6 Photos - Mar 17, 2013
Photo: Rolling along with the spring cleaning here's a nice Pre-Transit of Venus (evening apparition).  The color you see is not what you eye would see but more of a false, broad spectrum color image made from Red = Infra-Red, Blue = UltraViolet and Green a blended mix of the two.
Here's the initial rushed versions:
and a the 3 frame animation:
Time to close the books on this day's catchup of day 43.Photo: Photo: Venus just before sunset on Thursday.  It's looking slim like it went on some strange solar diet or something!  This is an Ir shot and I tried some UV but the clouds we very bad and they did not turn out.Photo: Venus in false color.
This is a photo of Venus that I made using an Infra-Red, 742nm  and UltraViolet filters.  The false color comes from using the IR as Red, UV as blue and Green is a blend of the two filters.  I haven't shot Venus in over 2 years and it's bright and visible in the evening sky and climbing higher.  The conditions were not great and a bit of what you see is processing artifacts.Photo: Photo: