24 Photos - Dec 29, 2013
Photo: Photo: 1st Mars of this early apparition!Photo: Last week's Mars in poor conditions.  I'm off to try again RIGHT NOW!Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Mars just prior to the +CosmoQuest  #hangoutathon  2014
I think the seeing was below average but the Infrared blended nice.  I also had some issues with FC 2.3 getting the green channel in 2 of the WJ derotated shots so used a synth green (50/50 R&B).Photo: Photo: Photo: My 1st real shot of Olympus Mons!  ;)  Last nightPhoto: A very cloudy side of Mars from last week Monday.  I was quick to leave imaging Mars and start shooting some other object.  I was VERY surprised to see Olympus Mons prominently sticking out of the clouds!Photo: Mars is shrinking in apparent size rapidly and though the conditions prior to the VSP last weekend started terrible they got worse towards the start of the show.  The seeing was VERY jumpy and later the clouds took over.  With some patience and solid effort at camera settings and hitting the record button that the right times I eeked out a good image.  I have a new technique to show you in a later post.

#Mars   #astrophotographyPhoto: Photo: Your Martian weather report.  12hrs ago lots of AM clouds and perhaps some dust over Acidalium and Chryse.Photo: Just before the +Virtual Star Party I shot Mars in some good conditions!Photo: A belated April Fools Mars!  I had an overall bad experience this night, but 2 good IR-RGB runs made this!Photo: One more backlog from April to add to the mix of this season!Photo: Scraping the bottom of the barrel to pass the tstorms away!
More iffy looking Mars