Photo: Sheree & Tyrell
Photo: Shin & Brett

A few photos from Shin and Brett’s wedding at Irvine Nature Center, Owings Mills, MD. Hot Spring day but luckily clouds helped quite a bit. The groomsmen were goofy and hilarious. Great people and great time!

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Photo: Shipra & Edward Wedding

A wedding at Conference Center, University of Maryland with pictures from the dance floor … just to show insanely fun it was. People totally rocked out with different wicked moves. I think the elderlies had as much fun as the younger ones. Shipra and Ed are a really cute couple. Their families get along really well. The ceremony was a modern Hindu wedding. That means it doesn’t involve all of the rituals and is a short version of the traditional ceremony, which sometimes go on for several days.

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Mick Lerlop
Sheree & Tyrell
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