41 Photos - Apr 2, 2012
Photo: With three small children and 2 cats, I'm not always happy about the smells in my house.  I headed out to buy some Air Wick products to remedy the problem!Photo: A beautiful day outside. Heading into the Market side of WalMart.Photo: I made a list before I left home.  I often add items that catch my eye or products that are on sale.Photo: I decided to get the Air Wick items first and was pleased to see that 'Air Fresheners' were listed on the huge signs I could see from several aisles away.Photo: The air freshener section is HUGE.Photo: The Air Wick products are most of the 2nd shelf down, 3/4 of the 3rd and 4th shelves down and a few items on the next to the bottom shelf.Photo: I like this other brand as a clothing spray, but it's pretty overpowering. I can't imagine having my house smell like that.Photo: I noticed that all of the other brands had higher prices for similar plug-in air fresheners.Photo: This Air Wick product looked really cool. I like the Boost of Freshness button and know I'd use it.  I didn't end up choosing the Freshmatic Compact though, because there were only 2 choices of scents and I couldn't smell them.Photo: I looked at the scented oil warmers and was surprised at how inexpensive the Air Wick oil warmers were.  There were also a LOT of different scents to choose from, which I like.  Sometimes I'll use different scents in different areas of the house.Photo: I love this!  I probably stood and smelled the different Air Wick scents for at least 3-4 minutes.  It maked me feel a lot more confident in buying them since I knew I liked the smell of the ones I was buying.Photo: I considered buying one of these too, but I'm not sure I'd want it sitting out where I could see it.  They look like they'd work well, though, so I might pick one up later and put it behind something.Photo: I really liked the smell of the Magnolia & Cherry Blossom scent, but didn't buy it because the bright pink might call attention to the plug-in. I think a regular colored scent might be less eye-catching.Photo: This is how the display looked and it appeared that there were only 2 Air Wick candle scents in stock.Photo: So I fixed it.  :)   There were three different scents and I liked them all.  I ended up choosing the Fresh Water (blue) because it matches the plug-in scent I picked.  I'm going to use them in the same room, so I thought they should be the same.Photo: A comparison of another brand's scented candle.  I prefer the frosted glass of the Air Wick.  I'm buying this for the scent, so I want it to look nice, but I really don't want it to be noticed at all (other than the nice scent in the air).Photo: Just off the end of the fragrance aisle, there was a large display for another brand of air fresheners.Photo: Next I picked up some batteries for one of the kids' books.  Still not sure I got the right kind.Photo: On the complete other side of the store, I was looking for tension rods and found this.  A huge collection of candles.Photo: Even more on the endcap.  Some were in pretty little jars, but a lot of them were much too strong in scent.Photo: Still wandering around looking for tension rods.  Checked out the organization products.  I need to get my pantry organized and need serious help.Photo: I always check the clearance sections when I pass by.Photo: One employee directed me to the Garden Section to find storage racks.  They weren't there.Photo: I found them myself in the Paint section.Photo: There were a few shelving units that looked like they might work. I'll have to take measurements and come back.Photo: WORMS!  I have been to this WalMart 576,457 times and did not know there were WORMS for sale!!!Photo: Look!  Poor thing lives in a fridge in the fishing section of WalMart.  Not a good life.Photo: Found the tension rods!!! Wooohooo!  Picked out a small white one and grabbed 2 bags curtain hooks to use with it.  (Then ended up leaving the rod on the check-out counter by accident.)Photo: There isn't a single cashier lane open at this end of the store.  The only open cashier lanes are on the complete other side of the store.  If you park and shop on this side, you use the self-check out or walk all the way across the store and then back again.Photo: I only ended up getting my Air Wick products, batteries, detergent, tension rod and curtain hooks.Photo: Getting ready to check myself out. Notice my tension rod.  It might still be there...Photo: Ready to pay.Photo: Approved!Photo: Ready to head home with my new products.  I'm looking forward to making the family room smell nice and fresh.Photo: Popped into the Dollar Tree on the way home for cheap baskets to organize the pantry.Photo: I've got my Air Wick double pack of Scented Oil Warmers and double pack of Fresh Water oil.Photo: So easy to use: just take cap off of oil jar, slide jar up into the warmer until it clicks and then plug in.  Easy!Photo: Here's one of my new Air Wick Scented Oil Warmers plugged in in the family room. I could smell the nice scent almost immediately.  It was fresh and noticeable, but not too strong or overpowering.Photo: Here is the Air Wick Scented Candle in Fresh Water scent.Photo: How the candle looks on our built-in cabinets.  I really like the scent and how it looks on the shelves.  Subtle and not too eye-catching.Photo: Thanks for looking!  :)