6 Photos - Aug 28, 2013
Photo: Photo: Photo: Photo: Neptune from the day before this week's VSP.  I have not convinced myself that the features are real.  The white spot is reported to be at a location that would appear on the limb at the time of my capture and I don't see it.  I will try again as my Ir shots were not usable.Photo: Photo: Neptune and it's largest moon, Triton.

Weighing in at an apparent magnitude of 13.47, Triton is nearly as dim as Pluto and oddly may be related in composition.  Triton may very well be a captured Kuiper belt object .


What is amazing to me is that I was able to capture it in nominal camera settings in color!  I'm not sure that the color is accurate, but it shows via the arrow on the left.  On the right is a longer exposure in clear showing it's position with the same camera orientation.