26 Photos - May 13, 2012
Photo: Sisters looking outside from the train, on the way to PeradeniyaPhoto: Sisters with Grandpa, all dressed up to attend a Home Coming at the Peradeniya Guest House.Photo: Sisters with grand parents.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: cousins.Photo: Mom and daughter.Photo: Sisters on the weighing scale, Peradeniya railway station.Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Old Peradeniya Railway Station. Built in 1867.Photo: Abandoned carriages.. I guess..Photo: This is the old station cabin. Must be as old as the old Peradeniya Station.Photo: At Fort Railway Station.Photo: Oneli dancing on the stairway.Photo: On the way to Peradeniya..Photo: Photo: Photo: Enjoying the scenery..Photo: Photo: Scenery outsidePhoto: Photo: Trying out new shoes..Photo: