverFalls #OregonPhoto: I have teeth, see! #OregonZoo #ExploreOregon #LionPhoto: Crowd of over 9000 for OSU Beaver Basketball!Photo: Spending a couple of days on campus this week.Photo: Spending the evening at a TEDx event at Oregon State, #mydisruptionPhoto: Sunny day on campus = Cricket on the MU Quad!Photo: Sunny days... #oregonstate #corvallisPhoto: Weddle Covered Bridge #oregon #oregonexploredPhoto: Getting a few miles in before it starts really raining. #oregon #allweathercyclingPhoto: A sunny Saturday on the way up to PortlandPhoto: d-eye flights and mostly empty airports, headed to DCPhoto: The snow is just starting today, I do not enjoy this.Photo: So nice to be back to Spring and out on the bike again. DC you are on notice, I'll be back on the 16th, let's try for something more like this and not the snow and ice again! San Francisco, I'm coming down on Monday, let's keep with the warm weather! #corvallis #oregonexploredPhoto: Not a bad view from my hotel room, looks like the fog is rolling in! #sanfranciscoPhoto: San Francisco architecturePhoto: Some time on the Metro this week!Photo: View of the Columbia River B/W #oregonexploredPhoto: Got a few hours of free time today and managed to spend it looking at a lot of history!Photo: side the British MuseumPhoto: Samurai Warrior ArmorPhoto: Very retro bowling alley in London, the same one I found Famous Rays pizza too, it was like an episode of Laverne and Shirley up in there!Photo: On the RocksPhoto: A stop for The Tulip Festival while we're on the way home todayPhoto: Finally some time to get back on the bike and enjoy the Corvallis views again!Photo: Cheese glorious cheesePhoto: This view will do, one of many awesome ones taking the Three Capes Scenic BywayPhoto: Sunset over Tillamook Bay #oregonexploredPhoto: Tall trees on the trailPhoto: Hiking in the cliffs above the Pacific.Photo: Cape Meares Views #oregonexploredPhoto: Sign outside of a pub in LondonPhoto: Cape Meares LighthousePhoto: So this is down the street from where I'm working this week. Thinking about pitching a movie and moving down here. ;-)Photo: Anyone want to go car shopping in Century City? I find it interesting that the majority of the space inside is taken up by picking out color schemes.Photo: Noticed this growing on some bushes nearby, love the color!Photo: A lovely late afternoon on Parliament Hill after class in Ottawa todayPhoto: Mount Hood on approach to Portland this evening. #BestofOregon #BofO1kPhoto: On a stop in Salem a while back, there was a nutria feeding on the algae in a downtown fountain/pond. Not to be confused with a beaver, the nutria's long rodent-like tail is the giveaway that it's not a beaver.